Alright my first Bleach fanfic! I've read a few stories of how Byakuya and Hisana meet. Most have Byakuya randomly walking around Inuzuri or Hisana being a servant or something. I'm trying something a little different and with more family politics if you will. My guess is that the Kuchiki manor, like all royal courts, is full of backstabbing and rivalries so I'm including this in my story. Please remember to comment!


These being the words of Utagawa Yoshino:

It is done. My closest confidant, the former Sato Hisana, is now Kuchiki Hisana-sama, First Lady of all of Seireitei. The wedding was very small, many refusing to attend as it was an affront to them that the heir of the House of Kuchiki, the truest and greatest of all families, would consent, let alone insist, to marry a woman, not only from Rukongai, but from Inuzuri, one of the most repulsive places in all of Soul Society. Surely the young noble had been bewitched or had gone mad they whispered, for none would dare directly say these things out loud, but for one such as myself who has seen such murmurs destroy so many, know such words have great power, especially when spoken by the right people at the right time. Poor Hisana, she truly does not know the world she has entered and shame on her new husband, who claims to love her, for throwing this rather naïve woman into the treacherous world of the Kuchiki Clan. True she has seen the danger of court intrigue, but it will pale in comparison to what awaits her. Oh, she did look happy, no, overjoyed this day, like the finale to a child's fairytale, although I foresee no happily ever after. How ironic, how utterly ironic, that it was my own failed story that caused all of this to take place. I say irony for I gave up the notion of fate long ago. Now all I can do is look back and pray that dear Hisana will not suffer the way I have at the hands of this wretched family and suffocating walls, for she has been through more than enough.