We all know what happens to these two Star-Cross'd lovers, but what happens leading up to it – in their final year? Read and find out!

End of 6th year

"I never want to talk to you ever again!" Lily yelled at James who followed her through the Common Room porthole to the corridor outside with his hands up in surrender. "Don't write to me these holidays or anything – you know I hate your guts and have done since year one – and I will NOT reply, just as I haven't ever!"

"Lily, I'm sorry – I don't know what came over me – it was an accident!" he proclaimed as she quit stomping off to turn, look up and glare at him full on: all he could appreciate was the beautiful emerald green of her eyes.

"You waited for me to leave my dorm before rushing over to me and kissing me! Even though you know I cannot stand your guts – and you did it with the entire house watching! I HATE YOU!" she yelled the last bit before running off, leaving James standing completely flabbergasted at the fact that she had actually gotten so close to him.

Beginning of 7th year

"So Vera, who do you think the Head Boy is going to be this year?" Lily asks her best friend who ponders the question. Whilst she does, Lily looks along the platform at her fellow pupils and feels a twinge of sadness that this is the final time that she will be leaving the station to go to her home.

So who could be in contention? To her left is Robert Fawcett, Prefect for Ravenclaw – maybe, but he isn't the best academically, sportingly, or a true leader, in Lily's (and a lot of other people's) opinion. To her immediate right, Remus Lupin – Gryffindor Prefect with her (well up to last year – now she is the new Head Girl, with immaculate grades, popular and definitely anti-Voldemort) he would be great as he is well rounded, but he has these funny disappearances every month (why?) and also, he is one of the cronies of James Potter, resident Gryffindor toe-rag ringleader. Potter, the one who is responsible (with best friend Sirius Black) for nearly every single prank pulled. The most arrogant person Lily had ever laid eyes on and she was the one who had been chosen by him for him to love. No, not any of the (plenty) of girls who wanted to date him: no, the only girl who didn't, he wanted. What luck.

Lily shakes her head violently to get rid of the thoughts of Potter – somehow, under all the anger (which had not subsided over the summer, even though James had only written 2 times per week, as opposed to the twice daily every other year) she had begun to feel something for him – a connection of some sort. But that could be easily hidden, under all the layers of hatred for him she had built up over the years. She can't help but feel shame at the way that she ended things with him last year – he kissed her, and she did enjoy it, for a moment, before understanding swelled her brain again, and she shoved him off. But she did like it – just a little.

"Lil, you alright?" Vera asks, when she notices her friends fevered head shaking.

"Fine – so got any ideas on who my 'partner' for the year may be?" Lily responds with, desperately trying to put Potter to the back of her mind – and failing, as she had done all summer.

"Well what about Fred Macmillan – from Hufflepuff? He's pretty damn hot, on the Quidditch team and got good OWLs – he could be your Prince Charming!" Vera says, adding the bit on the end to make her friend embarrassed – it works, but Lily nods her head.

"It could be – I really doubt that Zabini will have gotten it though – there hasn't been a Slytherin Head Boy since the times of Professor Brown in the 1600's so I doubt that that will change – Dumbledore isn't going to have a possible Dark Wizard be in charge of the pupils!" Lily responds with, to Vera's obvious agreement.

"Definitely – every witch or wizard You-Know-Who has following him have came from Slytherin – they're all bad!" Vera replies with, noticing the slight wince Lily has at the mention of all Slytherins being bad – Snape used to be her friend – but it's getting smaller every time she sees it.

"I agree Vera – now I'll come and see you later and give you all the details on the new Head Boy and everything – I need to get these kids onto the train!" Lily says, then watches Vera's retreating back, before herding new kids onto the train and soothing their anxious mothers.

At 10:57am, she finally boards the Prefect carriage, greets them all – they all look up at her shiny new Head Girl badge: funny, Fawcett, Zabini, Lupin and Macmillan are in here – must be like the other year, when Dumbledore selected a non-Prefect Head Boy. Strange, but if he feels that they should – who is she to question the greatest wizard of all time?

She walks into the Heads compartment – wow the door scans her then dissolves out pof the way (she had heard about this from her friend Lucy – only the Heads could walk in, unless they invite someone in) and gasps at the size of it – 2 couches with 2 tables laden with food, all their luggage and owls, a huge bookcase, fireplace – everything she could require for making her final trip to Hogwarts. She settles down on the sofa closest to the bookcase and takes it all in – all the while wondering who they could be.

They must be extremely clever, as well as be completely Dumbledore sided towards Voldemort, she thinks, he must be strong, skilled in complex magic – magic only good has, skills that show them as a true leader, and completely set towards good – that's the only reason that he could have been picked over the Prefects.

But, she realises, does this mean that she is all those things? Well, she could safely say that she is never ever going over to Voldemort – not even if her life depended on it – and as she gained all 'O's in the OWLs, and is taking every subject onto NEWT, she has the brains, but is she strong and a leader?

Way to doubt yourself Lily, she reflects, you must be, to have been chosen.

But just who is the new Head Boy?

As the train begins to set off, the compartment door dissolves and she realises that this is the moment. It takes an agonisingly long time to dissolve, during which, Lily realises that she could have just looked at his trunk and saved herself all this agony.

A tall figure walks into the light of the chandelier – Lily gasps, turns white and is utterly surprised at the person.

"YOU!" she gasp shouts at him.

"Hey Lils – looks like we'll be working together this year!" James Potter says to her, a wink in his eye and a huge grin on his face...

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