A/N: This is a challenge fic for 'The Slytherin Challenge' created by the fantastic Fourth Black Sister. I was to write a Fic about Avery, the Avery from Tom Riddle's year. So here it is. A few things first, Evan is from Snape's year at school but I figured that the name Evan was pretty universal, so I used it for this year as well. As we don't know a lot about Avery I had to make more of it up, but I think I did quite well. So Enjoy :)


"One day I will rule the world," Tom said for the hundredth time since I met him. I sunk back into my seat lazily listening to the class, when I say listening I mean looking ahead and displaying a charming, heart melting smile when the attractive pretty-much-our-age teacher looks our way.

Truth was I didn't care much for his lies, we all knew he was full of himself. Not many of us liked him much anyway, we tried to not to include him as much as possible, he was a to weird for us. not that it mattered to much these days as he spent a lot of his time sucking up to teachers like Slughorn and Dumbedore.

Class ended and Tom and I went our separate ways as I quickly went to meet my closer and much better friends.

"Tom told me today he will rule the world, again," I said making the group howl with laughter.

"Well, if he does I certainly won't back him up. What about you Avery?" Evan asked. I laughed and shook my head.

"I will definitely be on the opposing," I told them as we walked down the grounds. Knowing full well that I would never change my mind. Because even if I was young, I knew right and wrong, and I knew Riddle would rule the world the wrong way. So I definitely never planned to follow him.