A/N: Hey, look at that! I finally got around to writing a sequel! Please forgive me for taking so long... The ideas for "Undercover" and "A Place To Call Home" just wouldn't leave me alone... But now I'm completely finished with "Undercover" and feel that I've written enough on "A Place To Call Home" that I can start this story and it won't interfere with that one.

Just as with the last story, I'm totally unsure of how I did writing the CSI team. Mostly Greg, because he's the CSI member that I focus on mainly in this story... Please let me know how I'm doing!

This story will be Reid-Centric and Greg-Centric 'cause I loves them both and that's just how I am... (I did mention in the other story how I tend to hurt the characters I love right? Well, if I didn't... I just did... expect it to be bad...)

WARNING: Oh, there will absolutely be violence in this story and some blood. Not too sure how long this one will be, but I promise, it won't be pretty...

"I know indeed what evil I intend to do, but stronger than all my afterthoughts is my fury, fury that brings upon mortals the greatest evils." -Euripides

Ch. 1: Verdict

Spencer Reid sat rigid in his chair as the juror began to read out the verdict, tense. The trial hadn't went as smoothly as it could have and he was worried. Across the court room, sitting just as anxiously as he was, was Michael Bradley. The man who had killed six innocent men, and kidnapped him and his father.

The man reading out the verdict was tall and imposing, he reminded Reid of Michael in a way. "We find the defendant, Michael Bradley," this was it, Reid sat forward, his elbows resting on his knees, eyes locked on the man. "Guilty of all charges."

A breath he hadn't realized he was holding whooshed out of his lungs. He felt a small, victorious smile spread across his face as he leaned back against the seat. Michael's reaction was almost violent, his eyes darkening in a very familiar way. Reid had to fight back a cringe of fear, remembering exactly what that dark look could lead to. The sound of chained fists slamming onto a table made everyone gasp, some people screamed. Reid flinched again, and stood from his chair, exiting the court room before all the reporters and media present could realize that he was one of the victims.

He scowled, thinking of that word always made him angry. He didn't want to think about himself as a victim, but he wasn't in denial enough to say that he wasn't. He just didn't like the entire thought. At least the nightmares weren't as bad as they'd been with Tobias…

Reid sighed and glanced down at his phone, wondering whether or not he should call his father… He'd told his dad that he was coming to Vegas for the trial, and he had agreed to meet with him the day after, but he wondered if he should call now and give him the news. Things had been better between the two of them in the last couple of months, but they were nowhere near close. He sighed and put the phone back in his pocket. He could tell his dad tomorrow when he saw him.

Shoving his hands into his pockets, Reid walked down the overly crowded streets of Las Vegas, his mind wandering back to the night he'd left the police station to get coffee and he hadn't come back. He shut his eyes for a moment, trying to block the memories. Michael was going to jail now, probably for life… Murdering six men and kidnapping two more was definitely a crime worthy of that much, if not more.

He looked around the streets, spotting tourists quickly and smiling, thinking back to his childhood. If he wasn't reading or at school, Reid would go to the library and sit for hours, sometimes reading, most of the time people watching. He would make up stories for who they were and what they were doing… He always found it easy to pick the natives and tourists apart from one another, having grown up in the large city.

He let his mind wander a little, trying to think of something to do with the rest of the day. He'd visited his mother earlier that morning, having felt even more guilty than usual that he hadn't visited her during his last trip to Vegas. Not that it had been entirely his fault; he'd been kidnapped and locked in a man's basement for a good portion of the trip.

He was debating yet again on whether or not he should call his father when a small bookstore caught his eye. Smiling, he decided yet again, the call to his father could wait. He pushed gently against the door, the clinging of a tiny bell announcing his entrance.

There weren't very many people in the shop, a couple of tourists who were browsing through the romance/adventure section and the store clerk were about it. Reid made his way to the Sci-Fi books, eager to see what the old store had to offer.

Greg sighed, walking a little dejectedly down the street. He was supposed to have been on a date with a girl he'd met the week before, Ashley Neely. But she'd had to cancel at the last minute, leaving him dateless and alone. He pulled out his phone and stared at it, somehow wishing that there would be a case so he'd have something to do.

He realized it was sort of morbid for him to wish that there was a case, considering that almost always meant that someone had died and he and the rest of the team would have to go over the crime scene and analyze evidence, but he didn't really have much else to do.

He glanced up at a small store as he was walking by and stopped, sighing. He hadn't read a book in a while… he didn't have anything else to do, so he might as well try to find one while he had the time. He pushed the door to the small shop open and entered, the familiar smell of books greeting him.

There weren't too many people in the store, the clerk smiled at him kindly and two women were browsing through the romance novels. There was a taller man looking through the Science Fiction books, but that was - "Reid?" Greg called, frowning.

The other man looked up, holding a thick book in his hands. "Greg, hey," Reid smiled, surprised to see him there. He hadn't talked to anyone on the CSI team in a while. He wondered briefly if they knew about the trial.

"What are you doing here?" Greg asked, walking over to the man. "Another case?"

Reid laughed and shook his head, "No, things have been surprisingly quiet for the past couple of weeks." he said. "Just a few pretty easy cases. Michael's trial was finished today… I decided to come hear the verdict while things were still calm at the BAU."

"Oh, that's right, I forgot about the trial!" Greg said, remembering suddenly. "How'd it go? I heard his lawyer was contesting his confession because of 'police brutality' and some other nonsense."

"He was, but it didn't matter. We had DNA evidence linking him to the crimes, thanks to you and your team. He was found guilty on all counts."

Greg nodded, "Good… bastard deserves to go away forever for what he did. Are you gonna go to the sentencing?"

Reid shrugged, "No, I just took a couple of days off to come visit my mom and find out how the trial went."

"Right, I forgot your mom lives here too. Have you been keeping in touch with your dad?" Greg asked. "You two seemed to be getting closer before you went back to Quantico."

"We talk sometimes…" Reid said slowly. "It's not exactly easy to, uh, establish a real relationship with him after twenty years, but… it's definitely an improvement."

Greg nodded, glad to hear that. He didn't want to butt in where he wasn't welcome, but he'd hoped Reid and his father could patch things up after the kidnapping. He'd been in the hospital the day Reid had been discharged and had seen the look on William's face. He was a man full of guilt, regret and hope.

"Good," he said. Then he smiled, "Seen any good Sci-Fi movies lately?"

Reid grinned, "There was one movie I've been wanting to see, but with work, traveling and all, I haven't had the time yet. I have read a few good books though…"

He squinted his eyes against the sun, pushing his sunglasses farther up his nose, walking down the streets. He spotted the small book store and grinned, there it was. The place where it had happened. A scowl formed across his face then. She hadn't deserved that.

He reached a hand into his long overcoat, and ran a hand over the gun inside. She had been innocent, completely innocent. His lips tightened as he pushed the door open. It had been a year since it had happened. It was time for someone to pay.