Adventure Love

Chapter 1


Fallout96: This story takes place during the pokemon movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Except it will be centered around Ash and May growing a relationship as the journey continues, so there will be a lot of changes to the story. I hope you all enjoy it!

We find Ash, May, Brock, and Max camping out for the night just five miles from Cameran Palace. It was getting really late, so they decided to wait until tomorrow to arrive at the Palace.

"Okay, Max, I'm going to need your help with the cooking this time." Brock explained to Max while pulling out his pots and pans. Max sighed. "Why can't May or Ash do it!"

"Because we have to go find the firewood, Max." May interrupted her young, immature brother. "And besides, you wouldn't want to go out in the middle of the forest when it's dark would you?" This made a scared look on Max's face and accepted defeat. Exactly how she planned.

"Ash! Come on we got to go find some firewood!"

Ash turned around to see May with her hands on her hips. That meant she was getting aggravated. "Hold on. Just one more minute! I'm training Torkoal to use Overheat three times in a row!" He turned back to his Torkoal.

May was getting more madder by the second. She grabbed Ash and spun him around so they were facing each other. "Ash, if you don't help me get firewood, you won't live to see Torkoal use Overheat again!" Ash nearly had a heart attack and nodded. May smiled. "Good, now let's go."

Ash and May were now into fifteen minutes of finding the firewood. There had been a silence for a while until May broke it.

"So Ash, what do you plan on doing when we get to Cameran Palace?" Ash stopped walking and went into deep thought. May stopped walking also. "Win the competition, have a great time with my best friends, and maybe dance a little." May gave him a questioned look.

"You know how to dance?"

"Yeah, before I started my pokemon journey, my mom made me take dance lessons." May giggled at hearing this.

"What?" Ash asked with growing embarrassment over his confession. May smiled. "I just can't picture you as the dancing type. I don't believe you." She teased him.

Ash placed his left arm up in the air and placed his right arm over his heart. "I swear that I know how to dance." He swore to her.

May grabbed Ash's hat and placed it over her bandanna on her head. "Than I'm going to need some proof!" She yelled while Ash was chasing her to get his hat back. "What do you mean." He slowed his chase. May placed her hand on her chin and pretended to be in deep thought, "I know! You'll have dance with me at least one time when we get to Cameran Palace." Ash blushed when he heard this.

"You mean you and together."

She smiled sweetly at him.


Ash sighed.

"Okay, but only yo prove to you that I can dance and that I'm good at it too." 'I can't believe I said yes.'

May held a squeal of happiness in. 'He said yes! It's going to be so romantic! Ash and I slow dancing together, looking deep into each others eyes, and maybe will share a kiss.' These thoughts made May smile with pure joy and happiness.

"Earth to May." Ash waved a hand in front of May's face. May snapped out of her train of thought. "Sorry, Ash. Just thinking about something." A slight blush crept across her face. Ash, as dense as ever, didn't notice the blush and answered "Okay. Now let's go find that firewood. They both soon gathered enough firewood and returned back to the tents.

Brock looked up and could see Ash and May, laughing together while holding plenty of firewood in their hands. "Well, it's about time you two came back. What were both of you doing." He said while raising an eyebrow. Both May and Ash looked away from Brock and blushed.

"I'm just kidding!" Brock said while laughing.

May looked around. "Where's Max?" Brock looked up at her. "He went to bed early. I guess he was tired from all of the traveling. Anyway, I'm almost done with the soup, so get ready to eat." Like on cue, both May and Ash's stomachs growled after hearing this. It made them laugh. They soon sat down near each other and began to eat the dinner.

"It looks so beautiful." May said while looking up at the stars. Ash turned and looked at May. The glare from the fire illuminated her face. 'You sure are.' Ash thought to himself while stroking Pikachu's back.

May could see Ash was staring at her and blushed a little. Her eyes began to feel more heavier by the minute. She leaned her head against Ash's shoulder and met no resistance. She was soon asleep. Pikachu looked up and could see his master and friend sharing a romantic night together.

"Pika, Pika."(Look's like someone is having a wonderful night.) Pikachu whispered softly to Ash.

"What do you mean, Pikachu?"

"Pika, Pika, Chu."(May's leaning against you and I can tell you like it) Ash's face turned red.

"Were just friends, Pikachu. Besides, how would someone like May want to be with me anyway?" His head sank down a little.

"Pika, Pika."(I know she asked you to dance with her) Ash glared at Pikachu.

"You eavesdropper! You were spying on us!" Pikachu could tell that Ash was getting a little mad and pretended to go to sleep. Ash returned to his resting position with May leaning against him. He looked down a May.

'Maybe he is right. May is very beautiful and kind and very...What am I saying! She a friend that's all!' He didn't believe his thoughts though as he continued to look down at a sleeping May. 'I better get some sleep.' Ash closed his eyes and allowed his head to rest atop of May's. He slowly went to sleep while Brock watched on with a sly grin.

"Those two should be together. Wait! I got a idea." The night went on as Brock formulated a mischievous plan.

Fallout96: I know this one was a little short, but the rest of the chapters will be longer and more interesting as the story comes along. See you than! Review please!