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During that week plans were made and Gundams were put as snipers while Transgenics were put in the forest for sneak attacks. Vampires to attack first. Next was the wicca witches and warlocks. Then came the wizards and the X-men. Lucifer and his Seven Deadly Sins was suppose to make sure Henry made it to Voldemort. When the day came the students were at the Great Hall for dinner when Voldemort and his Deat Eaters attacked. All went according to plan until Henry couldn't kill Voldemort. Oh he wounded him but was killed in the process.

"NOOO!" Lily yelled when she saw her son fall. They all watched as Lust jumped in front of Voldemort and raised a gun. They saw that Lucifer and the other sins aimed at the other main Death Eaters. Like Barty Crouch Jr, Rebastian, Rodolphus, Pettegrew, Nott, Avery and Mulciber. Voldemort looked at Lust and laughed.

"Little Harry Potter is going to try and kill me when his brother, the-boy-who-lived, failed and with a muggle toy." Lust smirked as the others laughed too and the Order looked worried.

"No Harry Potter won't kill you." He said making Voldemort and his remaining Death Eaters smirked. "But Lust glady will." He said and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit Voldemort's shoulder and Lust step up and pressed the wound with his foot making Voldemort wince. "You should never have messed around on our territory." He said and put a bullet in Voldemort's head. As he turned and walked away he heard his fellow sins and his lover pull the trigger too. The snipers, vamps, transgenics, wicca witches, warlocks and the X-men took care of the rest. As the last Death Eater was dead everyone headed to the Great Hall.

After the battle clean up everyone was called to the Great Hall by Lucifer. Lust had changed his clothes to a pair of black leather pants with a white buttom up shirt and his leather band around his neck. When he got to the Great Hall he saw Lucifer in black leather pants and red buttom up shirt that was unbuttomed all the way. His fellow sins were also dressed for party so was the Wealsey twins and his friends in Slytherin. So was all the allies. Everyone else was confused along with proffessors and other Order and Ministery people. Lucifer waved his sins over before he turned to the people.

"Tonight the enemy was killed and now we party Lucifer style." As soon as those words were said food apeard on the only table in the room and Ke$ha's Tik Tok started to play and Lust was pulled to the dancefloor. Soon they were followed by allies friends and family. All night the party was on and didn't stop until around ten the next morning. Everyone watched Lucifer and his sins as they danced. They were shocked when Lucifer ripped Lust shirt open but Lust just grined his sexy grin and kept dancing. By the end of the party all they could be found making out in some corner or chair or something. But the adults were shocked how long they could keep dancing.

The next morning they were all called to the headmaster's office.

"Good morning everyone." Dumbledore said after Severus had given them the hangover cure. "Now I want to know what you eight will be doing after the war is over." Gluttney looked at him like he was crazy.

"And that is your buisness, because?" Duo chuckled at that but looked at his friend.

"You will continue to work, right?" Gluttney looked at Lucifer who nodded.

"Yes I will continue as I have after the war but this just means our family got bigger. The Ex-Gundams from my side." He said and looked at his fellow sins.

"The Cullens from me." Wrath said.

"And the X-men from me." Greed said.

"Henry Jr from me and Victor from me." Pride said.

"And the transgenics from me." Said Envy.

"The sons of Ipswich from me." Sloth said.

"And my little gang of ex-students and Sirius Black from me." Lust said with a small smile. Lucifer gave a smile of his own.

"Looks like our family went from small to big. Seems like beeing seperated wasn't that bad at all." The sins smiled and shook their heads.

"No but I don't want to be kept from my family again." Envy said and his fellow sins nodded in agreement.

-The End-

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