Chapter 8

After a tragic event, there is no happiness.

That's something six teens learned the hard way. After being discovered, Isabella closed herself off from the world. She wanted nothing to do with the five people who used to complete her whole world. All she wanted to do was lie with her little bundle of hope and forget.

Forget Caius.

Forget Monique.

Forget that little house in the middle of the woods.


After discovering the teenagers that escaped, Caius knew he was done. He'd get sent to jail and would die. But he was a man who always liked to be in control. So that night, he hung himself.

The police found the shack not too long after. A pack of wolves were howling and barking at a mysterious box of wood, where it was discovered where Isabella Swan and Jasper Whitlock spent three years of their lives, trapped.

They discovered a small bedroom and smelt of mold and blood. A young girl was sprawled on a mattress. She was naked and a gun lay next to her. She was in her own blood.

Across the hall was a grown man, strangled by a tight lope of rope. Next to him was a desk, covered in pictures of a smiling, happy woman with vibrant blue eyes. Next to that was a freezer, with the woman and a baby, frozen.


Emmett always thought that if Bella and Jasper were really out there, alive, they'd all unite happily. They'd go back to spending nights together with games and laughter. He never realized how wrong he'd be. He never knew how they'd shut him and his friends out.

For the first week, the families of the victims were able to see them. Rosalie couldn't even let them back to see them. He hardly saw her that week; she spent all her time cuddled within hospital sheets and limbs. She never once let up about the secret of Noah, so it was even more of a surprise when Edward and Alice found out.

Finally, the three were let through. They walked through the halls, excited to see their long-lost best friends.

But upon walking into the room, no one was there. Only Rosalie. She explained what happened to them, Caius, the sex, Marie, Monique, and now Noah. She explained how broken the two of them are now, and that they wish to have more time to repair before seeing them. Then she stood, kissed each of them on the cheeks, and then disappeared.

Confusion and depression crept into the three Cullens. As they walked out, Alice turned back and caught sight of a head of blonde, curly hair. She started to scream his name, and he turned. Blue met green, and no words could describe how dead his eyes looked. They paralyzed Alice, making her understand fully how much pain they've felt. She started to see.

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