The Return

Chapter One: Kira's Return

The bell rang, and the young boy with messy black hair and pale skin looked up from his sheet. He turned in his work and waited for his sister to meet him at the door while other students filed out. "Aaron! I was looking all over for you," the girl breathed as she ran over to him, her backpack over her shoulder. "Is mommy and daddy here yet?"

"I'm not sure, Sayu. Come on," he said, the youngsters taking each other's hand as they left. Sayu had more of her mother's hair, with black, straight hair with a tinge of blue if the light hit it right and skin a little darker than her brother's. Aaron looked like his father with his messy hair, deep onyx eyes and pale skin. Both the children's eyes turned red at times; it was their Shinigami eyes. And of course, both their visions were red. All the time.

"Mommy! Daddy!" both the children said as soon as they saw their parents and ran to meet them. The mother's name was Nightana, Night for short. She had blue hair with red eyes and cream colored skin. The father was Lawliet Ryuzaki, otherwise known as L, the World's Greatest Detective. He had the same messy black hair as his son, he had a hunched back and also onyx eyes, but they didn't change red. Only Nightana's did.

"Hello, Aaron," Nightana greeted, hugging her son before taking Sayu in her arms and giving her the same greeting while Aaron hugged his father. Sayu hugged L then she took his hand and Nightana took her son's.

"What did you both do today?" L asked, looking down at his children while putting his thumbnail between his teeth.

"Oh, you remember don't you daddy?" Sayu asked. "Today was the last day of kindergarten!"

L smiled. "Yes, I remember." Sayu grinned as well.

"We cleaned the whole room for our teacher!" Aaron continued, a grin on his face as well. "She was so happy at the end of the day and she loved the cookies we brought her. Right Sayu?"

"Yeah! She even shared them with the whole class! It was so nice!" Nightana smiled over at L as they walked, L returning the smile as the children began explaining what they did all day. Nightana blinked as her phone went off and she answered it.

"Near," she said softly, glancing at L before answering it. "Hello?" She paused, her eyes widening. The children noticed it instantly and quit talking, glancing at each other. "Thank you. I'll tell L right away." She hung up.

"Mommy, what's wrong?" Aaron asked.

"Nothing," she said, smiling gently down at her son.

"It was something," Sayu pressed, her eyes never leaving her mother's.

"Sayu, Aaron, if you mother says it's nothing, then it is nothing," L said gently, but firmly.

"Sorry," they both apologized, glancing at each other again.

"Now, let's get you home. Your bedrooms are in needs of cleaning. They've been ignored long enough," Nightana continued, as they walked up the house steps, unlocking the door.

"Are we still going to Grandma and Grandpa's today?" Aaron asked as he removed his backpack from his shoulders.

"Yeah, and are we going to the park and getting some ice cream afterwards?" Sayu agreed. The children had picked up the parents' love for sweets.

"Yes, but only if your rooms are clean," L said, taking their backpacks from them.

"We're going!" both said cheerfully, rushing upstairs to get their chores done.

"No fighting!" Nightana yelled up after them. She shook her head, smiling and then went over and kissed her husband.

"What did Near call about?" he asked, as they parted.

She sighed. "There have been multiple heart attacks lately. On criminals." L's face said all it needed to. "Yes, he thinks it's Light. He thinks he's returned."

"Kira has returned?"

"Yes. I'm going to try to contact Ryuk if I can get him to answer." She sat down at her computer on the coffee table.

"Did Near say where they were?"

"Mostly in Japan. He said he sent me over any information he could scrounge up." She typed in the address and then opened her inbox. Near's message was the newest one besides her twenty new messages.

"Didn't any of the old Kira Task Force members get information?"

"No, none at all. I'm going to call Ms. Twilight about it just to make sure."

"Of course. No fighting this time, okay."

"Hey, she thinks I should send Aaron and Sayu to Wammy's House! I will do no such thing!"

"Calm down, Nightana. You don't want Sayu and Aaron hearing, do you?" She breathed deeply, closing her eyes.

"Yes, I know. I'm sorry about that." He gave her his odd smile, making her grin. "Anyways, I'll go call her real quick and then check to see if Sayu and Aaron are ready. If they are, we can head over to mother's and father's place. Father will want to know also."

"Do we want to stop by Mello's and Melina's place?" Both were living together momentarily while Melina moved into her new home with Isaac. They had done some things at Matsuda's wedding, causing Melina to get pregnant about three months after Nightana got pregnant again. They got together and managed three years. They got married the fourth year of their relationship and have been together since. Melina was on her way, expecting her third child.

"We could invite them and Aaliyah and Kaukab to the park with us while we discuss this."

"Good idea. We can do that. Do you want to call all of them?"

"I don't know about Mello, but I'll give him a call. He probably knows more about this case than we do right now." Nightana got up and called Ms. Twilight quickly. They didn't have an argument. She simply confirmed no one was told anything. Melina and Isaac agreed to come, along with Mello and Mayumi, a girl from the orphanage Mello had gotten together with before he left to find Kira, and their three children Aran, Kai, and Hattie. Aran and Hattie were seven at the time and Kai was five. Mayumi had gotten pregnant right before he left and had told him once she knew. She got pregnant a year after Kira's defeat also.

Nightana got the papers from Near printed out and tucked them safely in a folder before going upstairs to see how Aaron and Sayu were doing. Both were laying down propped up on their elbows while naming states on the map of the U.S. Nightana smiled before knocking on their door. Both instantly looked up and grinned.

"Are we leaving? It's almost five o'clock!" Sayu squealed getting up.

"Get your jackets while I check your room, Sayu," L said as he walked up behind Nightana. Both nodded and went downstairs to get ready.

"I'll check Sayu's room," Nightana said after a moment of looking into L's eyes and quickly left to check on it. It was spotless, just like she suspected. She walked back into the room L was obviously still in as he inspected Aaron's room, but he found nothing either. As Nightana walked in, L turned around and looked at her. She walked over to him and gently pressed her lips against his. He snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Gently, she pulled away. "Later," she said softly, kissing his cheek. "Sayu and Aaron are waiting for us." L nodded, and together they went downstairs to meet their children. Aaron and Sayu were basically jumping off the walls in excitement, and Nightana quickly got them under control. As they drove to Sachiko's and Soichiro's house for dinner, the children began quizzing each other on the states and capitals. When they arrived, Aaron got unbuckled and helped his sister out of her seat once he was out and then both waited for L and Nightana to let them out. Sachiko greeted us at the door.

"You're father will be home a little late tonight. He's been so busy lately," she told Nightana, then bent down to greet Aaron and Sayu, who hugged her together.

"Is that who I think it is?" Sayu Yagami asked as she came down, a grin on her face.

"Have you finished your homework?"

"I haven't, but no worries. Hey, Ryuzaki!" she said, fighting to roll her eyes at her mother's comment.

"How's work been in college? You are trying your hardest, aren't you?" Sayu glared at her sister.

"I'm not in the mood to talk about school right now. It's time to celebrate!" She grinned again.

"You're the one acting immature-" As Nightana said that, the door opened and Soichiro walked in. "Father!" She hugged him before the kids tackled Soichiro. Nightana scolded them for it while Soichiro chuckled and ruffled their hair.

"Are you hungry?" Sachiko asked as she kissed Soichiro on the cheek.

"Sure," all of them answered, Sayu and Aaron clinging to Soichiro's legs.

~Author's Note~

I hope this turned out as well as everyone thought it would in the beginning. If you have any ideas for the story, all would be welcomed. I'm not completely sure how things are going to happen.

Thanks for reading!