Summary: Bella and Jasper are stuck in an elevator as they make their way to a party being thrown at Forks General, and Jasper has never really gotten over his claustrophobia, even though he's a vampire – could Bella help with that, and what will it lead to? Set some time after New Moon.


"Come on, Bella – we're getting late," Jasper sighed from the bottom of the stairs as I made my way down them slowly.

"Look," I growled, "Your wife made me wear these stupid shoes, so the least you could do is be patient while I try and practise walking in them – do you want someone to be fatally wounded tonight?"

"No," he rolled his golden eyes, and then smirked, "But they wouldn't have to go far to get stitched up."

Tonight there was a fundraiser at Forks General, and all the staff and their families had been invited – so, naturally, Edward wanted me to come along. He ignored me when I told him that I wouldn't be any fun, since I don't really like those kinds of parties…or dancing…

The others had gone ahead, since they were more enthusiastic than me or Jasper, and I was going to help Jasper ease into the crowded room full of tasty humans, by being by his side the whole night.

Edward hadn't been pleased when I agreed with Alice's plan, but, really, Edward was working my last nerve on the whole protective/possessive front – Jasper just needed a little support.

Jasper suddenly brought me out of my thoughts by whooping and cheering, "Bella! You made it down the stairs – in heels."

I beamed proudly, "Hallelujah. Now, let's get going! We have tasty humans to desensitize you to."

Jasper took my arm and we went out to Carlisle's spare Mercedes that we were borrowing – we snapped in our belts, and we were on our way in a matter of seconds.

I didn't like to bad-mouth anyone, let alone my family, but it seemed like I was the only one who trusted Jasper these days – after the snap he took at me on my birthday and the entire chain of events following the accident, the entire Cullen family seemed…distant from him. It really made my blood boil – Jasper was so sweet and caring, and he could feel all of what they felt about him, he was really trying his best and he had made so much progress, but even Alice looked at him differently now.

I was so surprised when Alice told me her plan and supported me in my agreement of it – I was hardly left alone with Jasper at all anymore, and I didn't like it.

I smiled as I realised he was singing along with an old C&W song on the radio, and I turned it up so we could both sing along – his golden eyes glittered at me, and he grinned happily.

It was then that I noticed just how beautiful he was – not just the outside, but the brilliant person beneath. I had realised it before, but when he smiled like that…he just knocked the breath out of me.

I sang along louder, forcing my distracting thoughts away.



Another boring party, with boring people and boring music, and I have to wear this monkey suit. But at least I had Bella…



Why was life so complicated, and why was Bella the only one who had faith in me? It hurt to know that my family pitied me, and some of them even felt disgusted – Bella was the only one who looked at me with happiness, hope, and faith; I didn't deserve it, not from her.

I had tried to kill her.

But I was slowly learning to get over her delicious scent – the accident and the events afterwards just made me more determined to do this, for her.

It was true, that while I was desensitizing myself to the smell of her blood, I may have developed some untoward feelings – but we both had mates and I knew, better than anyone, that those kinds of feelings come and go sporadically.

But there was something about the way that Bella would look at me, or sing along to old Country and Western songs on the radio with me, or not care if she wore sneakers or high-heels, that made my affection grow.

I was shaken out of my thoughts by the hospital looming ahead.

I parked and flitted to Bella's side to open the door like any good gentleman should do.

Her deep brown eyes looked up at me in shock, and she whispered "Jasper, there are people around!"

I smiled, offering her my arm, "Darlin', no one saw – I promise you."

She rolled her eyes adorably and jumped out of the car, linking her arm with mine. I locked the car and walked her towards the entrance of the hospital.

"I guess we know which floor it's on," Bella chuckled, and I grinned – the tenth floor was absolutely glowing with light, and I could hear the music and the dancing going on inside.

