Author's note: I apologise! I've changed the one-shot! The teacher/student one WILL come up eventually, but this one sort of took over my brain and I couldn't move on with any of my other one-shots without finishing and publishing this first. Sorry, again!


Jasper Whitlock's band has been invited to Band Camp – a get-together for the best bands on the scene –but so has Isabella Swan's band. Jasper still hasn't gotten over a song he thinks was written about him, by Bella, and he's determined not to acknowledge her. But how long can he keep it up before he realises he's the one in the wrong, and that Bella's the most tempting woman he's ever met? It's no ordinary Band Camp. AH.

Jasper Whitlock

I looked down at the shiny page of the glossy, good-quality magazine in my lap with disgust – Isabella Swan.

"Why do they put this shit in here?" I growled down at the photo of her with her innocent eyes all big and–

"Dude, isn't that your favourite 'zine?" Matt asked me, laughing from somewhere near the end of the trailer.

"Not anymore," I said coldly, throwing it out of my bunk and onto the trailer carpet – it stayed open on the page of her interview, but before I reach down and flick the page over…Quinn had picked it up.

His grey eyes sparkled with amusement as he sat his skinny ass down in a chair at the table opposite to the bunk I was in – he flipped through the pages of Juke Boxx nonchalantly, and pretended to be surprised when her picture came up.

"Hey, Matt!" He cried, grinning at me, "Did you know Swan is in here?"

I heard Matt laugh, before he walked down the trailer and sat down on the other side of the table with his black Epiphone Les Paul in his hands – he tuned it absentmindedly as Quinn read parts of the interview out-loud.

"So, tell us, Bella – why did you become a singer-slash-songwriter?" Quinn said in a deeper voice, passing the magazine over to Matt.

Matt grinned, putting on a higher voice, "Well…it all started with my first boyfriend…"

"Fuckin' typical," I snorted, lying back into my pillow.

"I was pretty much catatonic after he left me for a girl from Alaska," Matt continued. "That's where my first song, 'Alaskan whore,' came from."

Quinn laughed, but carried on, "So, you want to tell us who this girl is?"

"No," Matt said, frowning slightly as he read her line.

Quinn frowned too, dropping the fake voice, "What? That's it?"

Matt nodded, throwing the magazine back on the table, "Yup."

I raised an eyebrow at them, "Well, well, well – looks like the girl has some integrity."

"Shut up, Jasper," Quinn groaned. "Why do you hate her so much? You know, there are less than a handful of girls who go into this not to get their own back on an ex – if she weren't one of them, she would have handed that name over without so much as batting an eyelash."

"I don't give a shit," I muttered, glowering at the ceiling of my bunk.

I saw Matt roll his eyes out of the corner of my eye, "You're ridiculous."

"You are, y'know," Quinn agreed, picking up the magazine again. "You've never met Swan, and yet you still hate her."

"Whatever," I mumbled.

Matt chuckled, "I know why he hates her."

Quinn looked up in astonishment, "Really? Dude! Why didn't you tell me before?"

"It was just before you joined two years ago – she wrote a song called 'iF U C Jasper,'" Matt laughed.

"I love that song, man!" Quinn beamed, "She wrote that?"

Matt nodded, "Sold it to Joe Parks – the guy from Yellow Toy Car? Joe told us after a gig – he said she didn't want it to come back to her. She just wanted it out there."

Quinn turned to look at me, "She wrote it about you?"

"This," Matt interrupted as I opened my mouth to answer Quinn, "is where our opinions differ. Jay thinks she did, because everything's got to be about him, and I think she didn't – I heard she knew a Jasper a long time ago, and that it's about him. The Grinch over there thinks she doesn't like him and that she's just added meaningless lyrics around that fact."

Then he went right back to tuning his guitar.

Quinn sat there stunned, and then he turned to look at me, "Dude, if you're wrong…that's the shittiest reason for hating someone I've ever heard. Why can't you just ask her?"

I didn't answer and just looked away – Quinn shrugged, "Fine. It's up to you if you want to hate someone for no reason. I think she's hot though…oh, and look, she likes us!"

That caught my attention, and Matt's – he grabbed the magazine and grinned.

"What bands are the best floating around right now, then?" Matt put on a deep voice, and then went higher, "Well, I think Lotus are shocking the shit out of everyone right now – you gotta love 'Smoke' by them. Anyone else? Well, they probably just pale in comparison…"

Quinn grinned at me, "Oh, dude – you have made a big mistake. Why would a girl hate you and then pimp you at the same time?"

I shrugged, not letting my shock show for a second, "I don't care."

"You should," Matt murmured, his nose buried in the magazine, "her band's coming to Band Camp."

Isabella Swan

"Motherfucking piece of shit!" I screeched, kicking the tyre of our yellow VW campervan.

Jesse, David and Richie all grinned at me from inside, and I flipped them off before going for a smoke.

They were all "too clean" to change the fucking tyre – and I was their slave – so that meant I had to do it because I had already fallen over in some mud this morning after dodging up climbing into the campervan. My face was currently streaked with black grease from my exertions, and my hair was pinned up and back in a loose bun – I was glad that there were no photographers around, or I would have been pasted all over music magazines around the country.

