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Chapter Ten:

I sat on the plane starring out the window I could see the city lights of America below me as we were flying from California to New York. Pein Sat next to me and my brother next to him. At the moment it was dark outside and everyone was either asleep or talking quietly amongst themselves. I had the head phones of my IPod in my ears listening to "Breathe" by "Taylor Swift", I wasn't a huge fan of her but there were some songs of hers that really hit something within my heart. I glance over at Pein watching him sleeping and felt the tug of my lips form into a smile before I looked back out the plane window.

"You're the only thing I know like the back of my hand." I sang silently out loud, it still felt like things were slowly spinning out of control, but at the same time spinning right into its right place. I jumped a little when I felt a hand gently grab mine and I turned only to smile. Pein had woken up and was watching me and I could tell he was a bit worried and I just gave him a smile. I scrunched my nose in a small pout when he plucked the head phones from my ears.

"You should be sleeping we'll be landing soon and we're going to have to rush to our next flight." He said after leaning forward whispering into my ear. His warm breath tickled my ear and it sent shivers up my spine. I could sense him smirking.

"I'm not tired Pein I slept the entire way to the airport and during the plane ride to California. I'm way too awake." I answered him reaching up with my free hand and grabbed onto the front of his shirt. His body heat radiated from the annoying piece of cloth and a part of my just wanted to tear it from him, but I kept myself in check. It became harder though when his other arm snaked around my waste. I felt a small pang of fear radiate through me in that instant.

"…P-Pein?" I heard myself stutter out.

"I'm not going to do anything. I just want to hold you for a little bit." He whispered much softer this time and I felt my body untense and I let myself cuddle into him. Closing my eyes the perfect song came from the buzz of music coming from the head phones in my lap.

"He is sensible and so incredible

And all my single friends are jealous

He says everything I need to hear and it's like

I couldn't ask for anything better

He opens up my door and I get into his car

And he says, you look beautiful tonight

And I feel perfectly fine

But I've been screamin' and fightin'

And kissin' in the rain

And it's two a.m. and I'm cursin' your name

You're so in love that you act insane

And that's the way I loved you" I whispered the first part of the lyrics before I ended up erupting into giggles, Peins silent laugh matched with mine as well before we were both laughing. My entire face was red and I felt tears fall from them. I finally stopped after a while and smiled up at him when he rested his forehead upon mine his hand reached up and cupped my cheek his thumb rubbing circles on my skin.

"You're truly an amazing person Naruto. You're hurting so much inside, yet you can put on that beautiful smile of yours on your face and keep walking with your head up high. You are truly an inspiration to anyone who knows your story." He said, my cheeks heated up and I knew I was blushing by the end of his statement.

"To be honest, I don't feel strong at all at times. Sometimes when the nightmares come back I wander if what I'm experiencing with you, right now is the dream and my nightmares with Sasuke is the reality. I don't want what I have with you and everyone to be a dream. Especially you…I don't want you to disappear, because you make me so happy. You make me feel like I can actually heal from him and what he did to me!" I heard myself rambling the tears falling from my eyes again both my hands had reached up and gripped onto his shirt tightly.

"Trust me Naruto…I am no dream. I swear to you this, I will wipe away that nightmare from you so it will no longer hurt you." Pein said his other hand had also rested upon my other cheek and I could feel him wanting to move his head. He was stopping himself, because of the promise he made me to wait till I was ready. I pulled back and I could see the confusion and slight hurt in his eyes. I gave him a weak smile before reaching up and pushing my fingers into his silky dark orangeish red hair. I pushed the fear as far back into my mind as I could when my lips met his, I was sitting in the airplane seat on my knees. His lips were still warm and soft as I remembered from that amazing night we did have. I didn't want this kiss to end all my bad thoughts were vanishing with it for this moment I knew. Even though I was obviously not read for the next level, I needed this and so did he.

Sakura's POV

I couldn't believe the scene that played in front of my eyes. In all the years I had known Naruto, even when he was dating Sasuke, that little knuckle headed blond had never once made the first move for anything romantic. Even though I was a few seats behind them and I had to sit propped on my knees and leaning on the back of Deidara's chair to see clearly, I could tell that both of them were desperately taking as much emotion in from the other as possible before it was to end. Tears pricked at the corners of my eyes watching the scene. Even when I lived by Naruto he wasn't the outgoing person everyone saw him to be. He was very shy and he actually always had trust issues even though it seemed that he trusted everyone easily. Seeing Naruto as he was right now, made me so happy and it gave me hope that we could actually help him.

"Sakura, come back down to sleep and leave the two be okay?" I heard Gaara whisper as he snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me back down into his lap.

"I just need to reassure myself." I told him placing my hand on his chest and slightly hovered over him before leaning down and kissing him. Before I moved to Tokyo, I thought I would be alone forever after Sasuke left me. But, in the end Naruto was right when he told me someone better was out there for me. Thank you Naruto, if it weren't for your sacrifice and getting with Sasuke…I would have never of met Gaara. I will make it up to you for what that Uchiha did to you.

Naruto's POV

I don't know how long Pein and I sat like that kissing until I pulled away breathing heavily. My heart beat rapidly against my chest. I was still seated on my knees but my arms were now snacked around Peins neck. I was so confused, with anyone else I would be too afraid to get close to them, but every time I look into Peins eyes my fears vanish and I just want to hold onto him. I felt myself slowly dropping until my face was buried into his neck and sobs were tearing from my throat. I was trying my hardest to hold them back. I was slowly starting to believe the reason why I was so attached to Pein was because he slightly reminded me of Sasuke, but I that was not true. This man had not tried to hurt me ever, all he wishes to do was help me. My tears fell from eyes faster when Pein snacked an arm around my waist and used his other arm to bring my legs over his lap so I was sitting on him.

"Let it out Naruto, don't hold back. I will never let you go." He whispered kissing my cheek. This man, this god damned perfect man breaks the walls that I had built up from the years of Sasuke's abuse. After a while I don't remember anything except for Peins comforting words every so often until my world went black when the ding of the fasten seatbelt light came on. We had landed in New York and I was going to be locked with in my mind during the transfer of planes. Next flight New York to India, from India we would stay in a hotel as we figured out what size of a boat we were going to need to take to get to the island.

Otou-San, Okaa-San I can't wait to meet you.

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