9:53 p.m. Here I am just lying on my bed in some trashy trailer staring up at the ceiling and thinking of none other than Double D.

I'll admit it, I'm obsessed.

I really like smart guys, because although I don't show it, I'm pretty intelligent if I do say so myself. And to find someone who is even smarter in a place like Peach Creek, well, it's a freaking miracle. To top it all off, Double D is incredibly hot in my opinion. Most girls don't really go for nerds, but I am definitely not like most girls. When I first saw him, I immediately fell for him. I just know we'd be perfect together. His shyness and my boldness would make an awesome team.

I decide to paint my nails; the rusty red color is starting to chip off. Not like Double D would notice anyway. He probably hates me. I can't blame him though; I am really pushy with him. I honestly wish I could start over with him. Maybe if he sees that there's more to me than just wanting to kiss him all the time, he'd actually like me back. Ha, like that'll happen. The only way I'd possibly get him to like me is if I looked exactly like Nazz. I hate her, but only because I'm so jealous of her. Every time Double D sees her he gets this dreamy look on his face. What I wouldn't give for him to look like that when he sees me.

I look at the clock again, 11:26 p.m. Had I seriously been thinking about Double D that whole time without painting a single nail? Told you I'm obsessed.

Lee bursts in the room. "Mom says lights out, Marie!"

Without waiting for a response, she slams the door shut. I'm already sixteen and I still have a bedtime. It may not seem like it, but my mom really cares about us. I was actually supposed to be in bed like an hour ago. Something about getting 'plenty of sleep' and all that stuff.

I quickly finish painting my nails and since I'm already in my pajamas I carefully turn out the light and lay on the bed with my hands to the side so my nails can dry. Again, I start thinking of Double D. Why do I have to like him so much? Sometimes I wish I could just get over him so that it wouldn't hurt so much when he doesn't look happy to see me.

Even though he's changed so much over the years, it just seems to me that he gets more handsome as time goes by. His black hair has grown pretty long, and he still wears his beanie. Although he's as skinny as ever, he's so much taller now. My head barely comes up to his shoulder! A lot of the kids were getting braces a few years ago, but I'm so glad Double D didn't. His teeth are perfect, but the gap just makes him cuter. If he didn't have his gap anymore I'd be really disappointed.

I guess I really haven't changed at all. Same hairstyle at the same length, any longer and it'd just get in the way. I've still got the 'grunge look' going on, as Lee and May call it. And my love for Double D hasn't changed at all, if anything, it's only increased.

Suddenly, for some inexplicable reason, I think of Double D and Nazz together. It's funny how quickly your train of thought goes to something else. I can't shake the image out of my head, and I feel like crying. Goddamn those hormones. I've never known what love feels like, but I'm guessing this is it. No matter how hard I try, I just can't stop thinking of him. Is this what people mean by lovesick? Because it sure is making me feel ill.

Ugh, I know I got off to a really crappy start, but I promise it'll get better. I'm just no good at beginning a story D:

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