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Roni woke up with a smile on her face, which happened…well…hardly ever! Only when her mother was there had that happened, and even then it was a rarity. The first several months since Meredith Bux had left her and her father, Bastian, to carry on with their own lives, was a great challenge for her. Of course Bastian hadn't been overjoyed either, but it wasn't nearly as tragic for him as when he ad lost his mother while still a child. His mother had died; Meredith had simply abandoned them. He knew how hard it was for Roni, however, even he couldn't imagine what it was like to be betrayed by your own mother. He tried to explain to Roni that sometimes marriage doesn't work out as expected or hoped, but she was sixteen, and she was old enough to know and understand such things.
Bastian proved himself to be a wonderful father and he was always there for his daughter. Little by little they became accustomed to life with only each other to rely on. The fact that Bastian was thirty-five and still managed to retain a bit of childishness inside was a help, too. And Roni kept confirming it; she always said that he was nothing like the other fathers she knew.
She had been to most of her friend's houses and their parents where just so…dull. Too boring, too snobby, too "grown up!" She was more than happy to admit just how lucky she was. She saw Bastian more as brother, or a best friend, rather than a "dad". The two of them never missed a chance to have fun. Even while doing her homework Bastian managed to leave a remark here and there and the result was that usually both of them ended up rolling on the floor, laughing. He was truly an ideal father.
But sometimes even Bastian couldn't do anything to take away her pain. Roni missed Meredith, and it didn't matter what she had done to her and her father. She would always be her mother and she would always love and miss her. But since not-so-long-ago, Roni found herself a new something to live for. The book. The book she accidentally found in their attic; "The Neverending Story." And the first thing that came to her mind when thinking of it was Atreyu.
When she discovered the book she immediately took it to Bastian. For a minute or two he just stared at the cover as if it were some hidden treasure.
"Where did you get this?" he asked, completely stunned.
"Ummm…in the attic. It was lying under a pile of junk. What is it, Dad? Is this book somehow special?"
"Oh, Roni," he sighed wistfully and nostalgically, "you have no idea just how special this Book is…"
Of course, Roni did not believe him the first time. Or the second. Or even the third. Only the glowing AURIN on the cover made her reconsider her belief. Ever since that day when she had visited Fantasia, most of her attention was fixed on Atreyu. Bastian had also once visited there. After all, this was the first chance he had since he was a boy. He had really missed that world. And he obviously still terribly missed his best friend.
As he had expected, Atreyu had only changed a little; barely even just a little. Bastian realized that here creatures age differently. While Bastian was thirty-five, Atreyu was sixteen. He retained all his child-like beauty but acquired some of a man's as well. He was visibly stronger and taller. But never mind that; he was still incredibly happy to see his best friend again!
They talked about everything they could think of until Bastian had to return home again. But there was nothing to be sad about when they finally had to part. As long as his daughter continued to visit they would always remain in touch.