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Damon glanced at Bonnie as he continued driving down the road. It was nearly six o'clock and he was sure Elena and Stefan were put in their cells...well that was unless Stefan actually used his brain and compelled the cops to let them go. Then again Damon doubted his brother would've thought of that. He wasn't the sharpest knife in the kitchen.

"You gonna talk to me any time soon?" He asked, breaking the annoying silence. He got it. She was pissed that he put more blood in her, forcing her to want to stay around him longer. He couldn't help it though, the witch was stubborn. She probably would've tried to run off first chance she got and he wasn't going to have her good conscience ruin their day together.

Bonnie sighed, "How would you like it if I put a spell on you forcing you to like me?"

He shrugged, "You wouldn't have to put a spell on me because I already told you I like you. Geez, talk about low self esteem, Bonnie."

"You're turning this into a totally different thing!" She replied. "You don't understand! Now how am I suppose to know what I'm feeling is really me...or your stupid icky blood!"

"Icky blood? She's reverted back to elementary." Damon muttered to himself, his eyes back on the road. "Ok, witch, think of it this way. How did you feel before when we were on the beach together and you kissed me?"

"You turned your face!"

"And you didn't stop it!"

She crossed her arms angrily and shot a stubborn look out the window. She did not wanna talk to him anymore and she definitely did not, could not, look at him.

"I don't understand you, Bonnie." He continued, becoming irritated with her denial. "We had fun and you always find some way to claim it's not you actually enjoying it or it's somehow my fault. You need to just let go already."

"Let go?" She asked, shocked, "Wow coming from you that's kinda weird...seeing as you spent decades looking for Katherine, who by the way wanted nothing to do with you, and tortured and ruined lives for nothing! You need to let go! I need to learn how to say no to a crazy vampire!"

Damon quickly stepped on the brakes, causing Bonnie to shoot forward but stopping once her seat belt held her back.

"Are you insane?"

"Look, witch," He growled turning to her, "Katherine has nothing to do with what's going on right now between me and you. Do not think you bringing her up will change anything about how I feel about you! Got it?"

Bonnie's jaw dropped as she stared at a very serious Damon. This was a change from how he was acting earlier, any humor or witty remarks from him was gone. She was confused.

"What do you want from me?" She asked in a small whisper. Her hazel eyes searching his cold blue ones for an understanding. She didn't understand how her hate for him turned into this so quick...what ever this was.

His face softened at her question. What did he want from her? He thought he just wanted some one to pester because Elena and Stefan were getting boring and the other people of Mystic Falls were no fun...but now he had no clue.

"You ok? Didn't get hurt when I stopped did you?" He asked instead.

Bonnie shook her head. "You completely just ignored my question, Damon."

"You! Bonnie, I want you! I don't anything from you ok?" He yelled his eyes turned back to the road as he drove off once again. He felt her eyes on him still but there was no way he was going to give her the satisfaction of looking at her because right now he couldn't control his emotions. He knew he should've shut them off again.

Bonnie frowned, her gut making her feel an emotion she didn't wanna feel. "I'm sorry, Damon...I know you're trying and I'm being a bitch and not making it any easier for you. If I knew how to be any different I would."

"I don't want you any different. You're the only person who really puts me in my place. Elena and Stefan try but I realized making them angry is more fun than listening to them...when it comes to you it's different. I enjoy bothering you a different way."

Bonnie smirked, "How so?"

"I enjoy trying to get in your pants."

She playfully hit him. "Teenage girl here, remember? I'm use to that everyday."

He gave her a disgusted look. "Yeah...really didn't need to image of guys like Mutt and Ty-loser hitting on you. You can do way better...like an older guy..."

"Like Stefan?" Bonnie asked hopefully, she laughed when Damon shot her the biggest death look ever. "I'm just playing! And did you say Ty-loser? Wow your insults are going back to playground levels."

"Har har har." He replied dryly. "But seriously...something is really wrong with Tyler...anger problems. Worst than mine. I wish him and Jeremy would just bone already."

"They're not gay!"

"Ok...go get your gaydar fixed, please?" He glanced at her. "So with all these guys turning gay and every one you have a crush on dying...you're left with me."

"Um...what makes you think I'm not a lesbo?" She challenged. "I could be checking Caroline and Elena out in the showers you know."