"Elevator, or stairs?" I asked Bella, my eyes discreetly wandering over her dress as she handed our invitations to the security guard at the front door – she looked so beautiful tonight, dressed in a flowing midnight-blue gown that hung off her figure perfectly.

I almost felt jealous of Edward being able to call Bella his – in fact…I did feel jealous. What the Hell was wrong with me?

Bella began pulling me toward the elevators on our left, through the deserted reception area.

"Jasper," she sighed, "I'm a super-klutz, in heels – I won't be able to do more than two flights."

I nodded, internally preparing myself – I had given her the choice because I was still afraid to ride in elevators. In fact, I was still afraid of small spaces, period. I had always had claustrophobia as a human, and I still hadn't shaken it in all my years as a vampire – it was ridiculous. I knew nothing could happen to me – I was indestructible, I didn't have to breathe, and I had super-strength – yet, when I stepped into that tiny, metal box, all of those familiar feelings came crashing down on me.

But I wouldn't make Bella use the stairs – for one, I wanted to keep my new friend and I knew she wouldn't be happy with walking for too long in Alice's choice of 'sensible shoes'. Two, I knew she would do it if I told her of my phobia because she cared too much about other people, and I was trying to help her with that problematic self-sacrificing nature of hers while she helped me with my bloodlust. Three…even though I was a little afraid from my phobia, I was…kind of excited to be that close to her.

I was a sick, sick man.

Before I knew it, I was stepping into the elevator and the doors were closing.

Just breathe, Jasper…

I did – I controlled my breaths, I didn't focus on the fact that the elevator was just a tiny metal box hanging by just a metal cable, and I swallowed Bella's scent.

Her scent calmed me immediately – she was comforting, familiar, and she cared for me.

Bella's hand grasped my arm tighter, "Jasper, are you okay?"

I turned to look into her chocolate eyes and genuinely smiled, "I'm fine."

She nodded, still a little unconvinced, but her attention was immediately dragged away as the doors opened.

I frowned as Bella made to get off, and I gently stopped her, "I don't think this is our floor, Bella."

I definitely knew it wasn't – I could hear the party going on overhead, but the little screen in the elevator said we were on the tenth floor.

"It's probably just a glitch," I smiled at her reassuringly, stepping back from the closing doors and pressing the button marked '10' again.

The elevator began to move upwards, but suddenly it shuddered and jolted. Bella flew forwards, but I managed to grasp her in time before she hurt herself. Suddenly, the lights went out and the buttons and screen in the elevator stopped glowing.

I could see perfectly in the dark with my superior vision, but Bella had begun panicking as her eyesight was cut off.

I gently pulled her to me, grasping her face carefully, "Calm down, Bella. Everything's fine."

Her hammering heart slowed its beating and her breathing evened out, and she relaxed in my arms.

"Sorry, Jasper," she breathed, her sweet breath fanning over my face, "Just a momentary freak-out."

I nodded – even though she couldn't see me – and swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat.

I carefully moved away from Bella, to the emergency call button on the panel of the elevator.

"Hello?" A nasally voice answered my call.

"Hi, we're…uh, well, we're stuck in the elevator," I said, running my hand anxiously through the back of my hair automatically as the whole thing set in – we were stuck in a tiny metal box.

"We'll have someone get you out in the next…hour or so," the woman sighed, almost like she was bored, and I bit back a growl.

"An hour?" I asked, incredulous – what were they doing that was more important?

"An hour," she sniffed and ended the call.

I turned to see Bella had sat on the floor against the back panel of the elevator, and she was silently slipping off her high-heels.

"It's going to be a while," she sighed. "Come sit down."

Some emergency lighting flickered to life from the ceiling, and it was about as bright as a candle.

"Cheap assholes," I muttered – the situation was getting to me, and my claustrophobia was setting in; I could see Bella looking up at me strangely.

I shrugged off my suit-jacket, pulled off my tie and undid the top buttons of my shirt – I was beginning to feel those sensations of dread crawling along my skin and I was reacting like I did when I was human. I used to feel hot, lose my breath, and get blurry vision – I was going through the motions.

