Trails of warm water glistening down her bare back in the silver moonlight, he watched the object of his obsession, his prey, wash away the grime of another day tending to the impure. One hand came up, parting her hair and running her skillful fingers, deadly with a bow and gentle with a child, through the thick locks that were finally free of their bindings. The curves that were normally hidden under the airy miko garb that she dressed in everyday were plain before his eyes, every scar on her silken skin whispering tales of another battle fought and won.

It was so easy here to imagine her the way that he wanted her to be. His.

He wanted to invoke a thousand sounds from her- screams of pain and pleasure as he played her body like she played his pitiful human heart. To inspire neither loyalty nor love but something far more carnal than he had ever imagined as a mortal man.

She stood after only a few more minutes, suspicion creasing her brow. The mist barely concealed the dusky pink of the twin nipples that ignited flames deep within him. She stretched, reaching for her clothing, and shot a look over her naked shoulder that forced him to retreat into the shadows, murmuring her name. Kikyou.

She had captured his attention, drawn him to her like the most wicked of demons, and soon, she would know his name as well. Naraku.

A drabble written for the lj community IY_Insomnia.

I own nothing.