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Lucifer was a 15 year old guy with blond hair down to his shoulders and his body was well build. He was proud with the toned mascular body he got from hours of training. But it was his eyes that usually scared people. The blue eyes that changed from different shades of blue depended on which mood he was in. Right now they were dark blue with anger when he saw what they were doing to these boys at Manticore. He noticed a boy with bark brown hair and green eyes. They shown with Envy when he watched the onse sitting out of the exrocise. This would be his Envy. You see that Lucifer was feared among the gangs on the streets and he wanted his Seven Deadly sins and that was what he was doing now. No you see, not anyone could be them. They would be hand picked and they would be special in a way only he could and would know. They would have their jobs. Greed and Gluttney would be the onse getting what they needed to stay alive. Pride, Envy and Wrath would be the Assasions. Sloth would be gaurd. While Lust would be his special little one. Though he would take pleasure from them all. Lust would be his only to touch. He waited to nightfall and watched as his little Envy went up to the roof. He climed the wall and snoke up on the boy. He knew that the boy knew he was there by the way he had tensed.

"Are you going to tell? They have been harder than ever because thoes that excaped." Lucifer shook his head.

"My name is Zechs Marquise, but they call me Lucifer on the streets." The boy looked at him in shock.

"You're Lucifer?" Lucifer nodded.

"Yes. You know about me?" The boy nodded.

"They have sent assasions after you but no one has been able to kill you. They always get back in bodybags. They train as hard to kill guys like you but you're the only one no one can kill. They say if we train hard enough we might get our shot." The boy explained. Lucifer smirked.

"So it's from here that all thoes people came from. I never knew who it was that was trying to kill me." The boy smiled shyly.

"What are you doing here anyway?"

"Recuiting. You see I would like to get my own gang. I get lonley being just me. So a couple weeks ago I got a vision. A vision about seven kids who would be my Seven Deadly sins." The boy frowned.

"Vision?" Lucifer nodded.

"Yes. It's a power I got from my mother. But as my father was a mortal my power will never mature. I can just get small glances of the future. I saw how all of you lived and me bringing you together." The boy's eyes become wide.

"Me, who would I be?"

"Envy." Lucifer said. "Now don't get me wrong. I named you that because you never had a childhood. While the others are treated bad you never got a life out of killing. That's why I want you to be Envy, one of my assasions. But you won't be treated like you are here. Your life won't be all about killing." The boy smiled and nodded.

"I like that. Who will I be killing with?" Lucifer smiled.

"Wrath and Pride. You see Wrath will be a natural born Vampire whose mother has him recuiting for her arm then train them. While Pride is from a wicca family. He is a witch as the wiccas call themselves witches what ever gender they are. He's older brother is getting all the glory. His brother is the twice blessed. The king of magic making Pride the Prince of Magic. He his used to killing demons. He knows the family book of shadowes like the back of his hand but they just don't care about him. He isn't the impotant one. The same with Lust. He comes from the wizerdring world. From a rich family called the Potters. There was an attack on their family by a Dark Lord. He just stunned the parents because one of his fallowers had been a friend of theirs so he would let him have the hornor of killing the husband and the mother would become a sexslave. He then tired to kill on of the children. They were 15 monthes at the time. Little Lust or Harry as his parents named him calls him, pulled up a powerfull sheild of raw magic and sent the curse back at him. Leaving just a scar in the form in the form of an lightningbolt on his forhead. He passed out soon after. A man who people saw as the leader of the light came and looked over both boys. He mistook Lust twin as the one who killed the Dark Lord because he was awake and crying. Since then Little Lust has been taking care of himself. Greed and Glottney will be our food getters and that kinda stuff. Glottney comes from a rich family like little Lust but his family has more money. But he has 29 older sisters. You see the mother couldn't have children so they had testtube children. The mother dead soon after Glottney was born and his family hated him for it. His mother had been afried of that so she had left a back accont to him and as the only male child he is the heir of his father's company. So it will go to him and there is nothing his father can do about it so he hates Glottney even more. We will be able to take care after the company when the father dies. It will be easy to get Glottney. It just tell the father that we offer to take care of Glottney using his own bank accont. Greed was orphanced pretty quickly after his birth. He never known love because since he was six he had this power to cause earthqacks. We have to love him and take care of him. Sloth who will be our gaurd comes from a family Warlorks. They get their power at 13 but accend at 18. But the problem with this power is that this takes the energi it need from your lifeforce so when you use it you loose alittle bit of your life. And the power is addicting. You can so easly be hooked that by the end of 40 you will look like you are 80. This guy has it bad. His dad is mean drunk and his mother is a fucking whore who use his body for pleasure." The boy looked at him in shock. The others had it really bad.

"When do we get them?" Lucifer smiled.

"Now." He said and put his hand on Envy's shoulder and they dissapeared in a whirle of shadows. Oh did he forget to say he could control shadows?