Jasper and Bella were best friends since birth. At age fourteen, they were both kidnapped from her home by a crazy man. But will happen when someone you love will do anything to find you? This is a short story of two teenagers who learn life's hardest lesson : love, of all kinds. normal pairing : emmett and rosalie, jasper and alice, edward and bella.


The thing that I loved most about Jasper was his abilitly to act like an idiot, and he isn't embarrassed.

Knowing him, you expect the most random. And that was what kept me happy in times like this. But I couldn't really laugh, or Caius would come in and slap me. I silently shook with laughter as he strutted around our small room with just cow boy boots on.

I mean that literally, just cowboy boots.

I never have and never probaly will like Jasper in that, even naked and acting like a southern fool. He was my best friend, the only person I can talk to right now.

Hello, my name is Isabella Marie Swan, and I was kidnapped from my home when I was fourteen. I remember the day like it was yesterday.

"Jasper, what are you doing? Stop it Emmett!" We were laying on my bed, Jasper and Emmett on my sides. They randomally started tickling me. Alice's bright eyes shined with light as she came towards me. Edward, thinking quick, grabbed her waist, stopping her movement. She whined, and he dropped her onto Rosalie's lap. They both started to laugh as Edward grabbed me from Jasper and Emmett and threw me over his shoulder. He walked toward my door, saying over his shoulder, "We'll be back when you all calm down."

Jasper's parents were out of town for the weekend, and mine were down stairs. I invited everyone over so we could hang out, until my father kicked them out at midnight, like usual.

"Edward! Put me down!" I yelled as we walked past my living room, where my dad was watching sports. I heard him laugh as we walked out the front door.

"hmpft." Edward dropped me to the steps, and we sat down. The automatic lights on the porch went on and his copper hair actually shined. He looked over at me and grinned.

"You're so cute." And with that, Edward kissed me right on the lips.

Any girl would wish for this moment. Hell, I wished for this moment. I kissed him back, putting my hands in his hair. He smiled into the kiss and put his hands on my waist.

We pulled away a minute later, Edward whispered in my ear, "I've always wanted to do that."


Later that night, me and Jasper were sleeping on the floor when I woke up to a bang of a gun. I heard someone pleading, and a deep laugh. I looked over to Jasper, who had woken up also, and he circled his arms around me.

"Someone's here. Stay calm." he whispered in my ear.

We stayed there for minutes until I heard a woman scream. I jumped in Jasper's arms, and he just whispered calming words in my ear. I knew it my mother, I knew her voice anywhere. Suddenly, my bedroom door was slammed in the wall and a man was standing before us.

His blonde hair was pulled and pushed everywhere over his head. He had black eyes that were trained on us. He pointed his gun at us and told us to stand.

"Get up or I'll shoot you." His voice was deep and strained, and I saw blood splattered on his grey shirt. Me and Jasper stood, me still in his arms.

The man with the crazy hair pulled us to him, threathening us with "Scream and I'll kill you." We were shoved out of my house and into his van, but not before I saw both of my parents, shoot in the head, dead on my kitchen floor.


For weeks after, me and Jasper would watch the news to see a glimpse of our friends and family. The first day of being in the cabin, we watched the small screen as Alice cried over us.

"I cannot believe their gone. They can't be dead, I know it." Emmett was shown hugging her as she kept crying and talking the newsman. "Bella and Jasper were best friends,
they would keep each other safe no matter what."

They cut her off, the newsman talking and showing pictures of me and Jasper, seperate and together. We always laughed when my favorite picture came up that Rosalie took of me. It was black and white, and you could only see me through my thumb and forefinger. My hand was to the camera, and it said "fuck you Jessie."

Of course, they didn't blur it.

Next was Rosalie talking about her cousin being missing with Jasper's parents. Their blue eyes shined with tears as they talked about my family and their son. Emmett said a few words about how we were all friends, and going to wait until the day he dies for me and Jasper to come home.

Jasper always left me alone when Edward's face came onto the screen.

His green eyes focused on his crying sister next to him when he spoke. He sounds defeated, dead. "Bella would never kill her parents and run away with Jasper. I know that for sure. We were all with them that night until midnight, when Charlie always kicks us out. Jasper had to sleep over because of his parents being away. They were the best of friends, they were attached by the hip. Jasper may be a little nutty, but he loves everyone around him. Bella is shy, but cares for anyone. I knew, cause I cared for her. I don't know how anyone close to the Swan or Whitlock family are going to survive, but I sure know I probaly won't be able to. And Bella, Jasper, if you're watching this,
come home."

And then he was gone.

There were more specials on us, until that stopped too. My heart ached for him, his green eyes, his copper hair. He had a way to make anyone smile.

He had a way to make me smile.

In some ways, I'm happy to have Jasper here with me. In some ways, I'm happy we're locked in here, instead of out in the world.

