Sumary: After a horrible break up that left him broken he becomes a half mute, talking only when he haves to. His foster fathers moves them away from Osaka to Kyoto.

Prologue: Flashback

I laid in my now ex-boyfriends bed handcuffed to the bed my breathing shallow and my eyes drooping. I felt a sharp pain in my waist everytime I tried to move, hearing the low whispers coming from the kitchen; my ex-boyfriends new fuck buddys' laughter could be heard. I managed to slip one of my hands through the tiny whole around my wrist. My ex-boyfriend was probably high and drunk that he probably hadn't realized he left the keys on the night table next to the bed. I was out of the restraints and finaly saw the damage in the body size mirror; bruises covered my torso and I had a gash in my waist, but luckily they had unprofessionally stitched it up. I quietly pulled my baggy blue jeans on and pocketed my cell phone, wallet, my car keys and my butterfly knives. My shirt was torn to shreds so I stayed shirtless. I saw one of the windows were left open in the corner or my eye and slipped out running across the lawn to my 95' Red Corola parked by the curb. I Wasted no time starting it up and driving off, I didn't even dare to look back to see if they followed me or not. I pulled up to a house, but it wasn't mine, it was family friend, a private doctor who has known since me was born.

"Naruto?" A woman shrieked running out of the house helping me out of the car, the stitched had reopened. This was Shizune, the doctors assistant, she's known me since I started Junior High when I started coming more often.

"Tsunadae, Naruto is hurt very badly!" She screamed towards the house helping me across the lawn, Tsunadae ran out throwing my other arm over her shoulder and walked me up the stairs into the house.

"I've got him from here Shizune, go call Iruka and Kakashi." Tsunadae barked out walking me into a medical room lying me onto the hospital table.

"Damn it Naruto what the fuck happened to you?" She snapped smacking my face to keep me awake.

"...Sasuke and his new fuck buddy Neji dattebayo." I answered turning my head away when she pulled the needlee and string out for the stitches.

"Do you I even want to ask?" Her voice was more calm now, she used I believe an alcohol swap to clean the gash before beginning to stitch it up.

"Jumped me and raped me they had stitched it up but very unprofessionally." I joked letting out a dry laugh, but it choked back. The reality of the situattion finally hit me and I remembered exactly what happened. I was dropping by Sasuke's to pick up the rest of my things since i was moving back in with Iruka and Kakashi my foster fathers. I didn't think he was home and I had a spare key, so I had no idea what hit me until it happened. Neji came out from around a corner by my old room and stabbed me in the waist, Sasuke had jabbed a syringe into my neck and drugged me. I still remember though that they both had rapped me. And I didn't wish to talk about it.

"Tsunadae, both Kakashi and Iruka are here." Shizune said from behind the closed door.

"Alright, we'll be out in one second." She answered, Tsunadae had finished stiching me up and now had me sitting up and wrapping gauze around my waist to keep the wound from waking up.

"If it starts hurting just take some tylenol or aspirin." She told me helping me off the table and out to where my fathers were waiting. Iruka ran over and engulfed me into a giant hug.

"Didn't I tell you we we're going to come with you!" He lectured me shaking me by the shoulders. "I knew something happened when didn't come home and when you didn't answer your cell phone each time I called." He told me after he stopped with shaking my shoulders.

"I'm sorry Iruka-Tousan, truly I am." I answered, I saw him smile sadly.

"Come on you two we have a long drive a head of us. Tokyo is far and its a pretty big place, so I doubt Sasuke will be able to find you there." Kakashi finally spoke his arms crossed smilling at us.

"Can we just go now?" I asked rolling my eyes, Iruka chuckled and led me out of the house, I turned my head and saw Kakashi start talking with Tsunadae with a very serious look. Iruka helped me into Kakashi's truck, my car was already hooked to the back of the trailer full of our stuff. I hoped that this time around I'll turn out fine.

Kakashi's POV

I watched Iruka lead our son out of the house then looked at Tsunadae with a hard look. I wasn't angry with her, but angry with myself that I couldn't protect the son of my mentor like I had promised. Tsunadae gave me a small smile and set her hand on my arm.

"Naruto is a strong boy just like his father and he has a kindness like his mother. What has happened was out of our control." She told me her eyes saddening.

"I swore to Kushina and Minato both that I would protect Naruto when they left to go find Jiraiya. When we found out they were killed in that plane crash, Iruka and I both promised to never tell Naruto about who his parents were. But he's getting older and he's like you said, very smart. I need a favor..." I looked to her with eagerness.

"Name it." She answered sternly.

"Find Kyuubi his brother and if Sasuke moves out of this time you find out to where and you let me know." I told her.

"This is a small town it shouldn't be hard. I will try to find Kyuubi but the last place anyone heard anything was that he was in Tokyo. Start your search there I'll start mine in America." She explained, I nodded my thanks before leaving the house to start our journey to our new home.

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