Suddenly I registered an odd noise – it was fast and light, and I suddenly realised that my body was hyperventilating. My vampire mind knew it was ridiculous, but that part of my humanity that I had so tightly clung on to was telling me that I could die in here…

Suddenly a hot hand pressed against my face, bringing me out of my swirling, confusing thoughts.


From what I could see in the dim emergency lighting, Jasper was turning into a right state – his eyes were shut tight and I could see some venom beneath his lashes, his breathing was accelerated and just downright scary, and his whole body was quivering.

I don't think he even realised he slumped to the floor in front of me until I urgently pressed my hand to his face and he opened his eyes.

Jasper's usual, beautiful, golden hue was almost entirely gone, and instead his eyes were steadily becoming jet-black – I knew he wasn't hungry though; I knew what was wrong.

"How long, Jasper?" I asked, but he seemed confused by the question and his breathing hadn't slowed, making him unable to answer me anyway. "How long have you had claustrophobia?"

He shook his head from side to side a couple of times, his loose blonde curls bouncing everywhere.

I knew he was on the verge of a panic-attack, and I had no idea how he could even have one as a vampire. But I pushed that thought away – I had to help him.

I tipped his face up to mine as I sat in front of him, "Jasper? You have to listen to me – I'll help you."

I knew he was listening, and I ran my thumb along his cheekbone soothingly. I picked up his other hand which was flattened, stretching his muscles in his stress – I gently laid it over my heart. I purposefully tried to send him some of my calm, but I didn't know if he could use his gift right now.

I whispered, "Just listen to my heart, Jasper. Listen to its slow beats, okay? Listen to my breathing – it's slow, it's calm, it's gentle. Now, try to match my breathing."

His chest began to stop rising and falling as quickly, and his eyes clearly locked with mine.

"That's it," I beamed, trying to send him some more calm and my joy. "Slowly, slowly, slowly… Through your nose, and out of your mouth…just like if you were in labour."

I snickered, and a tiny smile crept onto his face as his breathing slowed. I kept rubbing my thumb on his cheek, enjoying the contact and his hand on my chest probably a little too much.

His eyes began to lighten as I looked into them and smiled encouragingly – they were slowly turning into a beautiful honey-colour.

Eventually, his breathing matched mine – breath-for-breath.

I smiled softly, "You okay, now?"

He nodded, his lips curving upwards, "Thank you, Bella."

I sat there for a moment more, enjoying his cool touch on my overheated skin, but then I realised how closely we were sitting together and I realised he must be uncomfortable by now. I shuffled back a little, breaking our contact, and his smile dropped immediately.

As his face fell, I moved forwards again and cupped his face in my hands, "Are you okay, Jasper? Is it coming back?"

"No, no," he assured me, beginning to smile again as I automatically stroked his face.

The way he lowered his gaze and bit his bottom lip and the inside of his cheek slightly, made me think he was embarrassed and then I realised.

"Jasper," I grinned, "Are you vampire-blushing?"

He laughed, "A little."

"What at?" I chuckled – he would still go through the motions of a blush, even if he didn't have any blood to turn red like me; just like he went through the motions of a panic-attack

Jasper looked back up at me and sighed, closing his eyes, "Your hands…the heat… It just…feels nice."

I smiled, holding my hands more firmly against his face, "That's nothing to be embarrassed over."

Jasper sighed again, almost happily, "Thank you, Bella – again. I've had claustrophobia ever since I can remember – no one's been able to help me like you have. Alice thought I was joking when I told her…"

I growled – actually, full-on growled – "What?"

Jasper chuckled, "It's okay, Bella – I understand; it seems stupid since I'm a rational-minded vampire."