I smirked to myself – I could just see it…

'Lovely Isabella Swan Goes Wild' – that's how the titles would read, and then there would be a picture of me now and then an insert of a caveman for comparison.

I sighed as the nicotine did its job of cooling my anger at not being able to do the tyre on my own – I supposed I was just stressed about going to Band Camp.

It was an honour to be invited as our band was still pretty new – we had kicked up a storm in the UK after trying in the US, and then when we caught on back home…and then we returned. The only thing was…well, being in England for so long we had all picked up the dialect – so as soon as we had our first good interview back in the US, we were labelled as 'precious'.

"Of all the fucking things," I muttered – we were not precious, and it seemed only the true hardcore fans, the musicians we hung with, and the British knew that.

I dropped my cigarette, stubbed it out with the toe of my All-Star, and cricked my neck – I turned around and glared at the wheel.

"Go, Bella!" Jesse whooped, rousing a cheer from the other two best men in my life.

I stalked up to the jack and cranked it a couple more times – I was surprised when it almost lifted the campervan with ease. Because my boys didn't want to stand on the side of the road – so they had to make things harder and stay warm inside.

"Bastards," I muttered, picking up the dusty wrench I had dropped earlier.

The wheel was changed in under ten minutes, and I was soon pulling back onto the road. David surprised me when he gingerly kissed my cheek, between grease marks.

"Thanks, Bella," he whispered – his voice didn't make me shiver like it used to, but it still gave me a warm feeling.

I smiled back, "It's okay. It's your turn next time."

"Sure is," he winked and then sat back with Jesse and Richie who were bickering madly over something.

I had been doing all the menial jobs this week for one reason – I had done that fucking interview with Juke Boxx. I wished I hadn't – I only did it because I liked Tom, the guy interviewing me, and because the magazine was so popular. We had a new record to sell, and I wanted this one to be 'the One' – we needed more fans for that.

It had been a surprise for the boys, but they were less than pleased – they made me agree never to do an interview by myself ever again, and I saw that they were hurt by it. I had agreed and promised to be their slave for the week – like I wasn't anyway.

I loved them all too much to not do things for them.

Jesse and Richie brought me back into the moment.

"No! I want it on!" Jesse growled.

"Fuck sake!" I groaned, "What the Hell are you two arguing about?"

Jesse came up front and waved an iPod in my face, "Rich won't let me listen to Lotus."

I grinned, "Richie, let him listen to it."

Richie growled, "Bella, I don't know why you love them so much – they hate you. Do you remember they wrote that song? 'Girl of the Day' – I can't remember the lyrics, but it was definitely about you."

"I remember that," David interrupted, and he sounded less-than-pleased. "Matt assured me it wasn't about Bella, but I could see he was lying."

"Matt Taylor?" I asked, almost swerving off the road, "When the fuck did you speak to him, and – more importantly – where the Hell was I?"

David looked disgruntled when I risked a quick glance backwards, "I went to their Atlanta gig ages ago… I got backstage and talked to him – he lied right to my face!"

I shook my head, "It doesn't matter."

It hurt a little, knowing that they wrote a 'fuck you' song about me but then there were some bands like that – except Lotus made the most awesome music ever, and I had to love them for it.

"It does, Bella," Richie muttered. "You know, something could always 'happen' to them at Band Camp…"

I heard David agree under his breath, and I sighed, "Come on – play nice. We're almost there."

"Whatever," Richie grumbled. "But if they say a word to you that I don't like then they're gonna get it…and you won't be able to stop us."

I rolled my eyes and nodded, "Fine. But they won't – everything will be cool."

Band Camp moved around a lot, going from state to state depending on who was hosting it, and this year it was on the outskirts of Las Vegas at a huge private ranch that some rich guy had built and then sold to Kenny. Kenny Mann was this year's host – he had been big back in the 70s and if anyone deserved respect, it was him. Luckily, he was one of my best friends, so I wasn't too nervous about Camp.

I smiled when I saw the sign for his ranch, but it dropped when I remembered how I looked.

"Oh, shit," I muttered, slowing down a little as we reached the private road that led to the ranch.

Jesse turned to me, "What?"

I pointed to my face, "What the fuck, Jay? Look at me!"

Jesse waved me off with a roll of his blue eyes and a flick of his reasonably long, dark hair, "You can get away with anything, Bella – just say you're going for the 'wild' look."

I growled at him and then decided I didn't care – I was more like myself than ever. I was always the girl to go make mud pies with boys, rather than primp and preen all day – if they couldn't handle it then they only knew the Bella that appeared in the glossy magazines.

Suddenly, past the trees that lined the road, a white house loomed – Kenny's ranch was truly a sight to behold. Huge and beautiful – just the way any girl liked them.

I snickered at my own joke as I parked out front – I could see a lot of bands had already arrived and parked around the back, but I wanted to run in and see Kenny as soon as possible.

As soon as I turned off the engine, my door was being opened.

I turned around to see the long, grey, curly hair of Kenny, and his amused blue eyes twinkling up at me – I jumped into his arms and cried out happily.


He laughed deeply, hugging me back as we fell to the gravel from my assault, "Hey, Bells!"

