Ziva woke early in the morning with Tony snuggled beside her. Her head was gently resting on his chest, her arm wrapped around him and Tony's arm wrapped tightly but, gently around her waist. Every morning they woke up in the same position, every morning. They had been married for 9 weeks now and every thing was perfect. Ziva looked up at Tony's sleeping face, his hair was a mess and his mouth slightly open. Ziva smiled, I'm Mrs. DiNozzo, and I love it, she thought. She laid there a little while longer before deciding she should go for her morning run. Ziva untangled herself from Tony gently, kissed his forehead lightly and slipped into the bathroom.

Ziva suddenly felt a rush of nausea sweep over her, her stomach was twisting and churning and she knew she was about to be sick. She leaned over the toilet bowl and emptied her stomach contents. After finishing Ziva washed out her mouth and then it hit her. "What if I'm pregnant" she thought.
Ziva ran into the kitchen and check the calendar for the little "p" sign she wrote on there. She searched through the calendar, she found the little "p" sign wrote on a Friday 9 weeks back. Ziva suddenly panicked, how could you have not noticed, its been 9 weeks! Well life has been pretty good recently and that didn't cross my mind, she thought and agreed with herself.

Thoughts were invading Ziva's brain, their is a chance I'm pregnant, a really good chance actually. It was the night of the wedding, that night, Ziva smiled. I need to be sure, but first Tony needs to know.

Ziva crept back into the bedroom where her sleeping husband lay. She smiled at his figure, he was know stretched out in the bed, mouth know wide open. He was always in the same postion when she came back from her run, knowing that she had gone for her ritual run. Well not today, she thought.
She sat down on the bed near him. Ziva gently brushed her hand against Tony's cheek, to gently wake him up. Tony only groaned and continued sleeping. "Tony, Tony, I need to talk to you" Ziva said softly, smiling.
He groaned once again, but again stayed asleep. Desperate times call for desparate centimetres, Ziva thought, or was it desparate measure, OH nevermind, wake Tony, she argued with herself.

"DiNozzo, what d'ya got" Ziva shouted, in her best Gibbs voice.
Tony instantly woke from his deep slumber and jumped up on the bed "I wasn't sleeping Boss, err just merely resting my-" Tony shouted and then realised he was safe in his home.
Ziva began laughing, a sight like that never happened often, know back to the task in hand, she ordered herself.
"Ziva its 5:46, I still could a slept for another 14 minutes" Tony groaned, sitting back down on the bed next to his wife, running his hand through his bed-head.
"I am sorry, my little hairy butt. But, there is something I need to tell you" Ziva spoke gently.
"What is it, are you okay, cause if your not-" Tony spoke quickly and worriedly.
Ziva cut off his rambling "No everything is fine, its actually wonderful really".
"What is it" Tony asked softly, knowing nothing was truly wrong.
"I think I may be, well everything seems to point in that direction and I think-" Ziva rambled this time, Tony cut her off.
"Pointing in what direction" he asked, confused.
"I think I may be" Ziva took a long pause and breathed deeply "pregnant" she finished.

Tony stared at her in amazement! I'm gonna be a daddy, Daddy DiNozzo, yeah that works, he thought. Answer Ziva you tit, answer her, Tony screamed at himself.
"P-pregnant" he stumbled "as in having a b-baby" he asked.
"Yes" Ziva whispered, thinking that he did not want a baby, she wanted a child so much. Something to love and hold and cherish for the rest of her life. To give a child a perfect childhood, with people around them who love them dearily. But know she thought maybe she would not be able to, she thought Tony didn't want to be a father, until his next words.
"THAT'S AMAZING" Tony shouted "I'M GONNA BE A DADDY, I'M GONNA BE A DADDY! WERE GONNA HAVE A LITTLE BABY RUNNING AROUND" He shouted again, jumping up from the bed and prancing about the bedroom.

Ziva was utterly shocked, he wants to be a dad, he wants to cherish this child like I do and I love him for it. This baby is going to have an amazing father.
Tony then calmed down and sat down next to Ziva and took her hand in his.
"Your not sure yet, are you" Tony said gently.
"No not yet, but when I woke up I felt dizzy and then I threw up. Then I checked that I was 9 weeks late" Ziva replied calmly.
"Late" Tony asked, confused.
"Yes Tony, 9 weeks late" Ziva replied wondering why he was confused.
Then it clicked in his mind, late, pregnant, wedding night, that night. A happy smile crossed his lips.
"What are you smiling about" Ziva asked a hint of wonder in her voice.
"9 weeks ago, our wedding night" Tony replied cheekily, love also flooded his eyes.
"I know, our wedding night" Ziva smiled and sighed happily.
A comfortable filled the night, Ziva laid her head into Tony's lap, still holding his hand and Tony gently ran his fingers through her silky, brown curls.