I shook my head fiercely, "She's your wife, she should understand. Alice hasn't been very good to you lately, either…"

Suddenly, I realised I was stepping over the line and I blushed slightly, "Oh, gosh, Jasper – I'm sorry. I didn't mean to–"

Jasper cut me off by taking my hands from his face and holding them in his, "Don't worry, Darlin'. You know you can say what you like to me – we've become good friends now, haven't we?"

At the word 'friends,' my heart gave a little pang – Jasper frowned at me slightly as he felt it, but I shrugged it off by answering his question.

"Of course we are! We're the best of friends," I beamed. "We were never given a chance, but we've certainly made up for lost time."

"You're right," he chuckled. "We both like reading, and peace, and the classics, and C&W music, and beat-up trucks…"

I laughed, giving his hands a squeeze, "I'm just sorry we didn't get to know each other sooner."

Jasper's face darkened slightly, "It's not your fault, or mine, Darlin'. In fact, I think if Edward had his way we still would never had said two words to each other."

I sighed and nodded, sliding my legs out from underneath me to in front of me and leaning against the elevator wall. Jasper sat next to me, keeping a hold of my hands.

"He's so…" I pondered my next word, and then sighed, "Caveman-ish."

Jasper laughed a little, but nodded at the same time, "I know what you mean."

"He forbids me to see Jake, and he forbids me to go anywhere without him, and he forbids me to be alone with you…" I shook my head in disbelief – I hadn't truly thought about all the ways he controlled me.

Jasper released one of my hands, throwing it around my shoulders and hugging me to him, "I know how you feel, Darlin'."

That little endearment always set me on fire, and I tried my best to ignore the smouldering in my belly.

"Alice's vision gives her free reign over all our lives, and sometimes I just think…" Jasper shook his head, "I think that it would be nice if she didn't have it." I turned and looked into his golden eyes, and he smiled at me sadly, "You're meant to love and cherish every part of your mate, Bella, but Alice's gift is…too much for me."

"You can't handle it, Cowboy?" I teased, trying to lighten the mood a little.

Jasper chuckled, his Southern drawl coming on full-force, "Ma'am, I can handle anythin'."

The smouldering in my stomach flamed and heat spread through my body.

Jasper looked at me quizzically, as his eyes darkened a fraction, "You okay, Bella?"

I nodded, swallowing nervously to find my throat bone-dry, "I'm just great."

A little smirk worked its way onto Jasper's face, and it grew by the second, "You like my drawl, Little Lady?"

I shivered slightly at the twang in his voice, "Shut up."

"You like cowboys," he whispered, leaning towards my ear. "I promise not to tell Edward…or maybe I will, to see what he does. He might give the drawl and some boots a go for you, Darlin'."

I knew Jasper was teasing but I quickly said, "No!"

I felt shocked as I realised how loudly I had said it, but I knew it was true – I didn't want Edward to do those things; I hadn't wanted Edward that way in quite a while. I was quite sure that I had fallen out of love with Edward when I realised his true nature – he was a coward; we would never fight for me.

Except Jasper didn't know that what I really wanted – and had done for a while now – was a Texan with loose blonde curls, a dazzling smile and personality, and who was not afraid to wear cowboy boots and jeans, even when at risk from personally injury by an infuriated, fashion pixie. Hell, even I hadn't truly known until…just now, really, how deep my affection ran for Jasper.

I cringed at the silence of the man beside me, and tried to slip my hand from his.

Jasper suddenly gripped it tighter and tipped my head up with his other hand, forcing me to look into his eyes.

"Bella?" He asked, almost silently, and I watched as our faces closed the gap between them.

My lips were so close to his perfect ones, and his sweet breath was making my head spin. I could feel everything I felt for Jasper zinging through my body involuntarily, and I could hardly care that he now knew every untoward feeling I had ever hidden from him.

Jasper's golden gaze held mine, and his lip twitched upwards into a smile, "Me, too."

With that, his lips were on mine.


Kissing Bella was like nothing else I had ever experienced.