I smiled into his shoulder – he was the only one who got away with calling me that. When I had reached twenty, I had begun to hate the nick-name…but Kenny was a special case.

His big hands rubbed my back happily as he laughed beneath me, "You know, I don't need to get up at any time here… It's not like I'm hosting a big gathering with lots of musicians that will break anything within sight in under five seconds…"

I lifted my head and pouted slightly, "Fine."

I gave him a quick peck on the lips and pulled him up with me…to find everyone had gathered and were currently staring at me.

I smiled broadly, covertly elbowing Kenny in the stomach to get them to stop staring.

He got the message and smiled at the thirty-five-or-so men, "Guys, I'm sure you all know Bella here."

There were a few smirks, murmurs and low whistles – I just smiled serenely at them, not giving a damn how I looked right then…until Jasper motherfucking Whitlock showed up.

My tongue practically rolled out of my mouth and touched the grey gravel beneath my feet when I saw him – he was…gorgeous. His loose blonde curls were slightly swaying in the cool breeze, and his dark blue eyes were trained on me – I very nearly melted when I saw him wearing reasonably tight and torn blue jeans with biker boots and a tight t-shirt that showed off the perfect muscles beneath it.

Jesse brought me out of my staring by nudging me in the back, and I turned around with a hissed, "What was that for, fucker?"

He grinned as his lips brushed my ear, "I saw that…and everyone else nearly did, too. I'll keep your secret…"

I glared at him, and then realised that there was silence around us – I turned to find Kenny smirking at me.

I smiled back, "What?"

"So, what's with the wild-woman look?" He asked, slipping his arm around my waist.

I pretended to preen my crappy bun, "Oh, you like it?" I dropped my act and stuck a thumb towards my boys, "They couldn't get their asses out of our van for five minutes to change a tyre." I put a hand to my forehead like a damsel, "They left poor, little, old me to do it."

David laughed behind me, "Poor? Little? You kicked the shit out of that tyre!"

Kenny raised an eyebrow at me and I shrugged, "Fine, so I kicked it and needed a smoke before I could do it properly…but I still did it – that is why I am a little grease monkey today."

The guys from the bands around me all smiled, seemingly happy with how I was one of them – only Jasper looked any different. But his band mates were smiling at me!

I tried not to smile back too hard in case I started gushing about how awesome they were – it would not be cool.

Kenny broke the moment and spoke to everyone, "Well, this is the last band – Kingsley Close. I'm sure most of you know them…and the fact they're newbies…"

I didn't miss his smirk, or everyone else's, and we four took a huge step back as we were grinned at evilly.

"Oh, Kenny – you son of a bitch," I murmured, and he just laughed as the crowd passed him and came for us.

We ran like our asses were on fire.

Jasper Whitlock

I stood back and watched Kingsley Close get chased into the house – the playful hazing could get pretty rough sometimes, but that wasn't why I didn't join in. I didn't want her here.

Kenny Mann stood back, smiling, and the turned around to see me – he looked a little shocked, "Hey, man – aren't you going to join in?"

I shook my head and pulled out an already-rolled cigarette from my jeans pocket, "No."

His eyes narrowed, "Jasper, I've known you for ages – you love this part of Camp."

Truth be told, I was feeling pretty betrayed – Kenny was my friend…

Jesus, I sounded like a two-year-old.

I shrugged and lit up as Kenny watched me and leant back on Kingsley Close's campervan.

He growled, "Is this 'cause of Bella?"

I felt my nostrils flare in annoyance at the name, and I cursed the trait I couldn't get rid of – Kenny growled at me again and then came forwards.

"You know, you've really got to let go of this grudge you've got against her."

I scowled at him, "Kenny, she wrote a fucking song about me!"

He took a step back in surprise, "She did? That doesn't sound like Bella."

I snorted, "Maybe you just don't know her as well as you think."

"I know her better than I do you," he shot back, making me stare at him incredulously. "You heard me. I've known her longer than I've known you."

It seemed my friend wasn't actually mine in the first place, but hers.

"Anyway," Kenny said, waving off his anger as he was known to do. "She hasn't written a song about you – I would have known it. So get your head out of your ass."

"'iF U C Jasper,'" I muttered.


I looked up at Kenny, plumes of smoke from my cigarette hanging between us, "That's the song."

Kenny just stared at me…before shaking his head sadly – when Kenny didn't show any anger it meant he was beyond fuming, and I suddenly felt sick.

He didn't look at me as he climbed into the yellow campervan and turned the key, "You don't know shit, Jasper."

With that, he drove away to park the van around the back.

I stared after him, feeling like a total shit – if Kenny was unhappy, you knew you'd done something really wrong.

I sighed – was I really hating a girl that had done nothing to me?

Before I could answer my own question, Matt and Quinn ran out of the house towards me.

"Jasper!" Quinn hissed, "You're missing some good shit!"

"Yeah, Bella just totally kicked Rob's ass!" Matt chipped in, grinning insanely.

Quinn did the action of throwing someone over his shoulder and I stared at him, "I refuse to believe a…like…one-hundred pound girl threw Big Rob over her shoulder."

