Polka Dot Pajamas

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"Did you really have to smack him?" Ino softly sighed, after re-telling the story for the third time to her lunch crew, "I mean, it was sweet. You know, in a totally unexpected and uncalled for way."

"And," Temari, a blond with her hair split into four pigtails, "that's my baby brother, you know."

"Apologies, apologies. I agreed to go to homecoming with him. Doesn't that count for anything? Besides, it was a reflex!" Sakura sighed, halfway through a piece of cafeteria pizza. Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad. "Hey, Ino, where's your food?"

"Oh," Ino sighed melodramatically, "I don't eat breakfast or lunch. I'm on a diet."

"Again?" A brunette with her hair in two perfectly neat buns frowned, "That's bad for you, right Hinata?"

"Ah, y-y-yes! Th-that's right! Y-you shouldn't st-starve your body!" Hinata, a girl with short blue-ish hair and white eyes nodded. She turned to Sakura, "She d-does this every once in a w-w-while, you s-see."

Sakura gave a curt nod.

It took all three of the other girls, and a few faculty members, to stop Sakura from shoving a piece of pizza down Ino's throat.

"Eat the pizza, bitch!" Sakura struggled against Tenten, grabbing her waist.

"Sakura-chan," Tenten shouted, being pulled forward by the thrashing pink haired girl, "We're all for you saving the world from a hungry Ino, but I think you're breaking my ribs!"

"Holy crap," Temari held back one of Sakura's arms, "She's strong!"

Hinata, who was holding onto Sakura's left leg, grumbled, "Can't w-we just let go? The p-p-pizza might just do her s-s-some g-good!"

Sakura calmed down, and the teachers let go of her, shooting her a few suspicious glances before walking away.

Ino shot them an unbelieving look, "Are you kidding? Shouldn't she get a referral for that? She could've killed me!"

One of the teachers gave Sakura a wary glance before shouting, "You take her to the office then! I'd like to live, thank you very much!"

Sakura grinned, turning towards Ino and offering a hand to help her up. Ino stood, and Sakura grabbed the collar of her shirt, emerald eyes glaring into pastel blue eyes. Sakura growled, "You will eat that pizza."

Ino gulped, and the other girls chuckled. "Fine," Ino gave in with a growl, taking a bite of the pizza. "Holy hell," Ino murmured, taking another bite, "This is good."

"Don't inhale it," Tenten grinned, sitting back down, "Now that that's over, I could use some help."

"Oh, you mean for the event?" Temari shot Tenten a knowing glance, "Bummer that got pinned on you. Let me guess, you need an idea?"

"O-oh," Hinata sighed, "I remember. The school e-event, r-r-right? The th-theme was assigned t-to you, c-correct?"

"Yeah," Tenten gave a pout, "so help me make something up. Pretty please?"

"How about an extreme makeup day?" Ino suggest, still enjoying the awesomeness that was pizza.

"Ugh," Tenten sneered, "no way."

"Cross dressing day?" Temari offered, "We'd all just wear baggy pants or something."

"That would be pretty disturbing," Tenten sighed, "I mean, the girls would be alright. What about the guys?" She shuddered, "Imagine your brothers in tank tops and miniskirts."

"That was a mental picture I did not need," Temari frowned, "but thanks for the nightmares."

"How about a c-crazy hair day?" Hinata offered weakly.

"Too overdone," Tenten sighed, letting her head thump onto the table, "I think it needs to be relative. Like, a recent fashion trend or something."

"Oh, how about a pajama day?" Sakura grinned, "I love my pajamas."

Tenten froze, "That's brilliant! You were the biggest news this year when you showed up in pajamas! Let's have, like, a tribute day! Pajama day!"

"So," Temari shot Sakura a sly glance, "here comes your date!"

As if on cue, Gaara slammed his hands onto the table, "Let's talk, Sakura-chan."

Sakura looked up, "Gaara-kun, we can talk here."

"Well," Gaara glanced around, "we need to get a few things straight. If you're going to be my date to the dance—" Gaara put his hand on Sakura's shoulder , "—then you'll have to sleep with me."

Before she could even react, Sasuke Uchiha stabbed Gaara in the arm with a fork.

She couldn't help but wonder where in hell he came from, and what the hell just happened. That's when she realized Gaara had asked her to sleep with him before their first date.

'Oh, no he didn't.'


THE END! (Just kidding)

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You Can't See Me

She was created to fight crime, created by a possibly-mad scientist. Why was she so special? Simple. She was born invisible to everyone except herself. So why, here in this insanity ward, could these men see her? It was supposed to be a regular mission, but now she was stuck dealing with the worst villain of all. Romance.

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