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31st December, 2009

He stood at the bottom of the stairs, smirking, and then he laughed.

"I'm going to kill you Edward." I whispered, watching my footing as I stepped down the stairs to the hallway.

"If you were in that I wouldn't mind!" He laughed, and swung his arm around me. I scowled; it was his fault that I was dressed up as a rabbit for New Year's Eve. Yes, New Years Eve – since when do you dress up as a rabbit for a New Year? When I say rabbit I do not mean one of those sexy, slutty bunny rabbit outfits you see in movies like Legally Blonde and Mean Girls. Oh no, I mean a giant, pink, lumpy rabbit outfit you see Chandler on Friends wearing at Halloween. It was his entire fault, and he got out lucky – dressing as a vampire i.e. wearing vampire teeth and a black cloak – whilst he had given my official 'dresser up-er' the idea. I don't even know how he managaed to pursuade Alice to make me wear this thing, but Edward was insistent. I really, honestly didn't get it... Alice would have usually wanted me to wear the kind of sexy, slutty rabbit outfit that you so often see in American movies.

"This isn't a laughing matter." I said, hitting him with the large inflatable carrot that I was provided with.

"I think it is." I heard him mutter, and then we entered the most desired party of the year. In Laurens house.

"Ed!" People greeted him, whilst I flushed in embarrassment. I was not very popular, and dressed as a bloody rabbit, whilst Edward looked cool, and was liked by everyone – especially girls.

"So glad you could make it!" Lauren greeted Edward, hugging him tightly. "And Bella." She said, looking me up and down. I thought my head might explode. As Lauren waltzed off I glared at Edward again, but he was looking after Lauren.

"Yes Edward. A girl." I mocked him, elbowing him a bit harder than necessary. It was his entire fault this was so awful.

"I was imagining her…" He trailed off, and I mocked being sick, "in your costume." He smiled and laughed. I pushed him lightly, ignoring the fact that his body hardly moved.

"I hate you." I muttered.

"Hate you too." He said sweetly, kissing my hand. I scoffed.

"I can't believe you have done this to me." I said, looking down at myself.

"I think you look cute." I thought I heard him say, but when I looked up he was smirking, so I must've imagined it.

"This is so embarrassing." I said, folding my arms over my chest in an attempt to look less stupid. I glanced down to survey my chunky outfit, and just then a completely drunk third-year, stumbled past me, precariously holding a jug of what looked like punch. As it wobbled dangerously, Edward muttered,

"Cor, and she's only thirteen!" Edward scowled, though I could hear the undesirable smile in his voice.

Suddenly, the girl tripped over Jessica Stanley's feet (which I think she stuck out intentionally) and her drink came flying my way. This isn't even a joke. The jug spun toward me (it seemed to be in slow-motion) and soaked my costume. It also kind of hurt as the glass bounced off my chest, and smashed on the floor.

"Oh, shit. Bella." I heard Edward say, whilst he suppressed his laughter when he realised that I wasn't hurt. People began to turn around; to laugh cruelly. I don't blame them; I probably would have done the same thing.

"If you don't get me out of here in two seconds I will honestly kill you," I threatened Edward. He chuckled before he saw my dead-serious face, and then hurried me out of the door.

We were soon out on the street, me soaking wet and stinking, him laughing uncontrollably.

"And then it came, and it spun, and it went whack! Bella it soaked you!" Was he drunk? I knew this already and didn't fancy hearing it again.

"Shut up." I said, poking him in the ribs.

"Fine. Sorry, Bella. It's just, well, you do look quite funny!" He snickered, "but okay, you're soaking." He thought for a moment, before stopping, and standing behind me. He checked each way, and then I felt the zipper of my costume being undone. I jumped forward.

"WOAH! WHAT?" I screamed, watching Edward's comical face. He was stunned.

"Aren't you wearing anything under that?" He asked, puzzled.


"Oh, I presumed you were."

"Well I'm not."

"I understand that now. Shall I do it up?" He smirked, and I slowly walked back toward him, whilst he found the zip.

"Just for the records, why were you unzipping my rabbit outfit?"

"Because," he muttered as though it were the most obvious thing in the world, "you must be cold because of the drink." I knew he was blushing, I could tell.

"Oh." I mumbled. I felt kind of bad then, he was only trying to be helpful. "Well, I'm wearing a vest underneath, and boxer short type things." I admitted in a whisper, now feeling the sticky liquid seep through.

"Shall I?" His voice was embarrassed, he was hesitant. He was no good at being around girls.

"Alright, if you give me your cloak or something."

"Sure." He quickly untied his cloak, and I saw out of the corner of my eye, him drop it onto the floor. My costume was off quickly and soon I was absolutely freezing, so cold that I – without thinking – leapt into Edward's arms.

"Sorry!" I yelped, letting his body heat warm me up. He chuckled and draped the cloak around my waist, so it was tied up like a skirt. He put me down and smiled.

"Shut up. I still haven't forgiven you." I said, waggling a finger at him, as he took his jumper off and put it round my shoulders.

"Thanks." I had to give it to him, he was being thoughtful.

"S'alright." He shrugged and we began to walk up the deserted street again, he draped his arm around my shoulders and I felt an odd feeling that I've never felt with Edward before. It began to rain, but I didn't really notice, we were walking quickly and I couldn't really feel it much. What rain I could feel, I ignored. I would prefer to be soaking wet in this outfit, than inside a rabbit; embarrassed and looking like a five year old.

"Erm… Eddie, where are we going?" I asked after about ten minutes of wandering around at night.

"Well… ahem…" He trailed off, and I looked at him sternly. He was going to answer.

"Yes…?" I prompted him, looking around to check where we were – I didn't recognise anything.

"Nowhere." He said, blushing. Why was he blushing? I looked up at him, pouting like crazy, my eyes all wide like a puppy. I didn't think it would work but suddenly he looked away and spoke quickly.

"Well, my parents own a small cottage just outside Forks, and I was kind of taking you there – you see we were near it anyway. Alice, Jasper and Emmett are also going there after the party." A cottage?

"Oh. Cool." I said; why was he embarrassed about that? I looked up at him, but he blushed again. What was with him?

"Well, anyway, I don't think we'll be able to make it." He said, and shot a look down at me. I looked down for the first time since he had dressed me (I really didn't want to know what I looked like) and was shocked. Well, first of all I was shocked, but that shock quickly and painfully subsided into embarrassment.

"Crap." I muttered. My vest top, which was white in the first place, was now drenched, my blue bra showing up easily.

"Sorry." I said, crossing my arms whilst my face and neck got hot with embarrassment.

"Don't worry. I'm sorry I didn't tell you, its just there's nothing you can do about it and I knew it would embarrass you…" he said, looking into my eyes. I did not fail to notice his eyes dropping to have a 'sneaky' look at my chest.

"Edward!" I yelled, hitting him on the arm. He laughed, but blushed once again before looking at the floor. Crikey, he was touchy and sensitive tonight.

"Also, you look pretty tired," he noted. He was very observant as well. It was quite nice. He flashed me a grin that sent the strangest electric pulse through my body, and I wobbled around dangerously. Edward laughed, as he supported me. I actually was quite tired, but I needed to get to this cottage to see what Edward was blushing about.

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