Quinn chuckled darkly and said in a deep, foreboding voice, "We have all underestimated the Swanster…"

"It was so cool!" Matt crowed, "He gave her this huge slap on the ass, and she fucking threw him!"

Quinn nodded, calming down a bit, "Yeah, that was bad form though – you know…touching her up."

Matt nodded back, "True, true. Can't blame him too much though – did you see her ass in those jeans?" Matt made a hungry noise, "Oh, Momma…"

I stopped listening and strode into the big house – Matt and Quinn followed me as we made our way into the kitchen. I really needed a beer…

"Hey," a soft, husky voice said from the other side of the kitchen – I turned to see Isabella fucking Swan sitting on the breakfast bar, swinging her legs and drinking straight from a bottle of Jack.

Matt and Quinn said an enthusiastic hello and left me to my beer hunting while they slobbered all over her. I muttered to myself darkly as I pulled a cold bottle from the fridge and popped the cap on the wooden work table.

I turned and leant against the fridge, just watching them…

"So, I heard you were doing a tour recently," Quinn said nonchalantly to Isabella, but you could see he was aching to talk with her.

She batted away his words, "More like bar scrounging – but it was fun."

She smiled a secret smile that made my stomach ache pleasantly – fucking Hell

Suddenly her voice changed, "Then we sold our good van to get the VW, because Jay dared me."

Her accent…it was…British? It was so hot…

I shook my head, clearing my thoughts as Matt and Quinn laughed with her – then the question I was thinking of was asked…

Matt pointed to his mouth, "What was that – the accent?"

Isabella rolled her eyes, "We couldn't make it here right away – after a few years, we went to the UK… Best years of my life – you can get away with so much shit there, and they have the coolest words for things… And the accents…"

She pretended to shiver with pleasure, and the burning in my stomach spread up my spine as I saw her breasts sway with the movement.

My eyes raked her body, slowly roving over every inch of her hourglass figure with something akin to…hunger…

I snapped out of it – I could not hunger for Isabella Swan. She was everything I couldn't stand about the industry…

"Where did you learn to throw a guy over your shoulder?" Quinn asked, and Isabella laughed as she took a large gulp of Jack – well, she could certainly hold her liquor…and it was only four in the afternoon…

"My dad," she replied huskily. "He was the Chief of Police up in Forks, Washington. He took me to self-defence classes after I was almost attacked one night." Her pretty, grease-smeared face took on a look of fury, "Rob fucking deserved it – no one should be touched like that without their permission."

Big Rob was known as a fan of the ladies – I couldn't blame the guy for taking a shine to Isabella when she hopped off the breakfast bar and gave me a good view of her perky ass…

"Excuse me, gentlemen – I expect Richie's got into some kind of trouble by now," she smirked, and then walked out of the kitchen with the bottle of Jack in her hand – but not before shooting me a little smile.

I didn't return it.

"What the Hell crawled up your ass and died, man?" Matt asked me, and I shot him a glare.

Quinn shook his head at me, "Did you see the smile she just gave you? I know a good thing when I see one…"

I shrugged, "Too fake, too full of herself… She actually isn't that pretty – did you see all that grease on her face? She really doesn't tempt me."


A very badly timed lie, too…

Isabella stood in the doorway, clutching the bottle of Jack in her hand and staring at the floor with a look on her face as if I'd just slapped her.

Her band mate, Richie, bumped into her from behind and looked up in surprise – he had a red cheek and was clutching it with his hand.

"B, you okay? Have you got the ice-pack?" He asked.

Isabella shook her head silently, not looking up – Richie looked into the room and saw me, Matt and Quinn. He smiled politely at us a little at first…and then stopped when he got a taste of the atmosphere.

He saw our looks at Isabella, and he wrapped his arm around her stomach protectively from behind. He put his lips to her ear and whispered something – Isabella nodded, and when he looked back up at us…his eyes were burning with hate.

"Bella, why don't you go see David? He's been wailing on that Rob guy," Richie murmured, and Isabella turned away without a fight and handed him the bottle of Jack on the way out.

Richie stood there for a minute, his fists clenching and unclenching, before he strode forwards and sat the bottle on the counter loudly. His breathing was strained and rough, and I could see him restraining his anger.

When he spoke, it was very quietly, "I'm going to pretend that I didn't just walk in here to see my best girl looking totally shattered – okay?"

Matt and Quinn hurried to tell him that they hadn't done anything, but Richie stopped them by raising his hand and halting their words.

"I know it wasn't you two – I can see by His face that it was him," he growled – he didn't look at me, but I could almost feel the hate pouring off of him. "I don't give a shit for excuses – ever since you wrote that song about Bella, you've been on my hit list."

His eyes finally met mine, and I almost stumbled over the anger I saw there – he was burning, pulsing with fury.

I knew what song he meant though – I had written 'Girl of the Day' a while ago, when I was feeling sore and down. I knew he was right, and he knew it too – I had written that about Isabella.

I murmured, "It's not like she didn't write one about me first."

His fists clenched wildly, his knuckles turning white, "Fuck you, man. Bella isn't that kind of girl. The only song she wrote like that was 'Alaskan Whore' and she stopped playing it when she realised how much it was hurting Edward and Tanya A.K.A the now-married Alaskan Whore couple. She's good."

