by Nana


Whee! Welcome to my first Alternative Universe (AU) fic! It's filled with inconsistencies so please bear with me! I will have to look in deeper on Japanese high school customs. Will fix things up in a jiffy! I just had this weird idea and out popped this fanfic!

Disclaimer: Inu Yasha is absolutely the best manga there is, be it staged in the Sengoku Jidai as Rumiko Takahashi wants it, or in the immediate present as some of us would like it! Of course, it belongs 100% to the great Takahashi-sensei. This unworthy writer is just borrowing.


The girl stopped as the looming façade of Sengoku High School came into view. Like almost all high schools in Japan, it had stamped on it the generic, gray cement-and-stone look on the outside. In fact, it reminded her very much of her old high school, right down to the sound of the school bell as it heralded another busy day. Flocks of chattering students, the boys in sedate black, the girls in dark green-and-white uniforms, drifted by her.

She sighed, thinking it was inevitable. When her father was promoted to his firm's Tokyo office, of course it meant the family had to move to the metropolis. She should by all rights be thrilled.

Well, I am, she thought. Tokyo had been so much fun, albeit expensive. There were so many things to see, so many things to do and try out. She had enjoyed herself. But this was her first day in a new school, so of course she was nervous. Nothing strange about that, really.

But who knows what will await me behind these walls? The girl thought, brightly. It' s not really all that bad!

With this, sixteen year old Higurashi Kagome took a deep breath, and proceeded to march into her new alma mater.


Being a freshman certainly is trying at times, thought Kagome as she crossed the wide campus lawn to the other building.

Apparently, freshmen took their classes on the ground floor, in the annex building--not the front end of the school. This meant she was going to be a little late, as she had to ask around for the quickest way to get there, and to maneuver her way past the campus lawn, past the gymnaseum, the patch of trees which served as the botanical garden, and straight on into the annex building.

Judging from the way her path was devoid of people, Kagome could say classes were indeed starting. Oh, well…

With that, she tried to walk faster, swiftly covering the lawn, but as she reached for the trees in the Botanical Garden, she noted with some surprise that she was not the only one who was late. Leaning on the trunk of a huge tree was a boy.

A strange one, at that.

He had on the black uniform just as the rest of the boys did, but his hair was white, and he kept it long, to compare with school standards. He appeared to be…sleeping.

Now, Kagome could not say she was a snoop by nature, but she stopped anyway to take in this rather weird spectacle. The guy had his arms crossed on his chest, his chin tilting down to reach his chest, and his eyes were closed. His long white hair whispered gently across his face. He looked so… peaceful and still.

He really is sleeping…! Kagome thought, incredulously. Perhaps he doesn't know what time it is…

Stepping forward cautiously, she cleared her throat. "A-no…excuse me…" she said uncertainly. "Erm…you'd better hurry up or you'll be late for…"

She stopped when she realized the boy did not appear to have heard her. Standing there, Kagome could not help but feel…well, weird…

Never mind, she thought, annoyance starting to creep in. She resumed walking, away from the boy. It's bad enough to be late first day of school, there's no way I have to make myself extra late just because I have to go wake some weirdo who's taking a nap this early in the morning!


She stole a look back at the tree.

Who can he possibly be?


Kagome did manage to get to her class, and in no time at all was standing at the front of the blackboard while her homeroom teacher, Mrs. Kaede, introduced her around.

"Well, Higurashi, you may sit down. You can choose one of the vacant tables at the back," said the elderly teacher.

Kagome made her way to the back of the classroom amidst curious and interested murmurs.

She finally sat down near a girl whose long dark hair was tied up in a high ponytail. She leaned over to whisper to Kagome, "Hi, Higurashi-kun. It's nice to have you with us."

"Please, my name is Kagome," returned Kagome, smiling.

The girl smiled back. "I'm Mikagi Sango."

They didn't have much time to talk, as Mrs. Kaede took out their textbook and started the lesson by scrawling across the blackboard.

The hushed atmosphere didn't last, however, when the door to the room suddenly slid open.

Kagome turned to the direction where all heads had swiveled, and felt her mouth open in surprise.

There, framed against the doorway, was the strange white-haired boy she had seen earlier.


Dokyusei means "classmates" (