She was hot – so hot – her lips were like a flame against my mouth, and it felt so good. Her warm, soft body pressed so closely to mine was driving me insane, and her deliciously beautiful scent of strawberries, cinnamon, cherries and orange blossoms drove me on.

I had no idea what I was doing – I had Alice, and Bella had Edward, but in that moment they didn't exist; there was only room for me and Bella.

It was just right.

I moaned as her hand clutched at my shirt, pulling me impossibly closer, "Bella."

I could feel her excitement, and her attraction…and her love – I had never met anyone in my entire existence who felt things as purely and as fiercely as Bella.

Before I knew it, I was above her as she lay beneath my tense body – we were both panting for breath, and I knew in that moment, as I looked at Bella's angelic face with her beautiful hair fanned out behind her head and her rosy lips, that I felt something deep for her. I felt something pulling within my heart and my stomach – I felt love for her, too.

I buried my face in her neck, inhaling her sweet scent and knowing that my beast was tethered by how much I cared for this fragile human.

"What do I smell like to you?" Bella suddenly asked, "Emmett told me I smell different from how Edward tells me I smell, and Esme told me she thinks I smell like apples."

I didn't know where she was going with this, but I answered anyway, "You smell like strawberries, cinnamon, cherries, and orange blossoms."

Bella beamed, "That's nice. Emmett told me I smell like rain – who the Hell smells like rain?"

I chuckled, "Only Emmett would think someone smells like rain. But you do smell intoxicating." I pressed my face against her neck again, relishing her scent and the way her pulse jumped, "Why did you ask?"

She blushed a little, "I wondered if I smell as nice as you."

I frowned in confusion, "How do I smell?"

"Like autumn, and worn leather, and…warmth," Bella breathed, and I pulled back to look into her eyes as she explained, "Renee once told me that some people smell better to you than others – like their natural smell… I was just going to say that…you, uh…smell really nice."

I chuckled, "Thank you."

"And I just wondered if I smelt nice to you," Bella blushed again, and I smiled.

"You smell better than…" I cut myself off – was I really just about to say she smelt better than Alice?

I was. I was going to tell Bella that I liked her more than my wife. The worst part of it was that it was the truth – Bella was kind and caring where Alice was distant, and Bella was thoughtful where Alice was careless, and Bella was gentle where Alice was annoying…

"Bella, we need to…discuss this," I murmured – Jesus, I sounded like a pussy.

If Peter could see me now, he'd be laughing his ass off – he probably was anyway, knowing him and his gift. Asshole.

Bella immediately sent me waves of worthlessness and self-hatred.

I held her face in my hands, "Bella? What's wrong?"

"You're going to tell me the kiss was a mistake, aren't you?" She sighed, her beautiful eyes glazing over with tears.

I shook my head, "Never. I will never tell you that. It was… It was…everything."

She looked at me like I had just said I had lived on the moon for most of my life, "What?"


He was insane. This man was insane.

He had a beautiful vampire wife, and he just told me that our kiss was everything. I was with Edward – fair enough – but, I knew we wouldn't last. I didn't love Edward anymore – I had fallen in love with Jasper.

I was expecting for him to shoot me down, but instead he gave me hope – me: a tiny, fragile, insignificant…

Stop. Right. There.

I am not insignificant – if Jasper has taught me anything in these long weeks while I helped him with his bloodlust and he helped me with my issues, it was that I was just as important as any vampire.

But he still had Alice.

She may have been my best friend, but she no longer held that spot and I just couldn't find any guilt for my feelings for Jasper.

Jasper finally spoke all of a sudden, "You're funny when you growl at people when you're angry, and you're cute when you wrinkle you nose because you think it's disgusting that Rose and Emmett suck tongue in front of you. You're sweet when you open all the windows in the kitchen when you cook because you don't want us to feel uncomfortable from the smell of your food. You're adorable when you roll your eyes, and you're sexy as hell when you're mad, and you're just…so beautiful."