"What about 'iF U C Jasper'?" I asked venomously, unable to help myself.

Richie's eyes flashed, "She wrote that fucking song for me, and it's not about you, you egotistical asshole. I told her about a guy that used to pick on me, and she wrote that song to cheer me the fuck up."

With that, he stormed out.

"Oh, you have seriously fucked up," Quinn muttered, and no one said a word because we all knew it was true.

Isabella Swan

I sat on the sink ledge in the bathroom, wiping off the grease on my face.

I didn't know why it hurt so much – hearing him say those things though…just pained me. I'd always liked Jasper, even when I heard that he hated my guts. It wasn't just about the looks or the fame, but the lyrics in his songs and the way he played his guitar – it was all so beautiful.

"I'm not beautiful," I muttered to myself sarcastically, recalling the insults that Jasper had slung at me.

I snorted, throwing off the hurt that Jasper had created – I had been average all my life, and I wasn't going to let one man tell me that fact and let myself get all upset over it.

I finished wiping my face, brushed out my long curls, changed out of my tank and into a fitted button-down, and fixed my slightly puffy eyes.

There was a sudden knock on the door, "Bella – you in there?"


"The showcase is starting," David said, and I could hear Jesse and Richie with him outside.

I stuffed everything back in my duffel bag and slung it over my shoulder as I unlocked the door – I smiled at them cheerily, trying to ignore their saddened looks. When I was sad, they were sad – so I just had to stop being sad.

We traipsed outside and towards the tent with our name on it – although the house was huge, it couldn't hold everyone, so Kenny had set up tens of tents outside on the softest stretch of grass.

I threw my bag inside and turned to look at my boys, "What?"

Richie stepped forwards, "B, Jaspe-"

I cut him off swiftly, "I'm fine. I'm made of much tougher stuff than to let some…prick judge me like that and let it get to me. Now, can we please enjoy the showcase and decide what song we should play?"

They all nodded, smiling softly at my words – after a minute or two of discussing song choices, we made up our minds and I couldn't stop grinning.

As we walked across the ranch and down a little ways to a stage that Kenny had had set up, I thought about how I'd had to dissuade the boys from making me sing 'iF U C Jasper' – that would have just created war.

I was knocked from my thoughts by a shadow suddenly looming over me – I looked up to see Rob from Purple Tiger standing there, looking ashamed.

"Yes?" I said politely.

He scuffed his boot on the floor as he mumbled, "I want to apologise about earlier. So…uh…I'm sorry."

I nodded and waved him off with a little smile, "Thank you. Now go get your boys – I think you're up first."

He grinned and strode off, looking much happier. My boys grumbled around me, but I ignored them and sat down on the back row of benches that had been set up before the stage. The benches filled up really quickly, and everyone was talking happily and excitedly – I smiled at David as the atmosphere washed over me.

"It's good like this, isn't it?" He whispered into my ear, and I nodded back emphatically.

His eyes drifted down to my button-down and he plucked at the two top buttons until they popped open – I just raised an eyebrow at him. I was too familiar with David to ever be angry with him.

He smiled wickedly, and whispered, "We're gonna show him what you've got – he's gonna feel like such an asshole."

I smiled and turned towards the stage as the first band came on – everyone cheered, and some booed playfully. Purple Tiger were brilliant, and they played really well considering most of them were really picky about their instruments and they only had the ones Kenny supplied to play on.

The night went on – bands came and went, and drinks were passed around. I got happier and happier off a bottle of Jack – it was probably the one I had discarded earlier, but I really didn't care.

Eventually, it came to Lotus's turn.

My guys said and did nothing while everyone else cheered and booed again – I shot them a glare and they clapped half-heartedly. We had agreed to get our own back on Jasper by showing how good we really were, and not to pull anything else – my boys wanted to knock him down a peg or two, and this was the only way I'd let them do it.

Jasper swaggered up to the mic, and I was sure that if there were any other girls on this particular Camp then we'd have all squealed in unison – his grin was panty-dropping, and I had to literally close my mouth.

Rob had been commandeered to play the drums for them and as soon as the song started up, I tried not to grin too widely or make any loud noises – it was 'Smoke'!

I beamed at Jesse and he returned it despite his current dislike for Jasper – we loved this song.

"I take myself down in my own reckoning – it's beckoning me on," Jasper began singing. "Still there's something wrong with me. I don't know – could it be all the smoke?"

I could have sworn he looked at me then – I think he even fucking smiled.

Damn. He had a nice smile.

"Oh, woe… Oh, woe… Oh, woe is me… I drown in my own ecstasy… Oh, woe… Oh, woe… Away, away, away with me… I'm unimportant – c'est la vie… Away, away…"

Matt and Quinn looked seriously into it, and Rob was enjoying himself too…if his huge smile was anything to go by.

"I scream… I'm a demon of lust…" Jasper growled.

My. Panties. Have. Officially. Melted.

I sat twitching for the entire song – Jesse was singing along under his breath and everyone was cheering, while I was trying to get some friction between my legs.

"Damn…sexy…voice…" I muttered to myself.

"We're up, B!" Richie grinned, rolling backwards off of the bench as Lotus came off the stage to huge cheers.

