There was little to do for NORA now that Snow was off somewhere out in the world and the group of rebels had for the most part disbanded, the members going of on their own to do whatever they felt like doing.

And at the moment there was only two left on the sandy dunes of Bodhum.

Well, it wasn`t like they were planning on spending their days of relaxation out in the public.

Moans and countless groans drifted out the open window, mingling quite beautifully with the harsh creaking of bedstrings and the choked sounds of air catching in the lungs of the two entangled on the bedsheats.

They made the most erotic picture with their finely sculpted bodies, one as thin and slender as a girl, the other more broad but at the same time, no less lithe than his partner.

Blue hair swished gently as the young man thrust rhythmically with his hips and drawing gasps at sudden times when he snapped his whole body forward, burying himself completley into the little body twisting and trashing under him.

"God you feel so.." a hitch and a few more thrust and he was speaking again, "fucking good!"

The boy could do nothing but moan, thigthening his legs around the others neck, begging him to go faster, to fuck him harder.

And as always his pleas were heard and his wishes granted with a spark of animalistic pounding. Blond hair stuck to his forehead, drenched in the sweat from an entire day spent inside, not leaving the bed once. Not once.

He could feel it again, for the third time that day and the nth time in the last week. That churning feeling in his lower belly, and his whole body spasmed as he came, clenching down on the stiff cock still going in and out.

"Ah, god Yuj!"

It came to an abrupt stop as Yuj buried himself to the hilt, clenching the sheets beside the others head and arching his back as his orgasm was ripped out of his body, filling up the thight canal with the thick substance.

"Oh boy Maqui am I glad you can`t get pregnant" he muttered and collapsed down on the one beneath him, forcing the boys legs even closer to his chest.

But he didn`t seem to mind.

"There is nothing better than fucking you like this, nothing to separate us" Yuj continued mumbling as exhaustion reared it`s head at him.

"Aah are you alright Yuj?" Maqui asked, still a little dazed but coming to it now. He only heard a breathed "yes" and the boy on top of him was fast asleep. While still inside of him, and not to mention making him bend his legs at a very uncomfortable angle.

Damn the bastard.