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"OK, Jimmy! You can do this. Just keep focused. You have a supreme hottie that says he's totally into you waiting in his quarters with food and chess and all around romance. You got this." Kirk continued to mumble to himself on the way to Spock's quarters. "Well, it's only been ten minutes. Hopefully Spock wasn't too annoyed by the delay." And his thoughts drifted back to Spock. "Man, this is weird," he said aloud. "If Bones had suggested that I'd be going on a date with Spock back at the academy I would have told him to get himself one of those damn hypos. But here I am," And the nerves came back. "Jesus, what am I doing? Am I serious about this? Is he? Of course he is, he's Spock, he's always serious." Kirk stopped walking and leaned against the wall. "What will happen if this doesn't work out? And what will happen if it does? As Captain, I don't even know if I'm allowed to have relations with a member of the crew." Kirk leaned his head back on the wall and covered his face with his hands. "Ok, I just gotta think about this rationally." Kirk sighed trying to let go of all his tensions. "If this doesn't work I'm sure Spock will remain just as professional as ever. There's no doubt about that. And I… I'm sure over time I'll get over the awkwardness of it all. If it does work out.. well we'll just have to take it one step at a time. I'll have to talk to the ambassador about his relationship with the other me. Maybe he'll know something about the regulations on Captain-First Officer romance." Kirk nodded to himself and pushed off from the wall. "Ok. No more freaking out. There's a damn fine looking Vulcan waiting for you, damn it. Time to man up." That forced the continuation of his walk to said Vulcan's quarters.

Spock sat in the middle of his room, patiently awaiting the arrival of his Captain. A high pitched whistle caused him to jump up and run to the door. Ok, maybe not so patiently. "Jim," Spock greeted. "You have arrived earlier than you previously estimated."

Kirk chuckled, "I told you it was only a small postponement. You still thought I was gonna ditch, didn't you?"

Spock straightened his shirt, an obvious sign that Kirk was, in fact, correct. "Not at all, Jim. I had full confidence in your words."

"Sure you did," Kirk said while chuckling again. "So what'd you get to eat? I'm starved." All traces of Kirk's nervousness were carefully hidden. After all, he couldn't let Spock know that just moments ago he was a complete mess of nerves.

"My, 'favorite,' as you call it." Spock said, gesturing to the small table which held two settings.

"Ah so Plomeek Soup, then?"

Spock almost smiled, glad that Kirk remembered the kind of nourishment that he preferred. "That is correct. And they have had sufficient time to cool."

"Let's get to the eating part then."

"A wise decision."

"That is why I'm Captain," Kirk said while walking to the table.

"From where I stood, your captaincy was brought about by a series of bad decisions that happened to fall into place with each other," Spock said in an almost joking manner.

"Way to bring a guy down, Spock."

"My apologies, Jim."

Kirk just grinned. "So," he began, attempting to start a casual conversation. "Besides your visit to the Ambassador, which I already know all about, how was your day?"

"Fairly standard," Spock stated as the two men began to eat. While Spock was unused to sharing details of his daily life with others he understood the need for communication between two people that wished to begin a relationship together. "With the exception of the encounters between the two of us, my day was uneventful."

"It's good to know I make an impression," Kirk smiled again.

"How was your day, Jim?"

Even after first asking Spock himself, it felt weird to have Spock ask him about his day; weird but nice. "My day was wonderful. I managed not to have any allergic reactions to anything, which meant no hypos from Bones. Keenser wasn't climbing on anything when I checked up on Engineering. Scotty's beamed everyone who requested it down to shore leave. I didn't at any time walk in to find Sulu and Chekov making out. And to top it off an incredibly hot guy friend of mine agreed to go on a date with me." Once again Kirk grinned, lifting his eyes from his bowl to look at Spock.

Spock hesitated only for a moment. "I am pleased to hear that. Hopefully tomorrow will prove just as pleasant for you."

"I suppose that depends on how well today goes," Kirk's grin turned into a smirk.

Spock had a good deal less experience in the dating area than Kirk. He wasn't entirely sure what to make of the situation. "Jim?" He said with a confused look.

"Well, if I bore you to tears on this date, I doubt you'll be up for a second. Then tomorrow won't be nearly as pleasant as tonight."

"I assure you, Jim, you are anything but boring."

Kirk flashed another grin. "Good to know." His nerves were beginning to dissipate. This was just like any other date, only the words came more naturally. He was genuinely interested in Spock's life and genuinely happy that Spock seemed to be interested in his as well. It was a new experience and yet it put him at ease. He didn't have to worry about trying to impress Spock. He could just be him.

"Is your meal satisfactory?" Spock asked to break the small silence that had formed.

"Quite," Kirk replied. "As different as Vulcan food is to Human, I find it more familiar than exotic. And besides," he continued. "I'm sure I'd enjoy anything that you picked out for me." While Kirk obviously knew the difference between an impressionable young girl and his first officer, he couldn't help but be his smooth talking self.

"With the exception of a purposefully bad choice, I would have to agree with that logic."

'Leave it to Spock to take that as fact instead of a compliment,' Kirk thought, rolling his eyes. "And why would you ever purposefully pick out something bad for me?"

"I do not know. However, the possibility does exist." (A/N: Alright, the next part I totally didn't plan until I got here and then I was like, 'Hey, this is gonna be funny.')

"Well, so does the possibility that you're going to sleep with me tonight, but it's not like I'm betting on it," Kirk said scooping up another spoonful of soup. He didn't realize until he was about to swallow said spoonful that Spock had frozen. He had turned pale and his eyes were wide. Kirk stuttered, "I-I was.. just kidding, Spock. I.. didn't mean that. I'm sorry. It was totally uncalled for…" He trailed off.

Spock's eyes returned to their normal size and he shifted a bit. "It is quite alright, Captain."

And there it was, the C-word had reared its ugly head. 'Crap,' Kirk cursed himself. 'And everything was going so perfectly.' "Spock, I didn't mean that the way it came out. I don't want to sleep with you."

Spock furrowed his brow. "Am I not to your liking? I was under a different impression."

"No!" Kirk shouted and Spock made another hurt face. "I mean, yes." He tried again. "Ugh, look, you're very attractive. More than just attractive even, you're... indescribably perfect in my eyes. I only meant that I want more than to just sleep with you. I know from Uhura that Vulcans take monogamy incredibly seriously. And I know what people say about me. You may think that I can't have a serious relationship, but even with all the people I've been with, I've never once cheated on someone. Yeah, I change around a lot, but it's always with one person." He paused to gauge Spock's reaction. When Spock said nothing, he continued. "And with you... Well I don't see how I'd ever find a reason to change around. So what I'm trying to say is... if we started something serious, you'd be the only one for me, Spock."

Spock remained silent for a decent amount of time, causing Kirk to become worried. Just as Kirk was about to apologize for his idiocy and excuse himself from the room, Spock spoke up. "You realize that you just agreed to enter into a serious monogamous relationship with a Vulcan, do you not?"

There was another moment of silence. "Yeah."

"Then perhaps there is a possibility."

Kirk grinned.