The Return

Chapter Nine: Meeting

Sayu and Aaron got ready that next morning with the other children. Sadly, they had no new information. Near had made all of the group go to sleep that night downstairs, so there was only him muttering nonsense all night while he played with his toys.

Nightana and L had been filling out papers when Sayu walked downstairs with Aaron and they quickly asked what their parents were doing. Nightana said it was nothing and shooed her children away.

Nightana smiled as she finished her breakfast and spoke to her children. "We're going to go to the park today," she announced, standing up. Sayu squealed in delight while Aaron nodded. He wasn't as keen at the idea of going to the park here when he didn't know anyone.

"Come on, Aaron, let's go!" Sayu exclaimed, pulling her brother out of the room. They got their shoes on and some light jackets (it was unusually warm in Wisconsin at this moment) while Nightana and L put their dishes away.

"Sayu, you need to make sure to clean up your mess at the table," Nightana scolded as she walked forward, pulling a hat over her head and tucking her hair up in it. L didn't wear his usual clothes, both trying to hide in case they did in fact run into Light.

"Sorry, Mommy," Sayu said softly, but she was still smiling.

"Let's go. We have some groceries we need to pick up as well," L added as he picked up Sayu, who clung to his back, grinning. Aaron, with the help of Nightana, got on Nightana's back and the family walked out of the headquarters.

They went to the park first. Sayu wanted to leave immediately, however Aaron stayed back, clutching his mother's long skirt and peeking out at the others. Nightana crouched down beside Aaron, smiling reassuringly. "Just stick with Sayu. Everything will be okay."

Hesitantly, though with fear in his eyes, Aaron walked off, holding onto Sayu's hand. L noted Nightana's hurt in her eyes as she watched her son. "Don't worry, he'll move on from it soon enough." Nightana looked over at L, nodding.

"I know, but ever since he'd been kidnapped... he hasn't been the same with strangers." L crouched down on the bench, Nightana joining him while watching Aaron as he hesitantly talked with a few children Sayu picked up. A little girl with blonde hair, about age four, finally walked over to Sayu, smiling as she introduced herself.

"See, Aaron's doing fine," L said softly, smiling as Nightana nodded her agreement.

"I'm hoping if we keep bringing him to parks and such, he won't be quite as scared."

Sayu noted the little girl walking towards them, but pretended not to notice, continuing to talk with a few kids she'd met. Aaron was hesitant, acting like the younger child at this moment. But she made sure she pushed him, wanting him to meet the kids. "Hello," that little blonde girl said, smiling softly. "I'm Nightflower."

Sayu turned to Nightflower, smiling. "I'm Sayu." She began talking with Nightflower. Nightflower seemed to be only four years old, but was quite eager to speak with Sayu. Aaron even seemed to like Nightflower and by the end of their playtime, it was only those three. They were in the middle of building a sand castle when Nightana finally came over to the small group.

"Aaron, Sayu it's time to go," Nightana said cheerfully, happy to see Aaron actually enjoying himself.

Just then, another voice floated over. "Nightflower- oh, hello." Another blonde, about the age of Nightana, was standing there. She smiled warmly. "Hello, I'm Manami." She held out her hand for Nightana to take.

"Alina," Nightana said, glancing at her kids. They simply sat there, smiling.

"I was just coming to pick up Nightflower. It's time for us to get home, honey." Nightflower sighed, but stood up anyways, allowing her mother to hold her.

"We needed to leave as well. Groceries and such," Nightana said, crouching down. Both Sayu and Aaron got on, clinging to her back and looking over her shoulder. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Manami. Thank you for allowing your daughter to play with my children."

"Hopefully, we'll see each other around," Manami added, then both women parted. Nightana walked over to L, looking relieved. She hated talking to other people at this moment, not knowing which may be connected to Kira.

"Who were you talking to?" L asked as they began walking, having taken Sayu away form Nightana.

"Just some woman named Manami. Her daughter was playing with Sayu and Aaron." Nightana smiled at Aaron. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

Aaron nodded eagerly. "Yeah. They were pretty nice," he said, eyes shining. "Can we come here again?"

"Sure," Nightana laughed, hugging her son to her. Her relief was clear.

It was about two hours later when the four finally returned home. Sayu and Aaron both had received some new toys and went upstairs to put them away.

Aaliyah, Kaukab, and Hattie were right in the room with the adults. They were listening to everything that was going on and recording it as well. When Sayu and Aaron returned, the group of children scurried over to a corner and began playing with some of Near's more complicated toys.



For nearly two weeks, the KTF (Kira Task Force) got ready, relearning everything over again. Nightana even tried contacting Ryuk a few times, but he didn't show up. Obviously, he decided he'd told enough rules of the game to the KTF. Aaron and Sayu began gathering information, but it was hard at such a young age. "Maybe I should try hacking into the Police's computers," she suggested while they sat in their room.

"First try Mommy's and Daddy's computer," Aaron frowned as he looked over what he had.

"How's that going to help?" Aaliyah wondered, glaring over at Aaron.

"They'll have some information and if Sayu can get through their computer, then I can almost guarantee Sayu will be able to get through the police's."



It was a bad day. At least for Aaron, it was. He should have been more suspecting when his parents began buying him some school stuff. Now, he was getting ready to go to school. Things would be even harder to get stuff done for the Kira Case now.

"Brother, I'm scared," Sayu whispered, clutching onto her brother's hand as they stood outside. They were to wait for a bus, apparently. "What if we're separated?"

"I just wish Mommy and Daddy would have told us yesterday," Aaron muttered.

~The Night Before~

"Mommy, why are we getting all this stuff?" Sayu wondered as she walked out of her room, noticing the bags on the ground. Nightana smiled, crouching down in front of her daughter.

"Well, Sayu, school here starts early," Nightana began.

Instantly, Aaron understood. "Don't tell me," he whined, jumping up and down. "We have to start school, don't we?"

Nightana smiled sadly. "I'm sorry, but yes."

Aaron sighed as he stared up at the school, wishing he was anywhere, but there, holding Sayu's hand in fear to what was to come of the new school year.

~Author's Note~

Well, this chapter turned out pretty bad! I just needed something to give you! I have horrible writer's block for this story though. It really sucks.

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