I stared up at him, my eyes watering, "I could say the same about you."

"Please," he breathed, his thumb running over my bottom lip. "Tell me."

"Y-You're funny when you fight Emmett because he played a prank on you, a-and you're cute when a little bit of hair falls in your eye and you t-try to b-blow it away but it doesn't go and you're too damn lazy to move your hand. You're s-sweet when you offer to help Esme make me cookies, even though I know they don't smell g-good to you. You're adorable when y-you hold your arm out to me like a gentleman, and you're sexy when you use your drawl, and I've always thought you…were b-beautiful," I whispered, my fluttering heart making me stutter throughout my speech.

His lips descended on mine again, and I whimpered at the contact – he felt so wonderful pressed against me, but I couldn't give in to him yet.

I broke my lips away and breathed, "But what about Alice?"

"I could ask you the same thing about Edward," Jasper murmured, nudging my nose with his own in a soft Eskimo kiss.

"But I don't love Edward – I haven't since I saved him in Volterra," I said in a tiny voice, looking anywhere except into Jasper's searing golden eyes. "I… I was going to break it off with him soon – it's not fair on him…and it's not fair on me when I love someone else."

Jasper tipped my head so I had to look at him, and the smile on his face was blinding, "Really?" I nodded and he laughed, "Bella, you don't have to worry about Alice."


His smile softened, "I've known for a while that…Alice… She doesn't mean as much to me as I thought."

I gaped at him – even though I was pleased to hear it, it was still shocking.

Jasper kissed my lips softly, "You're everything I need, Bella."

I kissed him back passionately, arching my back and wrapping my arms around his neck. Jasper groaned, his fingers threading through my hair and holding my face to his as our lips moved in perfect synchronisation.

I could feel the earlier heat in my belly moving down to my core, and Jasper gave a low growl as he broke his lips away from mine.

"You smell exquisite."

His mouth furiously attacked my neck, and my fingers tried to dig in to his impenetrable skin – I moaned and writhed beneath him, knowing what I wanted from him at that moment.

Ever since Edward refused to give in to my hormones, I took it upon myself to give my body the pleasure it deserved. The first time I had an orgasm I thought I would go insane, but just the heat that Jasper's cool body made rise in mine told me that I might go blind if he gave me that pleasure – I knew it would be so amazingly intense.

"Jasper, please," I mewled, my hands splaying themselves over the tense muscles of his back.

His hands released my hair with a moan, and he continued to suck at my neck while his fingertips danced down the length of my body. When he reached the small split in my dress, his hands automatically began exploring my skin beneath it.

I writhed, "PleasePlease… I want you, Jasper. I want to feel you."

"Oh, Bella," he growled, one of his hands moving up on my inner thigh.

I pushed my hips forward, making his fingers come into contact with my burning core – he hissed and kissed me forcefully as he pulled away the scrap of lace covering my sex. His cool fingers were dexterous and magical, and I moaned as I felt one push into me.

"God, Bella. You're so hot and tight," Jasper groaned, licking at my bottom lip. "You're so wet – is it all because of me?"

I nodded, answering him breathlessly, "All because of you."

He growled as he worked his finger in and out of me, "Is it all for me?"

"All for you, Jasper – only for you," I moaned.

Jasper pushed in another finger, his thumb rubbing my sensitive nub – I could feel a coil tightening in my belly, and I writhed against Jasper's hard, unyielding body and his quickening hand.

"Yes," I sighed, clutching him to me and kissing him fiercely.

Jasper's tongue slid into my mouth and I whimpered as I tasted his sweet scent in concentrate. Just that taste sent me over the edge, and I cried out as I came around his fingers.

Jasper groaned, slowing his hand and his kiss, and I worked at the buttons of his shirt. I undid it and slid it back quickly, running my hands over his taut, defined muscles – he was beautiful.

"Bella, I want…" Jasper paused.

