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This Day

Why hadn't we noticed?

Why hadn't we done something for him?

Why didn't we care about him in any way?

Why was it?

I sat in the waiting room, along with the other members of the Rookie Nine. My father was relatively close by to the accident scene. When he saw Naruto on the ground, he asked if I had been hurt. Why was it now that my father my showing concern for me? He never had, so why know? I answered with a no. Sakura started to use a jutsu on Naruto, to heal the wounds. The villagers were startled that we all looked so shocked. They were shocked that we were helping him.

"Why are you helping the beast?"

"The monster deserved to die?"

"He was going to hurt you!"

"We helped and saved you!"

"Why are you helping a monstrosity?"

"What do you mean helping us? He was just talking to us! You're the ones who rammed a jutsu into his chest!" Kiba shouted angrily at the crowd. Shino put a hand on his shoulder, as I put one on his arm. He held back. They went silent.

"Why would you help a monster?"

"He is not a monster." Sasuke's voice was calm. I saw his fists shaking in rage; he was trying to hold back. We got Naruto to the hospital as soon as we could. Sitting in the waiting room, we all looked a little frazzled.

"How didn't we know?" Sakura asked.

"Nobody told us." Ino answered.

"We should have looked closer." Shikamaru said. Though, he looks closer than anyone.

"His story fits. It explains the rage, the powerful explosions, the odd chakra…" Sasuke trailed off.

"Why did we look down on him if we didn't know?" Sakura's voice. Our parents came in ask us if we were hurt. I replied with simple no's. Then everyone heard the voice from one of the parents: "I should have known better than to let a monster near my child!" We fell silent.

"That's why, Sakura." I said to Sakura. The Rookie Nine were ashamed of all they had done. Naruto probably had it bad. They just added on to it, because there parents acted mean to him. They shouldn't have followed their parents. Though, isn't that what children do. They follow their parents, as guidance.

It was the same day. The day only some of us will not remember as the day Kyuubi attacked, but a day that so many unnecessary things went wrong. It was late into the night. We decided to have it today. We did it in a remote area, so that the villagers would not catch on. They would probably burn him or something to get the Kyuubi out.

I was silent throughout it all. Sakura and I would probably never be the same, or any of us. Sakura and I had lost a teammate and a best friend. Some were taking this better than others. Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji looked sad, but Ino was crying. Sakura was sobering on Hinata's shoulder, while Hinata was crying. Kiba was holding back tears, he was more furious than anything. Shino and Gaara were showing no emotions. Others had made it also. Kakashi and Iruka were there, along with others.

Why did he have to die?

Why did he harbor so much pain?

He didn't deserve that.

He didn't deserve pain.

In the end, he died in pain. I felt like hunting down the bastards who did this to him. Hunting them down one by one and killing them, just like I wanted to do to my brother. Make them feel the pain that Naruto lived with through out his whole life, even though he tried to hide it.

Then I realized if I did that, only the ones at this funeral would be alive.

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