David made sure my black lace bra was visible a least a little (more like a lot) more and nodded appreciatively at my jeans.

"Good, good…" He murmured, and I rolled my eyes – we had something a little while ago, but it wasn't for me.

It didn't stop him liking me though – he often took what he could, and the offering right then was the view of my ass in a pair of my tightest jeans.

Jesse gave me a kiss on the cheek before we walked up, "Everyone's going to go nuts over you, and then he'll see how awesome you are."

I nodded, and we strutted up to the stage looking like we owned the place. I was suddenly glad I had dark eye make-up on – I was going to need to for this song…

Come on, Bella – sexy showwomanship! You can bloody well do it…

I smiled wickedly as we stepped onto the stage – my natural sultry streak came out, as it always did, and I watched through my lashes as every eye turned on me…

Jasper Whitlock

"Oh, holy shit…" Quinn breathed, his hand stilling over the nachos that Matt had been passed on the way to our front row seats.

I looked up from pouring myself out a shot of whiskey and my gaze was arrested by the very sexy figure of Isabella Swan. I absently moved my hands as I felt wetness pouring onto my leg from spilling the whiskey, but I didn't dare tear my eyes away from her – I wasn't actually sure I could

Her devilish smile had me hard in an instant, and as my eyes raked over her beautiful, curvy body I was sure I had died and gone to Heaven. Her throat was exposed, and her sternum – the black lace of her bra peeked out over her tightly-fitted button-down, and I could see a sexy sliver of creamy skin of the flat of her belly. She still wore those tight jeans, and a pair of tatty, old Converse – I had never seen a sexier sight, or a more attractive woman…

The entire audience was still and staring at her.

The boys behind her grinned, but I wasn't paying attention to them – Isabella Swan was the only thing I could see.

The song started, and as the beat came in she began to sway mesmerizingly – every inch of my body was on fire.

"'Make Me Wanna Die,'" someone muttered behind me, sounding awed.

I knew that song – I had heard it before. It was by Kingsley Close, but I had always turned it off when it came on the radio or whatever – now it was being played right in front of me, and I was having a hard time not getting up and running away with her…

Her voice was husky…and so damn sexy…

"Take me – I'm alive. Never was a girl with a wicked mind, but everything looks better when sun goes down…" She smirked, her hips twisting and turning before me – I felt everything around us melting away… "I had everything – opportunities for eternity – and I could belong to the night. Your eyes, your eyes… I can see it in your eyes… Your eyes…

"You make me wanna die – I'll never be good enough! You make me wanna die… And everything you love will burn up in the light! Every time I look inside your eyes… Make me wanna die…

"Taste me, drink my soul – show me all the things that I shouldn't know, when there's a new moon on the rise…" Isabella sang huskily, and I groaned audibly.


"I had everything – opportunities for eternity – and I could belong to the night. Your eyes, your eyes… I can see it in your eyes… Your eyes… Everything in your eyes… Your eyes… You make me wanna die! I'll never be good enough! You make me wanna die! And everything you love will burn up in the light! Every time I look inside your eyes, you make me wanna die!"

I had to adjust my jeans as she began sliding her hands up and down the mic stand so sensually, so softly

"Fuck, fuck, fuck…"

"I would die for you, my love… My love… I would lie for you, my love… My love… I would steal for you, my love… My love… I would die for you, my love… My love… We'll burn up in the light! Every time I look inside your eyes, I'm burning in the light! Every time I look inside your eyes, I'm burning in the light! You make me wanna die…"

Her long, silky, mahogany ringlets were slightly covering her face from her sexy movements as she finished and the song trailed off – when she flicked her hair back and I saw her grin…I almost busted a nut.

The crowd was hushed and then they suddenly erupted into cheers – whistles and catcalls went out, and someone started a slow clap that picked up so much speed that it had everyone's hands burning…

Isabella scanned us all, smiling a sexy smile, until she met my stunned gaze – she winked. She fucking winked

It took me back to the very first time I saw her, in a shitty little bar in Seattle – I remembered thinking that she was too good for a place like that, and then a few years later she just took off, like a shooting star.

Then I realised…I was such a fucking idiot.

Isabella Swan

I was hugged, slapped on the back, and given celebratory drinks by every musician there. Kenny had set up a huge bonfire, and we all sat around it, drinking and telling shitty stories. There were laughs and giggles, and some guys began making out with others from different bands – it wasn't too awkward, but there was no one that caught my eye…except Jasper and he was off of the menu.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see how often he looked at me now – it wasn't with disdain either.

It made me smile.

Of course, David tried to get it on with me when he was past caring what I thought on the matter because he'd had too many beers. I just rolled him over to our tent and zipped him up in it – sure enough, two seconds later I heard him start snoring.

Jesse and Richie decided to go play poker with some of the guys from Purple Tiger, and almost everyone else was entirely wasted, or had hooked up with each other.

The bonfire was deserted now, but still burning strong – I went and sat right by it and hummed 'Smoke' as I fiddled with a long stick, burning it randomly.

A voice knocked me from my reverie, "I sang that for you, you know… As an apology…"

I would know that sexy voice anywhere, and I looked up into the navy eyes of Jasper Whitlock.

