chapter 2:needleseed,escape

Assassin Roseglade ordered "LEIGHTEN! take our prisoners to the cage! and round up our horses we still got to get them to Needleseed to kill them!" Maggie looked up at this and she struggled to get lose then Roseglade saw this then pulled down her hood that darken her eyes she reveled dark long hair that reached the middle of her back and ocean blue eyes then she said "knock her out" then shawndy took the handle of her sword and knocked her out then the same to Mikey. then they dragged them to the cage and thrown them in the cage behind then horse drawn carriage then locked the door.

a few hours later Maggie woke up and looked out the window they where in lakeshore then she climbed over to Mikey "Mikey you ok?" then Mikey stirred and woke up with a moan of pain " head"

"yeah me to"

"where are we?"

"they stopped we are in lakeshore" Maggie answered

then she remembered the days in Lakeshore with her family and friends


Maggie was 6 years of age with her friends Mikey, Nell, and Maxine.(note:Maxine is assassin Roseglade anyhow where are my reviews ppl come on i need them or I'll die! anyway...) they were at Ty the ninja trainer talking to him when he told about his adventures then Mikey said "that was so cool so did you defeat the trolls?" then they heard Maggie's mom call "kids time to eat!" then they let out there awes and left.

After dinner Maggie sat on the rock facing the the lake then Mikey came out "what are you doing Maggie?"

"watching the fish jump SEE look!" then they saw a fish jump then Mikey sat down "hey Maggie what do you want to do when you grow up?"

"well i'm the princess i'm going to be the queen what about you?"

"i'm going to be the best soldier in the army! then i will be able to protect you of course!"

Maggie laughed "then you got a awhile Mikey" then she laid her head on his shoulder


then Mikey shook her shoulder "Maggie are you ok?" then she snapped out of it "yeah i'm fine" then they stopped and heard the leader yell "let them out and cuff them and don't let them leave your sight!" then they pulled them out and turned them around and pointed the gun-blades at them so they can cuff them then they fell to there knees then 2 people sat behind them the cuffs where ropes Maggie looked and thought i can cut these ropes hmmm... then she got her dagger out of her sleeve the people who guarded them where talking to the leader then she whispered "psst Mikey" then he gave a hmm and she said "we're escaping"


"now" then she cut her rope and worked on his rope and got it cut then she felt a blade come intact with her skin then sharp pain through her back it was Roseglade's blade going through her shoulder and back then Mikey screamed "MAGGIE!" then he pull his hand from behind and pulled her head on his lap (a/n: he is worried about her because they are friends) "!" then Roseglade put away her zanpakutō away "yeah what" then he was one the verge on cracking he wanted to grab his gun and shot her between the eyes but they took it he hated her so much he hurt his best friend the one who stuck with her then a memory came back in his head "i'm going to be the best soldier in the army! then i will be able to protect you of course!" he thought of it he is failing then he muttered "i will kill you"

"what was that little lover boy?"

"i'm not her lover i'm her best friend we stuck with each other sense Maxine disappeared and that fatal day 2 years ago we been through good and bad better or for worse"

"awe poor you i've lost people i loved to some group called Shadow of Darkness!" then he gasped


"a year ago remember that fatal day you and her killed him in one blow together!"then he remembered a year ago...


Panders and Nell were knocked out while Bruce treated the wounds. Maggie was still trying to get up from getting cut in the stomach. even after she was stabbed through the stomach and stabbed in the shoulders and was coughing out blood...she was on the verge of dying. they stood a few feet away from there enemies they had Maggie's and Mikey's blood all over the sword. Then Maggie said "Mikey what will we do?"

'what will we do' he thought then he thought of a move "we both swing at once" he whispered to her then she got the rest of the way up and grabbed her sword then they swung at one time at the man



"yeah and i still won't forgive you and her" then Mikey looked down at her

"oh well you'll die..." then she was interrupted by the gang jumping out and attacked then Bruce came over "I'll deal with her take my bow and fight do you know how?"

"a little"

"just pull back and let Sagittarius do the rest"

"ok" then he ran then he called out his power his power was artis or skill method his mark was a sword through a heart. Maggie was angustiae, or anguish and her mark was a a scar of the hurt. Nell was amare or love which was a heart. Bruce was Seracor or locked heart with a key. Jeff was ignis or fire and his mark was a fire. Panders was prima luce or daybreak light and her mark was light coming out of the sky.

then he pulled out the string and thousands of arrow came out at the ninjas then Pander came at them so did Nell. then the only one left that was Roseglade then she smirked and flashed stepped away. then a couple of minutes later Maggie woke up then Mikey ran over and hugged her...

Darkthorne was in her chair with a cup of tea just sitting there then a soldier came up then she scowled and said "what now?"

"your Majesty i came with news that Roseglade failed to kill the enemies" then she got up then walked up to him and slashed her tea in his face then he screamed in pain as the hot liquid came in contact with his skin "HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN! ugh..." then she rubbed her temple "i have idiots working for me! tell them to leave them alone till they come then i'll deal with them" the she had a evil smirk

when the gang reached Snowhill they were confused where is the stone? then Panders spoke up "oi! where is this stone?"

then Maggie said "one sec" then she jumped on top of the sign " they say when the war happened a thousand years ago the elves closed the barrier to protect themselves so they can have a peaceful world they took the stone with them so it will stay away from evil"

then Jeff said "so do we give up?" then she jumped down and grabbed his shirt then lifted him off the ground "why so your friends,family,love could die by war agony and pain!" for the first time in years she yelled at someone then she put him down "listen we can't give up we need to finish this by giving peace ok?" then she walked into Snowhill to get past the barrier then she said "alright Shadow of Darkness lets dance" then they ran to the barrier

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