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Light screamed, shooting straight up in his bed. For a moment he sat and shook, trying to dislodge from his mind what he knew had to have been a dream. Had to be. In fact, he knew it was, because they couldn't really be dead; they were the only family he had. It didn't work like that in real life. Things that terrible and unfair only happened in movies and Shakespearian tragedies, not to little boys with futures like his.

Despite his genius mind, he could not convince himself that no meteor had smashed into his parent's bedroom, killing them both instantly in some unnecessarily bloody and disturbing way. Even if he had proven that he was smarter than both of his parents (put together), he still had the overactive imagination of a child, and he had to go check. Just to see. Because, strictly speaking, a meteoric collision wasn't impossible...

He squirmed out of his twisted sheets and sprinted to his parent's room. He opened the door and peeked in quietly. He didn't want to wake them, after all, since they were probably fine. They were always nice about it when he got scared and wanted to sleep with them, but still.

It was dark, and his parents looked undisturbed- definitely not smashed and fried by some terrible flaming rock from space. Still, though, for some reason he couldn't understand, sweat gathered on his forehead and his heart rate picked up a bit. Something was wrong.

He approached his mother's side of the bed carefully, putting a small hand on her arm and shaking. "Mom? I had a nightma-"

He never finished that sentence.

His mother's form was still, not breathing, unblinking. She was staring blankly at the ceiling, her lifeless eyes glazed but wide-open. Soichiro was crumpled on the floor, his back against the wall. His jaw had fallen open and blood leaked from a hole in his chest.

Light knew instinctively that they were dead.

His eyes started to tear up until his attention was forced to the window as it shattered.

Two men were trying to escape through it, even though they were on the second story. Hands came out of nowhere and pushed Light to the floor- a third man that Light hadn't seen, who he had been standing right next to and not noticed in the darkness. How had he not seen him? The man was huge!

He looked up at him from the floor, his eyes wide as saucers, terrified into silence. The man took a step towards him.

The others were making their escape, already halfway out the window. "Hurry up, Carl!" one of them said anxiously. "We gotta get outta here! Kill the kid or leave him, but do it now!"

"We'll let 'em live. Let 'em suffer as payback to Officer Yagami interferin' with our shipment."

"Whatever, just come the fuck on!"

"I wanna talk to 'em."

"We're leaving!" the other man said. 'Carl' waved dismissively and they disappeared from sight.

The huge man took another step towards Light, who scurried backwards until he hit the wall that his father happened to be propped up against.

"Enjoy your life, kid. Growing up without your parents will either kill ya or make ya pretty damn strong. Look what it did for me! You should thank me."

Police sirens, getting louder. A neighbor must have called the cops after hearing the sound of breaking glass, especially when they knew that their neighbor Soichiro Yagami was in charge of the task force that had just taken out one of the biggest heroin cartels in the country.

Carl gave Light one final look, a crazed, stoned smile, and then swung himself out the window to join his comrades in their escape.

The clock struck midnight. Light was officially five years old.

Light screamed.