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Nick crashed into the chair in his office, sinking into it with utter exhaustion.

Langston sat in the chair opposite to him, glancing nonchalantly at the tired CSI in front of him. "What did you get out of him on Nare's case?" asked the African-American, voice gravelly despite his soft and simple tone.

"Wind said that prior to the concert that night," began Nick, "Cassie and Nare had made a bet that Nare couldn't down something close to ten cups of coffee." He took in a deep breath and his eyes fell shut. "The kid did it and the basic sugar crash brought him down enough to make him dizzy. And with that," Nick put one hand to his temple, "he fell to his death."

The darker man pulled his glasses from their perch on his nose and used them like an extension of his hand to point at Nick. "Teenagers will always do stupid things," he pointed out.

"You wouldn't expect stupid things to get them killed though, would you?" sighed Nick, blinking open his eyes and moving his hands to shuffle papers on his desk.

"No," breathed Langston, rising from the chair across from Nick's loaded desk, knowing it was finally time to head home for the two of them after the long nights they had just been through. He gathered his own files on the desk. "I wouldn't expect that."

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