"Go on," I breathed.

He kissed me hard and then lent his forehead against mine, "I want to be inside of you, right now."

I moaned, "Please, Jasper. Let me feel you."


I pulled Bella up, and pressed her against the elevator panel – she was so beautiful and she was mine. It didn't matter where we were – we just needed to be together.

I unzipped her dress and as it pooled around her feet, I groaned – she had the body of a Goddess.

"You hide yourself beneath your jeans and band t-shirts," I murmured, "But you have a body that could rival Aphrodite's."

Bella blushed, and the pink tint ran down her neck and to her breasts, which were heaving. I growled, undoing her bra and letting it drop to the ground. Bella's breasts were perfect – they were naturally rounded and perky, and I moaned as I watched her pink nipples harden against my cool body.

I gently rolled them between my fingers as I licked her collarbone, "You're so beautiful."

My erection was straining against my pants, and I growled as Bella's hip came into contact with my sensitive tip. I ground against her as she moaned under my attentions. Suddenly, she jumped up and wrapped her arms and legs around me, pressing herself to me forcefully, and I knew the time for foreplay was over.

Her hand snaked down to my zip as we watched each other through half-lidded eyes. A moment later, I felt and heard my pants drop to the floor. I smirked as Bella's eyes widened.

"Commando?" She asked, and I chuckled as I stroked her soft back along her spine.

"Always, Darlin'."

Bella groaned, and her lust, desire and love overwhelmed me – her arousal strengthened in the air, and I growled as I slipped a finger inside her heat to see if she was ready for me. She was so ready – so, so, God-damn ready.

My tip automatically sought out the little piece of heaven between her velvet thighs, and I buried my face in the crook of her neck as I gently began to press into her.

"Yes," Bella sighed, her hands gripping my shoulders tightly.

I was just about to press into her, when a sudden thought struck me. I groaned internally at my poor timing, but I had to ask.

"Bella," I panted, "Are you a virgin?"

She groaned in annoyance, but answered as she looked deep into my eyes, "Yes."

I groaned – God, I wanted her so much, and knowing I would be her first and she would be so tight for me wasn't helping matters, but it needed to be special; I couldn't take that from her.

"Jasper, I know what you're thinking." Bella smiled softly, despite our position and the situation, "It'll be special – please, Jasper. I just want you – right here, right now. It's just you and me in our own little bubble – it can't get much more special and personal. Please."

I couldn't take her begging, and I realised she was right anyway – what we had here was our own private piece of space where it was just me and her, loving each other.

"I love you," I breathed, kissing her sweet mouth softly.

Bella beamed, "I love you, too, Cowboy."

With one last kiss, I pushed.

"Fuck," I hissed – she was so tight.

Her velvet walls were clutching at my shaft so deliciously – I had to force myself to think of the time I drank disgusting moose blood just so I didn't come right then and there. I went as slowly and as gently as I could, but Bella soon grew impatient.

"Please, Jasper. Hard! Do it hard! It won't hurt that much and there won't be blood – I promise. Please…just…hard!" Bella cried, and with a hiss, I buried myself in her fully.

I saw stars.

I couldn't get over the heat that enveloped me, or the tightness of her sex clutching at me – she felt amazing.

As I calmed myself a little, I realised that Bella had been right – there wasn't any blood, and she didn't feel any pain. My girl had messed around before.

I chuckled breathily, "You're a naughty girl, Darlin'."

Bella smirked, catching on to my train of thought, "I am a hormonal teenager – I need release like anyone else." I hissed in pleasure as she wiggled slightly, and Bella groaned, "Now, Cowboy. Now."

I pulled out with a moan, relishing the feel of her walls clutching at me, "Bella…"

I slammed back into her, causing her to cry out – my thrusts were hard and merciless by human standards, and I held back the animal inside me that wanted to break free and fuck Bella into oblivion, claiming her as mine forever.

