AUTHOR'S NOTES: Ok so here's the sequel! But let me clear a few things: Yes the "blood" thing does seem a little Eric/Sookie from True Blood but that's not the only show/book that says that when a person has vampire blood they're bonded, so I made it happen in the VD universe though I don't know if the author has the sam thing true for her vampires. And since Bonnie willingly took the blood, she is more close to him whether she likes it or not.

Bonnie felt the sun shining on her, even though she had not yet opened her eyes she knew it was morning and it was time to get up. Though something about the day before was telling her that was not a good idea. She couldn't quite place what it was though...

Her eyes opened to find no other than Damon Salvatore grinning across from her, his head resting in his hand as he waved. "Hello, Ms. Bennett."

"Oh my god!" Bonnie shot up from her bed and moved as far across the room as she could. Her back was against the wall as she stared at the vampire in shock. "Please tell me I did NOT have sex with you!"

Damon frowned, "Geez, Bonnie, you always this graceful in the mornings?" He watched as she continued to stare at him, forcing her brain to remember how and why he was in her room right now. "You need to calm down. You're father is still here and if he hears you screaming like a maniac..."

"HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET IN MY HOUSE!" She shouted, running a hand through her hair. "Please tell me we didn't fuck!"

"Wow, vulgar words in the morning too? I like." Damon sat up on her bed, patting the space next to him. "Sit down, witch, and we'll talk about why I'm here."

"I invited you in?" She asked, "Why the hell would I invite you in?"

"Are you even listening to me?" Damon asked, annoyed. He watched as she continued to ramble to herself. If he hadn't known any better he'd say his blood drove the witch insane.

A knock at the door shook Bonnie out of her thoughts. Damon looked at the door expectantly, mouthing a 'I told you so' to Bonnie.

"Bonnie? You ok? I heard screaming?" It was her dad. She panicked, rushing over to Damon to hide him some where but she was too late. The door began to open and the only thing she thought was to sit on him, maybe her dad wouldn't notice. Bonnie quickly pushed Damon down on his back and laid on top of him, her father looking at the both of them in anger.

"H-hey, daddy!" She forced an innocent grin. Stupid, stupid, stupid! She really needed her coffee because mornings her brain was not functioning right!

"What the hell is this? Who is he?" Mr. Bennett asked angrily. He watched Damon grin up at his daughter, his arms wrapping around her body. "Who is he?"

"Um..." Bonnie took Damon's hands off her, flushing a dark red. "Daddy this is..."

"Damon Salvatore, sir." Damon finally spoke up. "I'm dating your daughter." Bonnie rolled off of him as he got up and began to make his way over to her father. She laid on her back trying to remember if she ever really agreed to being Damon's girlfriend.

"Aren't you too old to be dating my daughter?" Mr. Bennett asked suspiciously, "And why are you in her room? I do not accept men in my daughter's room!"

"I was just making sure she made it home safe last night...the storm was horrible...I must've passed out. I promise you we did nothing!"

Her father was not convinced, and Damon was in no mood to play 'perfect innocent gentleman'.

"Look," Damon began, his pupils shrinking. "We did nothing. Now you're gonna go on your lovely way to work right now. There's no need to worry about your daughter's new and very attractive boyfriend."

Bonnie rolled her eyes as her father did as Damon told him too. There was no way she was going to let Damon make a habit at compelling her dad.

"Don't make a habit out of that." She finally said. She got up and made her way to him, poking him hard in the chest with her finger. "Now you can tell me why and how you got in my room!"

"You invited me in, witch."


"Yuh huh!" Damon replied, "I walked you to your door like a gentleman and you said 'Oh, Damon, you're so sexy! Well you please come inside my house so we can have great supernatural sex!'." Bonnie shot him a look. "Ok maybe you didn't say all that but you did invite me in."

"So...did we?"

"Huh? You gotta be a little specific when you talk to me. Short attention span."

Bonnie sighed, "Did we have sex?"

"Oh." Damon winked at her, "Not yet."

"Thank god!" She said in relief. The last thing she needed was to explain to Elena and Stefan about how she had sex with she wouldn't even remember!


"Elena!" Bonnie yelled, remembering it was Elena's turn to drive them to school. Her panic came back again as she looked at Damon.

"Gonna lay on me again?" He asked.

"I gotta go! I'm not even dressed or anything! Ugh!" Damon watched in amusement as Bonnie ran around her room, grabbing scattered items. She ran to her bathroom and quickly changed.

Damon looked at his watch. Five minutes later the door swung open and Bonnie ran past him and down her stairs. Not bothering to say bye.

"I'll miss you too!" He shouted after her as he heard her slam the front door.

"Hey Bonnie! You look...nice..." Elena greeted her friend, taking in her messy attire.

"Just drive, Elena. For the love of God, just drive!"

Without another word, Elena stepped on the gas.