Did you honestly think I'd end the story like that? Come on guys, you know I'm a sucker for happy endings!

I stayed in bed for two days feigning the flu, it was about as bad anyway. I had all my curtains shut blocking out the warm sunshine…it made me sick. Anything cheery would really make me feel worse, Thomas stayed with me while mom went to say hi to the new neighbors. I felt bad about making Thomas miserable as he tried to cheer me up.

"I'm really sorry, Lexi. I wish there was something I could do." He said as he sat at the edge of the bed, I forced a light smile as I looked at him.

"Oh, don't apologize. Its not your fault, I'm just being a big cry baby. Why don't you go play that new game mom got you?" I said as he gave me a wary glance.

"Are you sure you don't want me to stay? I don't mind." He said as I nodded my head then curled under the covers while he then slowly left the room. Our mom had gone out to get a few groceries and our dad was at work. I was basically a vegetable. There was an empty ache within me that wouldn't go away and I feared that it would never go away.

"I miss you so much, Aeron. It hurts so much…" I whispered into my pillow as tears slipped out and landed quietly on the pillow.

Knock. Knock.

I laid there and was about to shout to Thomas to get it but thought other wise in case it was someone trying to get in the house. I slipped out from under the covers, my bare feet touching the cool hardwood floors. Wearing Light blue cotton pajamas and a rats nest in my hair I padded down the hall and towards the front door.

"Look what ever you're selling, we don't want. Good bye." I said through the door, I could hear the crunching of leaves signaling that there was someone out there.

"I'm not a salesman-"

"Then if you lost something in the back yard, there's a gate around the back. Get it and then get out." I snapped already frustrated and agitated. I began down the hall when something caught my attention…a very familiar song.

Look around your world pretty baby

Is it everything you hoped it'd be

The wrong guy, the wrong situation

The right time to roll to me

Roll to me

Look into your heart pretty baby,

Is it aching with some nameless need.

Is there something wrong and you can't put your finger on it

Right then, roll to me

"No…its not possible. It couldn't be." I whispered as I turned around at the sound of the singing. That was the same song…and the same voice. I pressed myself against the door listening closely…was it really him?

And I don't think I have ever seen a soul so in despair

So if you want to talk the night through

Guess who will be there?

So don't try to deny it pretty baby,

You've been down so long you can hardly see

When the engine's stalled and it won't stop raining

It's the right time to roll to me

Roll to me, Roll to me-

I threw open the door instantly stopping the singing, I had to see him. I had too. A guy about my age stood on the front step. He looked surprised at me for a second then began to smile. He had blondish/white hair down to his ears, deep emerald eyes and a soft smile. I didn't know how or when but before I knew it I had my arms around him and his arms were holding me tightly.

"I thought I lost you." I said softly pressing myself against him never wanting to let him go incase he disappeared again. His hand lightly stroked my back then curled around my dark hair, he lightly pulled away then gently tipped my chin up to him.

"Love will always find a way. I love you, Alexia and I don't think I could bear us being apart any longer." He said as his hand lightly touched my cheek. My stomach was in knots, the butterflies turned into rocks, and I couldn't find the words to say back to him except-

"I love you too." I whispered as my arms slipped around his neck and pulled us into a sweet, gentle and loving kiss. We pulled away and stared at each other for a minute, getting lost in each others eyes and forgetting about the rest of the world entirely that is until…

"Well I'm glad to see you met the neighbor." My mom's voice broke the moment, I looked at her with my face turning a bright scarlet as I realized that she had seen the tender moment. Of course that didn't make me let go of Aeron, just hold him tighter.

"Could you two bear to break apart and help me with the groceries? Aaron, are you busy tonight? I'm sure Alexia would love to have you over for dinner." She continued in a playful voice as Aeron chuckled and nodded.

"I'd love to. That is if its okay with you, Alexia?" He said looking down at me, just mesmerizing me with those gorgeous sparkling jade eyes. I just nodded at him then rested against him listening to his steady heart beat. He was here with me. He was human. He was living down the street and He was mine…forever.

Well that was a surprise for you wasn't it? Although a lot of you guessed what was going to happen next! Grr, I'm too predicable sometimes. Oh well. Thanks for all the reviews! Okay now this is the real ending and I won't be doing a sequel. Sorry! Have a great week! ~God Bless!~

PS- The song is 'Roll to me' by Del Amitri and its the theme song for Aeron and Alexia! Hope you enjoyed the story!