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Chapter 1


The Supreme Kai knelt down in his spirit room, and bowed his head to tune himself to the whims and happenings of the known universe. It was something he ritually did, though he rarely intervened in the dimension of the living. It was his duty to be cognizant of all intelligent life forms, for better or worse.

He sent his feelers out to the East Quadrant, West Quadrant, North Quadrant-unsurprised to sense little more than a few interplanetary contentions, and occasional mayhem from a power-hungry tyrant. The struggles were all part of the natural evolution of any species. Evil though they were, it wasn't his place to get involved.

Then he tuned into the South Quadrant-peaceful by nature, the Supreme Kai never felt waves of tyranny coming from there. That is, until today.

He opened his eyes, stunned. He felt it like a blow to the gut. Something awful had happened there.

No sooner had he noticed it than Kibito burst into his room.

"Supreme Kai," Kibito said breathlessly as he hastily bowed to one knee. "The gates are inundated with souls. The souls of Moroshk." Then he looked up, gravely, and met the Supreme Kai's eyes. "ALL of them."

"What?" The Supreme Kai stood shakily and faced Kibito. He knew well the people of the planet Moroshk. They had somehow advanced their minds beyond any other species. The magnitude of what they were capable of on a global scale--telepathy, telekinesis, communicating with other dimensions, healing--was unprecedented. Fortunately, they had been humble and good-highly uncharacteristic in such a powerful people. And they were all gone?

The Supreme Kai swallowed the lump in his throat. "What happened?"

Kibito stood to his feet, anger creasing his face. "It was Frieza's xenocide soldiers. They annihilated the planet-blew it from existence."

The Supreme Kai felt rage boil under the surface of his skin. "Curse you Freiza," he said under his breath. Weren't the other three quadrants sufficient for you to terrorize? He clenched his fists. "What a waste," he spat.

Billions and billions of souls had their lives snatched from them prematurely by the malevolent planet thief. Yet for all of Frieza's pointless brutality, it still did not warrant the Supreme Kai's intervention. He exhaled the tension, only to notice that Kibito was still staring at him.

"There's more?" he asked.

Kibito pursed his lips and took a deep breath. "Yes," he began. "There was something left in the wake of the planet Moroshk's destruction. Something unbelievably…powerful."

The Supreme Kai frowned. Something LEFT in a planet's destruction? "What could it possibly be?"

Kibito shook his head. "I don't know. But whatever it is, its mass and energy are so great that the remaining planets in that solar system are being dragged out of their respective orbits."


"The only other world in that sector that sustains life has already lost a quarter of its population due to the altered atmosphere."

The Supreme Kai was speechless.

"Something must be done," Kibito said. "Or else this power could extend beyond that solar system."

"Indeed," the Kai said in horrified awe. He abruptly went to the Seeing Basin. He tapped his finger to the swirling liquid contained within it and directed his focus to where Moroshk used to be located. It took several moments, but the picture finally cleared.

"There," the Kai whispered.

Depicted amidst the debris of the blown planet Moroshk was a radiating orb of energy, webbed in threads of static light that sparked and spat as they intertwined. Even though it was a visual, the Supreme Kai felt his hair stand on end. Beads of electricity fed into the center, like umbilical cords, latching into the core. Kibito gasped.

"Its n-nucleus," Kibito stammered. "Is it…? Is that…what I think it is?"

The Supreme Kai was at a loss for words and could only stare at the orb's center. Curled tightly in a fetal position, and as naked as a baby fresh from its mother's womb, was a Moroshkian female. Her ebony skin - blacker than oil - reflected the crackling electricity like a mirror, and her brilliant, sapphire hair flared out around her like a vibrant, azure aura. She glistened in a coating of wetness, and her face was frozen in a grimace of agony… Of pain.

"I…I don't understand," Kibito whispered. "Did she survive the blast? Had the Moroshkians evolved into a species that could subsist in space?"

"No," the Supreme Kai said. "I'm sure of it." He clenched his fists to keep his fingers from shaking. "Something else entirely is going on, here. I'm going to try and tap into her thoughts." Having a singular intelligence to focus on, the Supreme Kai again sent out his feelers, until he felt the current of her mind. Narrowing his focus, he penetrated her consciousness.

At first it was a dull noise, but then the rush hit him. He found no single personality, but billions; all terrified, and screaming as their lives were unjustly and maliciously stripped from them. Severed limbs, vacuum-bloated bodies, the screams of mothers trying instinctively to salvage their doomed children… All the horrors of a dying people were somehow concentrated into this single entity-this female. It was excruciating. Unbearable… The Supreme Kai cried out and released his mental hold. He fell to the floor, clutching his head in his hands.

"Supreme Kai!" Kibito cried out and placed his hands supportively on the Kai's shoulders. "What is it? What did you feel?"

"So…h-horrible…" he stuttered, his vision blurred from the water standing in his eyes. "I've never felt anything so HORRIBLE!" He screamed at the floor. "How can she endure it?!"

"Endure what?" Kibito asked frantically, his voice weighted with concern.

The Kai opened his mouth to speak, and then noticed three droplets of blood streaking his right hand. He choked as comprehension came upon him. "See this, Kibito?!" He flung his bleeding fist in his comrade's face. "THIS is from being subjected to her torture for mere seconds." He started to ramble, gasping in between words. "She was…coated in blood. Did you…see it?" He looked up and clutched his friend's vest. "She HAS no external wound. It's from tremendous spiritual trauma-it's causing her pores to secrete her life source!"

Kibito's eyes narrowed, then widened dramatically.

The Supreme Kai shrugged off his hands, and stumbled to his feet. "We have to get her out of there," he said as he wiped his eyes. "And teach her how to control it. The magnitude of her suffering is unparalleled. No living creature should be subjected to such torment."

"But what is she?"

The Supreme Kai paused, and locked stares with Kibito. "The last wish of a dying planet."