I gave him a little smile, "Why?"

"I know you like it," he murmured, sitting down next to me and picking up his own stick to burn. "I read it in the interview you did…"

I laughed, "The one that made me a slave."

He gave me a confused look, so I explained my deal with my boys – I didn't know why I did, or why I wanted to…but I just…did.

Jasper laughed, and the sound shot straight to my core, "Yeah, I know how it is."

It was his turn to explain.

"I get a lot of offers to do ads and promotional shit – the ladies love me," he said playfully. "But I'm not into that – so I promised the guys that if I ever did it, they could really wail on me."

"At least you wouldn't have to change tyres by yourself," I grinned, and a little warm feeling appeared in my stomach when he grinned back.

"I'd give up at some point," Jasper chuckled.

I nodded, and then the ensuing silence became…tense – there was some kind of elephant, but Jasper was the one who was going to have to point it out.

"I'm sorry," he murmured, and I turned to him, shock written all over my face at the fact that he just came out with it. "Really. I… I didn't mean the things…the things I said…in the kitchen…"

I raised an eyebrow, "You didn't?"

Jasper shook his head, "No… I never realised it but…my dislike for you wasn't based on you…"

I smirked at him and teased, "This is an apology?"

He laughed almost breathlessly, "Yes. Look… Ages ago…you wrote a song and I thought it was about me."

I thought back, not knowing which song he could mean – the only song I could think of was…

"Are you from Alaska?" I asked, and he laughed out-loud.

"No… I meant the one you gave to…Joe Parks…"


"That's fair enough – it has your name in it," I smiled lightly. "But just so you know, it's not about you…"

Jasper nodded, his blonde hair bouncing and glinting gold in the firelight, "I know – Richie told me."

I gave him a sceptical look, "And did he threaten you, too?"

He nodded, with a wry smile, "Is there any other way of telling a stubborn asshole something?"

"Nope," I said, popping the 'p'.

The next silence wasn't uncomfortable – it was just easy.

Jasper spoke first again, "I…uh, liked your body–song! Song! I meant song!"

I laughed, nudging him playfully, "Our songs go hand-in-hand with my body – why do you think some of our biggest fans are horny teenage boys?"

This time…he didn't laugh at my teasing.

His eyes burned with something…

"You know, before Joe Parks…or any of that…I was in a bar you did a gig at…" He murmured softly, leaning towards me, "It was in Seattle, and Lotus had finished a tour…and there you were – on stage, grinding your tight body…"

His words thrilled me as much as they shocked me.

"I think I was one of your earliest fans…" Jasper breathed. "But then the Joe Parks thing happened, and I tried to convince myself you were changed – bitchy, needy… Most of the girls in this business are…"

"But not me…" I whispered, needing him to know that.

"Not you…" He agreed. "Seeing you on stage tonight…it brought everything back… You're still as fresh, as pure, as you were back then – you're still as beautiful, and sexy…"

His face was so close, and my lips were throbbing with the need to kiss him.

"Your curves are still as sinful…"

As I turned towards him, his hand ran up my leg and I shivered as I felt his hot breath fan over my face at the same time.

"Your eyes are still as dark and alluring…but so innocent-looking…"

His hand pulled softly at my thigh, urging it over his knee – I followed his wants and hooked my leg over his, and then his mouth came down over mine.

I moaned against his mouth as he kissed me – his lips were warm and so, so soft, and feeling them against mine sent signals of pleasure down my spine and between my legs.

Jasper moaned back, his hand sliding up to knead the side of my ass – it sent shivers through me, and my hands automatically delved into his now-mussed, blonde curls. As I raked my nails across his scalp, I felt him shiver and shudder against me.

Suddenly we were falling backwards, and I was sprawled across Jasper's perfect body – I could feel his defined and very sexy muscles beneath my fingertips as my hands drifted downwards at an agonizingly slow pace. When I brushed his nipples, they tightened, and when my hands came to rest on his stomach, the muscles there jumped.

I smiled down at him as I perched myself on his hips, "Do I affect you?"

Jasper moaned, his navy eyes looking pitch black in the firelight, "Too much."

"There's no such thing as 'too much'," I murmured, leaning down to flick his earlobe between my teeth.

Jasper's hands grasped my hips tightly, more for something to hold onto than to really do anything – but their size and feel and power made me shiver and rock against him.

As I moved, I felt his rock-hard length pressing against me through his jeans.

I looked down at him through my lashes, not stopping my movement for a second – his eyes were almost shut, his face twisted beautifully in pleasure at the friction I was causing.

Without a word, I got naked.

Jasper Whitlock

I was stunned.

A part of my brain was screaming at me, telling me I had a very sexy, very desirable, and very naked woman on my lap, and that I should be doing more with her right now than staring at her gorgeous, exposed body…but I couldn't.

I was sure my tongue was hanging out of my mouth and that drool had collected on my shirt beneath the open chasm, but I couldn't care less.

Her chocolate brown eyes smouldered with lust and her mouth was pink and parted as her breath came in light pants.

"Beautiful," I murmured, fingering one of her silken curls.

"You need to be doing more than playing with my hair right now, Jasper," Isabella said huskily, fisting her hand in my hair.