"Tony" Ziva asked quietly.
"Yeah Zi" Tony replied.
"What happens if I am pregnant, do you want a baby? I am ready, but I want to be sure you are to. I've always loved the idea of having a little child to hold and love for all its life, but if your not ready I understand" Ziva whispered calmly.
"Yes Zi, I really want a baby. I'm ready too. To be honest, I never thought of having kids, not with anyone. But since being with you, your the only person I would ever think to have a child with. I mean it would be great having a little DiNozzo, running around. And look how many people it will have around them to love them, Daddy DiNozzo, Mommy David-DiNozzo, Grandpa Gibbs, Grandpa Ducky, Aunt Abby and Uncle Mcgee. Come on we'd be a heck of a family" Tony laughed.
Ziva smiled at him naming all the names, it was perfect.
"So your happy about having a child" Ziva asked excitedly.
"Of course, but we gotta be sure first" Tony said.
"I'll buy a test on the way to work" Ziva smiled. "But what if I'm not pregnant" Ziva whispered.
"Then we'll try again, no harm done" Tony assured her.
Ziva jumped up from his lap and on to the wooden floor. "I love you Tony, so much" Ziva smiled.
Tony rose from the bed to, he picked Ziva up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, he placed a gentle but passionate kiss on her lips. "I love you too Mrs. DiNozzo" he grinned, before carrying her to the shower.

Two hours later they were sat at their desks at work. The pair had picked up a pregnancy test before work. Well the story is that Ziva went into the chemist alone, while Tony waited in the car. She told him he'd only get confused picking a test. He said buy two just in case, to be sure. Ziva went into the chemist and actually bought 8, just to be positive. The woman at the checkout laughed lightly at her and Ziva replied saying "just to be sure".

They were interrogating a Mr. James Peterson, the team knew he killed Petty Officer Michael Wilson, but he was denying it. Gibbs had gone down to see Ducky so the coast was clear, Ziva nodded at Tony and she left her desk and headed towards the ladies room. A few minutes later Tony followed her, Mcgee noticed but said nothing.

In the bathroom Tony and Ziva were waiting for the results, Ziva had done two tests but knew later she was going to the other 6 later.
"Come on, how long do those things take" Tony groaned, they had been waiting for 30 seconds, another 2 1/2 to go.
"They take 3 minutes Tony, calm down" Ziva chuckled nervously.
"God this is nerve wrecking" Tony sighed.
"I know" Ziva whispered, another 2 minutes to go.
Then at all times, Tony's phone rang. He groaned and answered "DiNozzo".
"Tony, Gibbs wants us to meet him down in Abby's lab" Mcgee spoke.
Tony groaned again "Now" Tony asked. Ziva knew Gibbs probably wanted them.
"Now" Mcgee repeated.
Ziva looked at Tony and mouthed "Go, I'll be okay" she then smiled.
"Okay meet you in 5" Tony replied before hanging up.

"You sure you'll be okay, I'll wait" Tony asked.
"No, I'm fine. I will come and tell you as soon as their done" Ziva smiled.
Tony smiled back, kissed her on the forehead and then quickly left.
"Crap, I don't know, where he's going" Ziva mumbled to herself. Ziva looked down at her watch 3 minutes had passed. She took a deep breath and unwrapped each test from the toilet paper. Ziva looked down at the two test, they both said positive. I'm pregnant, Ziva's mind yelled. I'm pregnant, I'm going to have a baby!

A huge smile spread across Ziva's face, "I'm pregnant" She sighed, happily. Well just to be extra positive she thought, and pulled out the other 6 tests. Ziva did everyone and placed them in paper and next to the sink. Tony's going to be over the moon, I am! There's going to be little one joining our loving, but dysfunctional family her mind happily thought.

Three minutes passed again, Ziva unwrapped each of the six tests, all of them read the word positive. I'm really pregnant, I'm definitely pregnant, Ziva's mind screamed and smile spread right across her face.

"I have to tell Tony" Ziva excitedly whispered, grabbed all 8 tests and ran out of the bathroom. She hid the tests in her deep pockets, and quickly but carefully ran around trying to find Tony and the team.

She checked the squad room, no the weren't there. Ziva then checked to see if the teams two Chargers were there, yes they were, so they hadn't left the building. Ziva then bumped into the janitor Paul.
"Paul" Ziva panted "Have you seen... Tony.. or anyone..".
"Err, yeah they are all down in Abby's lab, well they were five minutes ago, anyway" Paul answered, wondering why Ziva was in such a rush.
"Thanks" Ziva smiled and run towards the elevator. She quickly pressed Level 3 and waited for the doors to close. "Come on, faster. Come on" Ziva tried to hurry the doors. They then slowly closed, the elevator seemed to descend slower than usual.
"Come on. Come on faster you stupid piece of metal" Ziva cursed. She paced the elevator several times before it stopped. As the doors slowly pulled apart Ziva slipped through the small gap.