Bella clung to me, moving in perfect harmony with my body. I stared into her dark eyes as I turned her hips slightly, reaching a different point inside her altogether. Bella cried out in pleasure as I hit the spot again and again, and I growled as my sensitive tip rubbed against the velvet tissue each time.

Bella raked her nails across my scalp, making a rolling purr burst forth from me and causing me to move even faster. I was careful not to hurt her, but her pleasure was far outweighing any discomfort. As I pressed myself against her further, I began to brush her sensitive bundle of nerves – I was so close, and I knew Bella needed one last push.

I felt a tightening below my navel and I knew I was about to explode – I threw my hips forward one last time, hitting her little pulsing button as well as that secret spot within her. Bella yelled out, as I came with a roar – she shook and shuddered as her walls clenched and spasms overtook her. She pulled my orgasm from me deliciously.

Bella's euphoria was my euphoria, as I absorbed every molecule of her pleasure – I memorised it, treasured it, adored it… I let it engulf us, creating out own perfect, little, loving bubble.

Bella sighed as she came down from her high, "That was so…mmm…so, so…just so!"

I chuckled against her neck, "You have a mighty-fine way with words, Darlin'."

Suddenly, the nasally-voiced woman spoke over the emergency intercom, "Hello, Sir?"

I calmed myself a little and then answered as evenly as I could, "Yes? We're still here."

"That's him," I heard a voice say, and I recognised it as Emmett's.

The woman spoke again, "Sir, we have your…brother, here to meet you. You'll be out within ten minutes."

The intercom switched off, and Bella squeaked, "Quick! Let me down!"

We dressed swiftly, but no matter how tidy we looked, nothing would erase our scents from each other or the smell of sex in the air.

Bella grasped my hand tightly in hers, "You don't regret it, do you?"

I shook my head and softly kissed her on the lips, "Never. I just wish they found out in a better way."

Bella nodded, and then suddenly the lights flickered on and the elevator started moving. Bella clung to my side and I placed a reassuring arm around her waist.

Fortunately, the elevator moved downwards – we were going back to Reception and for that I was grateful; we didn't have to face the entire family smelling like fresh sex.

The elevator came to a halt, and I could hear one heartbeat outside the doors, but two voices. The doors slid open slowly, and a greasy-looking mechanic in overalls stood next to Emmett who was wearing a tux. The mechanic nodded, clearly happy with the job he did – he moved away some tools and left.

Emmett, however, stood there dumb-struck.

His nostrils flared and his eyes immediately turned jet-black – he looked between us, and his eyes focused on the arm I placed around Bella. I tightened my hold as we stepped out of the elevator waited for what Emmett would say.

Mischief spiked through his shock, and he grinned, "Well."

Bella blushed next to me as Emmett chuckled suggestively. The elevator doors closed and it rattled up the shaft, but I didn't take my eyes off Emmett. But before either of us could say another thing, he turned away swiftly and walked towards the stairwell.

He turned to look back at us, giving us one last wink, and then began whistling as he jogged up the stairs back towards the party.

"Was he…?" Bella asked, a small smile playing on her lips despite the situation. "Did he just start whistling Aerosmith?"

I carefully listened to Emmett's footfalls on the stairs and then picked out his whistling – it was the tune to 'Love in an Elevator.'

I laughed and nodded as we began to walk out of the hospital so we could go home and get out of our sex-smelling clothes.

I heard Bella quietly singing, "Love in an elevator, livin' it up when I'm goin' down. Love in an elevator, lovin' it up 'til I hit the ground…"

Author's note:

So, this is my first one-shot for this new series, and yes I really will be writing 101 of them! :D I've already planned out the plots for the next 25 (; Some will be all-human, and some won't :D Let me know what you think!

Next one-shot summary: They meet beneath the low lighting, where adrenaline pulses and excitement reigns. "You can call me 'Major'." "And you can call me 'Cowgirl'." They're playing out their favourite fantasy. AH.