I growled, feeling my need increase, "You asked for it, Sugar."

I flipped her over, so she was splayed out beneath me – my hips naturally fit against hers, and I couldn't help but rock against her as I felt her heat seep through the denim of my jeans.

Soon enough, my shirt was gone – along with my jeans.

When I was as bare as Isabella, I kissed her hungrily while fitting my body to hers – we went together naturally and with so much passion flaring between us. It was physical, the sensations – it felt like static electricity was sparking between us and flaring, pressing against our skin.

Isabella moaned, arching her back and grinding her hips against mine – before my mind could catch up with my body, my hips began pressing harder against hers and I was halfway inside her clutching heat.

"Fuck…" Isabella hissed, her eyes fluttering shut and her mouth parting wider in pleasure.

I growled, "Open those wide eyes, Isabella…"

At the sound of her full name, her eyes opened – they were pitch-black, and the desire in them made my hips automatically buck forwards.

She cried out as I filled her completely, but I didn't stop – my motion had been set. I was like a metronome, unable to stop without an external force – but nothing would stop this. This was good – this was what I needed and burned for.

Isabella's legs came up and wrapped around my waist, drawing me to her closely and making my thrusts that more powerful as she met them eagerly.

Her nails dug into my ass, urging me into her harder – I growled and bit at her perfect, slender neck as my hips roughly met hers with an almost painful force.

"Yes!" She cried, kissing me hard.

I growled into her mouth, "Isabella…you're mine…"

She cried out again, "Yes! Yes! Yours!"

My teeth tore at her neck and the very tops of her breasts, where goose bumps had risen and her skin was slightly flushed – she was so sensitive, but so was I…and as her hands began to knead my ass so roughly and perfectly, I knew I couldn't take much more.

I lapped at the pulse-point n her neck, "Come with me, Bella."

She panted against my ear, biting the lobe hard, "Yes… So…ah… Nearly… Fuck me!"

The slapping of flesh-on-flesh rang out as I slammed into the beautiful woman writhing beneath me – our gazes were locked and our hands were grasping any flesh they could find and squeeze.

I had had my share of sex and women, but none of them – none of them – measured up to this. With Isabella.

Seeing her skin glowing in the firelight, as her face twisted beautifully in pleasure under my ministrations, was sustenance for my hungry gaze – she was so beautiful, and as her walls fluttered around me…caressing me…I knew I couldn't hold out any longer.

An incoherent yell erupted from me, echoed by Isabella not a moment later – as I spilled myself inside her, I went temporarily blind. My eyes rolled back into my head and my entire body was racked with the kind of pleasure that could bring a weaker man to his knees.

When the final spasm shook my body, I was able to open my eyes.

Isabella smiled back at me lazily, twirling one of my loose curls between her fingers, "Thank you for scratching the itch you created, Mr Whitlock."

I lowered myself onto her, covering her body with mine, and growled, "My pleasure…but we are far from done, Miss Isabella… I have plans…"

Four months later…

The rush of adrenaline, the buzz of nerves, the screams and cheers of the crowd ringing in their ears…

"Your cruel device… Your blood, like ice… One look could kill… My pain, your thrill!" He growled into the mic, making the audience scream in excitement and a beautiful brunette sashay towards him from the speakers.

"I want to love you, but I better not touch…" She sang huskily, circling him as he stared her down. "I wanna hold you, but my senses tell me to stop…"

Her fingertips brushed his chest as the crowd exploded, singing along with every word they sang.

"Your mouth, so hot…" He growled, trailing a single finger tip across her pink lips. "Your web, I'm caught… You skin, so wet… Black lace on sweat!"

His hands grasped her, pulling her against his tense body as she smiled and circled her hips.

"I hear you calling and it's needles and pins…" She cried, circling his neck with one arm and clutching her mic harder with the other. "I want to hurt you just to hear you screaming my name…"

He smirked, growling against her ear for only her to hear as she continued with the verse, "I'll scream your name without the pain, baby…"

"You're poison running through my veins!" They cried together, their voices coming together perfectly.

The solo came on and Richie and Quinn strutted forwards to wail on their guitars together.

Lotus and Kingsley Close were perfect together – their tour sold out within days, and both of their managers were rolling in so much dough that they were calling every five minutes to ask them to go world-wide with their show.

Jasper and Isabella swayed together, their bodies grinding passionately on the stage and bringing the song to life.

She leaned in and whispered against his ear, "You're my poison…"

"And you're mine…" He smiled back.

The words were whispered like 'I love you's and if Juke Boxx's published reservations on their relationship had any sway over the audience, it was lost – the mass of fans watched Jasper's and Bella's eyes flash and saw the music sweep them away.

Author's note:

Okay, so in this fic I 'borrowed' 'iF U C Jordan' by Something Corporate and kind of tweaked it a little (; Then there was 'Smoke' by 100 Monkeys – duh, I had to use that! (: Then there was 'Make Me Wanna Die' by the Pretty Reckless – honestly, that's how my Bella sounds when she sings (; Finally, there was 'Poison' by Alice Cooper! (: Let me know what you think! This is my favourite so far – I'm so jazzed about this one (: Thank you for the great reviews and responses, guys!