I'm now 15. It's been a year since I saw sunlight.


Caius gave us two pairs of pants, and two shirts. Every other day, we were given a bucket of water and a bar of soap. Jasper was currently waiting for his to dry and mine were soaking in the soap. I sat on the bed, naked, with my knees against my chest so he couldn't see anything. Even though he's already seen it all.

Suddenly, I heaved my guts out onto the floor.

"Shit." Jasper mumbled.


"Alice, what is this?" I heard Emmett yell from down the hall.

Alice came out of her room and stepped into Emmett's, saying, "your outfit for the day. Edward has to wear it too. The news is coming over, so it Rose. It's a year today."

I sat down on the bed and ran a hand through my hair, pulling at the roots. Sometimes I just wish the pain of her would go away. But it can't Edward, when you tortture yourself with memories of her.

Shut up, I told my inner self.

I lifted up my pillow to find a folded piece of paper. I opened it to see her beautiful hart-shaped face and deep chocolate eyes. I felt the bed sink next to me as Alice sat next to me. She had her own personal picture of Jasper in her hands.

I turned to my sister and hugged her close. This was just as hard for Alice as it was for me, if not harder. I got to kiss Bella, a good memory to add to the collection. She never told Jasper how she felt, never got to kiss him.

We were only fifteen, and life had took so much away from us.


An hour later a total of ten camera men and newsmen filled into our house, Esme asking around if anyone wanted a drink. Her eyes looked dead, as she wanted no reminders of Jasper and Bella in her house right now.

The main man, Lucas, sat us down at our dinning room table. Alice sat at the end, with Emmett, then me, and finally Rose. Lucas started talking and then turned to us, all wearing black.


"Bella, why did you have to get sick? This is disgusting." I was on my hands and knees and cowboy boots, cleaning up her barf. It smelt like shit.

She shivered from under her blanket on our one bed. "At least Caius isn't home. We'll have to explain later."

I groaned and kept on cleaning.

"Do you miss them Jasper?"

Bella's question got me off guard. I finished and sat next to her on the bed. "Of course I miss them."

"Did you love Alice?"

"Isabella Marie Swan, why are you asking me this?"

"Because I love Edward."

I felt my eyebrows scrunch together. What is she talking about, they were never together...

"I kissed him that night. He's all I think about."

I leaned over and circled Bella into me. She started to cry and I felt the tears slip down my naked back. My vision started to blurr at the edges as I realized I did love Alice. She was the sunshine that I always wanted, who I thought of when I was inside my best friend. The girl I wanted so much that I started to cry.

"Jasper, I think it worked, finally."

I pulled back, looking into her eyes. Deep brown with red rimmes.

My only thought was Caius will be happy.


When our clothes were dryed and put back on our bodies, we sat on the floor in our tiny room and turned on the old TV. I found service, and we turned on the news.

A man was standing outside Bella's house.

"It's been a year since Isabella Swan and Jasper Whitlock went missing. Are they dead or just missing? Many people in the small town of Forks, Washington have been asking that very question. Today, we go into the house of the Cullen's, to see how the friends of these poor souls are dealing, and if they know anything about the case. On to you Lucas."

A man was shown in the Cullen's dinning room. "Thank you Matt. I am standing in the Cullen's household with the friends of Isabella Swan and Jasper Whitlock. They are Alice Cullen, Edward Cullen, Emmett Cullen, and Rosalie Hale. Let's get down to the questions."

The camera zoomed into their faces, and when Edward was shown, Bella grabbed at me. I hugged her to me as we watched them speak.

"How are you all today?"

Alice was the first to answer. "How the fuck do you think?"

That's my girl.

"Alice Cullen, last year, you said you knew that the two were still alive. Do you still feel that way?"

She squared her shoulders and spoke like a grown woman, just at fifteen. "Of course I feel that way. I know them like I know my closet. They are still living, someone just needs to get off their butt and find them."

"Emmett, has the dissapearance made your family lose it's joy in life? Or is everything still good?"

Emmett left out a booming laugh. Of course he'd laugh. "Yeah, of course. They were like family. You should see Eddie over here, he's going crazy with depression. I'm thinking of calling a therapist for him."

Edward hit his brother on the back of the head.

It continued that way. Lucas asked questions to all of them, and they all answered. Finally, he asked Edward a final question.

"Edward, what happened that last night that made you so depressed?"

Edward's eyes got a far away look, and then he stood up and left.

I felt Bella shake and cry next to me, then she ran over to the bucket, and vomited.

I stood, and hugged her. "Everything will be okay."

She looked up and meet my eyes.

"Everytime you touch me, I think it's him. Jasper, when are they going to find us?"

End Author Notes : crazy story. I had this idea, and it's been bugging me, so i decided to do it. short story, maybe like six chapters. i'm gonna write mostly in bella's point of view. please, review. [: