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It was all a game. But it was their game. Something no one would dare interfere in.

Hazel met crimson behind the black cover.

The smaller man was blushing. Almost erotically. The bartender/bodyguard/fortissimo of Ikebukuro stared down at his feast, the infamous information broker, Orihara Izaya.

Were they blinded with lust? Or even love? It was a game.

The blond ignored the looks that was Izaya was giving and rubbed his knee between his parted legs, and licked down the brunette's pale neck, causing him to twitch in delight.

Shizuo's light caresses on the pale body caused the other to let out weak whimpers. His body responding to every stimulus made by the blond made the broker slide down to the hard, rough floor.

"You... you are really unpredictable ya know?" stuttered Izaya, who was not aware of his obvious position.

"And you have the guts to do this to me." Shizuo hissed, glaring down at his now exposed uke, "Don't move now."

"Where are you tou- uwahh!"

Izaya let out a loud scream as the blond reached into the brunette's boxers to grab his hardened erection. The blond stroked at the fold of skin around the head, and dipped into the slit. Warm fluid pulsed out beneath his fingertip. The brunette convulsed his back at the friction applied to his pride. Shizuo could see the sweat dripping down over Izaya's jaw and the disheveled hair covering the brunette's desperate expression.

Does he even know what kind of face he is making? wondered Shizuo.

"H-hurts..." moaned Izaya, still not used to the game.

"Shut up. This is your punishment."

With that, Shizuo slipped his tongue into the brunette's lips. Izaya caved in. They explored every inch of each others moist cavern, making sure they didn't break free for air unless needed. It was then the blond started pumping Izaya's shaft at a fast pace. He couldn't scream as Shizuo had prevented that by locking his mouth to his. Shizuo continued until he felt warm liquid drip over his fingers and heard a relatively clear moan from the other. It was torture. But this was just another game.

"Shizu-chan is unfair."

"Shut up flea. Or do you want another round?"


It was always a game.

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