"Stop it, you're turning me on." Damon smirked. "But you're no lesbian. Wanna know how I know?"

"How?" She asked curiously. She watched as he leaned towards her, on hand still on the wheel, and pressed his lips to hers. She didn't stop him as he used his other hand to pull her closer.

"He's so not coming, Stefan." Elena said as they sat handcuffed to the bench in the police station. She still couldn't believe Damon got them arrested, just because they got him to admit the truth about what he did to Bonnie. "Maybe I should call Jenna..."

"No...he's coming." Stefan replied. "I know Damon is a dick but he's not going to leave us here to rot. Especially if he knows it'll piss Bonnie off more once she finds out."

Elena sighed, looking down at the ground. Once she realized there was vampires and supernatural beings out there the last place she thought she'd end up was in jail. She thought she's be eight feet under before that could ever happen. But Stefan was right, Damon was a little heated but once he calmed down he'd come for them. She just couldn't believe this was going on her permanent record!

"Elena!" The young brunette looked up to see her best friend running towards her as Damon made his way to the cop at the front desk. Bonnie bent down and pulled her friend into a tight embrace.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry! This is all my fault if I didn't walk off and leave you with him he wouldn't have done this!" Bonnie said into her shoulder.

"It's fine, Bonnie...this is just his sick way of telling me and Stefan to mind our business."

Damon approached them with the cop following. He smiled at them both as they began to get uncuffed. Elena glowered as Stefan just shook his head, happy that he finally had those things off.

"Now as your new guardian since our uncle's accidental death...I'm forced to give you a lecture." Damon said.

"Not now..."

"You really need to learn that stealing to impress your girlfriend is not the way to handle this puppy love thing!" Elena's face darkened in anger. "I mean, you don't even know if it'll last! She could leave you any moment and you'll just be sitting there with a criminal record for stealing! And really...stealing? C'mon now if you wanna really wanna impress some one you should try murder." The cop shot Damon a look.

"That's it! I'm gonna kill him!" Elena shot forward, trying to grab at him but Stefan and Bonnie quickly held her back. "Lemme go! I'm going to kill him!"

"Yep...she has so much in common with your ex, Stefan."

"Damon..." Bonnie said, warning him. They shared a nice moment in the car, there was no need for him to ruin it now. Especially with her best friend and his brother beyond pissed.

"Fine, fine...let's go, children." Damon said. He grabbed onto Bonnie's arm and walked her towards the exit. Stefan held onto Elena as she took several breaths to calm herself down.

"You good?" He asked as he felt his girlfriend's breaths even out.

"Yeah...but make sure you sit me in the way back...because I'm gonna kill him!"

Stefan grinned, "I know, baby, I know."

"Sooo...me and Bonnie were talking and we came to this understanding." Damon spoke up once they were back on the road. "I'm gonna borrow her for awhile."

"Excuse me?" Elena asked, "What do you mean by borrow her?"

"Silly Elena! You should know! I borrowed you before!"

Elena shook her head, sitting forward in the back seat, "No...you did not borrow me you kidnapped me and took me to your ex's bar where you almost got murdered remember?"

He nodded, "Yup and Bonnie's coming with me elsewhere on a little...let's call this a 'road trip'."

Elena looked at her friend, "You're going somewhere alone with Damon Salvatore?" she asked, not quite understanding what happened the past hours while her and Stefan sat in the police station.

"Yeah...it's kinda a long story and I promise you I'll explain it to you later." Bonnie replied. "But you gotta trust me when I say it's really important I go with Damon."

Stefan shook his head, not liking this one bit. "It's the blood, Bonnie. You're not thinking straight."

"Hey, brother, shut the hell up back there." Damon snapped. "She agreed and she's a big girl who can make her own decisions!"

Elena sat back, folding her arms, "When I told you guys to become friends I did not expect it to be like this."

"Jealousy is ugly on you, Elena." Damon smirked.

"No one is jealous, Damon." Elena shot back. She looked back at Bonnie, "I trust you Bonnie...just...be careful...ok?"

"I'm a witch, Elena. I'll be fine." Bonnie smiled, "Plus...what trouble can me and Damon get into on the road anyways?" She missed the happy smirk Damon had on his lips and he looked at her.