Ziva heard voices coming from Abby's lab, she recognised them all. Abby's, Gibbs's, Tony's, Mcgee's and Ducky's, why Ducky was there she did not know, but she didn't worry about that. Ziva quickly ran into Abby's lab and jumped into Tony's arms, she wrapped her legs around his waist and cried happy tears.
The team looked on in amazement no clue to why Ziva was so happy.

"You are" Tony asked, already knowing the answer.
"Yes" Ziva yelled happily.
Tony gently kissed Ziva's lips then pulled away "For real yes" He asked again.
"YES Tony, for real yes" Ziva yelled at him.
"Okay then yes it is" Tony smiled, he felt so happy and excited, I'M A DADDY, his mind screamed.
"And I have proof" Ziva smiled, pulling out all eight pregnancy tests which all read positive.
"Eight, I thought you bought two" Tony asked, confused.
"I wanted to be sure" Ziva chuckled, and Gibbs and Ducky also joined in too.

Gibbs and Ducky had more or less worked it out, and were very happy for them. Although Abby and Mcgeedidn't quite get the picture, although it was sitting right there on a silver platter for them. Ziva had eight pregnancy tests in her hand for crying out loud!
"Yes what, what's all the yes's about" Abby squealed.
Ziva looked at Tony and he nodded in agreement "I'm pregnant" Ziva announced. Abby squealed louder again.
"P-Pregnant" Mcgee stuttered "As in having a baby".
"Yes McDuh, unless she hatches a egg" Tony said in his well-duh-that's-obvious- voice.
"I'm so happy for you" Abby squealed, pulling Ziva away from Tony and wrapping her in a huge hug.
"Thank you Abby" Ziva chuckled and hugged back.

Gibbs came over to Tony and shook his hand "Congratulations Tony" Gibbs smiled.
"Thanks boss" Tony grinned back.
"You hurt her-" Gibbs started but was cut off.
"or this baby, and I'll hurt you so bad that your grand-kids, grand-kids could feel it" Tony finished, reciting Gibbs's exact words.
"Glad you get the picture. You'll be a good dad DiNozzo" Gibbs told him.
"Will I boss" Tony asked not to sure, of course he'd stand by his child and love it, but whether he'd be a good dad he didn't know.
"Yes" Gibbs simply, but truthfully answered.

Tony nodded and smiled, then Ducky, Mcgee and Abby enveloped him in hugs and congrats. Gibbs went over to Ziva and wrapped her in a hug.
He whispered into her ear "Congratulations Ziver".
"Thank you Gibbs, I'm really happy, Tony's gonna be a great Dad" Ziva replied.
"I know and you will be a great mother" Gibbs answered, pulling away, but staying close.
"How do you know" Ziva asked, in a wondrous tone.
"My gut and the fact your great with kids" Gibbs smiled. Ziva then smiled back.
"Thank you Gibbs" Ziva spoke. Gibbs nodded but did not reply.

"OMG-YOUR-HAVING-A-KID" Abby rambled.
"Yes Abby, were having a baby" Ziva chuckled.
"How long, details woman, I need details" Abby yelled.
"9 weeks, I think, I'm not sure yet, need to book an appointment with a midwife" Ziva answered.
"And we need to go shopping! Baby clothes, prams, cots, diapers, wipes! You need the lot" Abby rambled.
"Whoa Abbs, she's only 9 weeks, I mean there's plenty of time...right" Tony asked slightly wondering how fast and slow the pregnancy will go.
Gibbs smirked and headed for the door before he left he shouted back "Flashes by like lighting DiNozzo" Gibbs chuckled.
"WHOA" Ziva and Tony mumbled.
"Boss you going to crack Peterson" Tony asked but no reply came, which probably meant yes.
"I must be off know but my congratulations again" Ducky smiled.
"Thanks Ducky" Tony smiled back, Ducky nodded then left.

"Come on Ziva you need to book an appointment" Abby moaned, shoving the phone into Ziva's hand.
"Okay, okay. I'll go book one know" Ziva sighed, taking the phone and moving into Abby's barely used office.

"So your really having a baby" Mcgee sighed.
"Yeah Mcgee, unless Ziva gives birth to a hamster" Tony joked.
"Okay cool head" Mcgee chuckled "Who would've thought, Tony DiNozzo having a kid".
"I know, but you'll be a great Daddy" Abby added, jumping into Tony's arms.
"I've been told that allot today" Tony lightly chuckled.

Ziva returned from Abby's office, she had made the call and everything was set.
"You got an appointment" Abby asked excitedly.
"Yes, tomorrow at two" Ziva replied, not breaking eye contact with Tony.

"Well then tomorrow awaits" Tony sighed and the group of co-workers/friends/family sat in Abby's lab for hours talking while Gibbs was cracking the murder in interrogation. What a dysfuncional, loving family this precious child would be born into.

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