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A&A Chapter 26 (P&P Chs. 44 & 45)

Bella paced up and down the hotel lobby, glancing out of the glass doors every few seconds, and then resuming her pacing.

From the lobby couch, Emmett watched her with no little amusement, his hand resting over the back casually.

"You're about to wear a hole into that carpet," he snorted.

She looked up at him and smirked. "I am not."

"Bella, you're making me think things here. I mean, why are you so nervous? It's not like you."

"I'm not nervous," Bella insisted.

Emmett chuckled and walked over to his cousin.

"Well, you're definitely something! Look at you. Your cheeks are red, your eyes are bright and your breathing is all uneven. Medically, it looks like a panic attack. But I've got a feeling it's a bit more…involved than that." He grinned knowingly.

She rolled her eyes. "Shut up, Emmett. What if Edward's sister doesn't like me?"

He started laughing. "First of all, why wouldn't she like you? You're a cool, likable person. Second, why are you so worried about what Edward's sister thinks of you?"

Bella didn't answer, but Emmett had seen enough between yesterday and today to guess at the answer to that question, as well as many others that had arisen as he'd been having lunch with his favorite cousin yesterday.

He started chuckling at her again, but then his chuckles died down and with a smile still on his face he jerked his head towards the door, signaling for Bella to turn around.

When she did, Edward was walking through the hotel doors into the lobby. His tall, confident figure attracted the attention of everyone around. It could also have been that he was accompanied by one of the most beautiful girls Bella had ever seen.

His eyes found hers right away, and he and the girl walked over to her.

Edward gave her one of those slightly sheepish grins he'd given her a few times yesterday – the ones that made her heart beat against her ribs.

"Hi, Bella. How was the rest of your day yesterday?"

"It was good, thanks."

"Did you go back out and try your hand – or legs, I should say - at skiing again?"

"No," Bella snorted. "If I had, I probably wouldn't be standing on both legs here in front of you right now."

Edward laughed heartily, while Bella stood stock still, transfixed by the sight of a laughing Edward. It was even better than a sheepishly grinning Edward.

His laughter subsided, and with his eyes still locked with Bella's, he signaled with a hand toward the girl next to him.

"Bella, this is my little sister, Rosalie. She's been anxious to meet you. Rose, this is Bella."

He said those last few words with so much intensity that it seemed to Bella as if he may have exaggerated her to his sister, which served to make her all the more nervous.

The blonde beauty next to him offered Bella a small smile. "Hi, Bella."

"Hey, Rose," Bella said in a friendly tone. "It's good to meet you. I've heard a lot about you from your brother."

The small smile Rose wore expanded slightly. "He's told me a lot about you, too."

"Uh oh," Bella joked, "that can't be good."

Edward chuckled, and Rose's unsure smile grew even more. "He's had nothing but wonderful things to say about you."

Bella felt herself blushing, and when she looked at Edward, his cheeks appeared to be reddening also.

Thankfully, at just that moment, Bella heard Emmett clearing his throat behind her.

"Oh!" She moved aside slightly. "Rose, this is my cousin, Emmett."

Bella noticed Rosalie's eyes widen slightly at the sight of Emmett, but then she offered him a smile as small as the one she'd first offered Bella and mumbled her greetings.

With no little surprise, Bella realized that every story she'd heard about Rosalie Cullen being arrogant had been a lie. She was simply shy – as shy as her brother had apparently been when he'd first met Bella. It was surprising because she was absolutely breathtaking: long, blonde hair that fell to almost her waist, deep blue eyes, and a figure that belonged on a runway.

"I hope you don't mind, Bella, but I brought along a few others."

Bella cocked her head to the side.

"Jasper is looking for parking, and he's with his cousins."

Bella hardly had time to react before Jasper walked through the lobby - followed by Irina, James and Tanya.

"Bella!" Jasper greeted her with a warm hug, and Bella realized that she no longer felt any anger towards him, and even if she had, it would've melted away with the undisguised gratification he displayed at seeing her.

"How have you been?" he asked when he pulled away from the hug.

"Good," she chuckled, "and you?"

He shrugged. "Okay. And how's your family?"

"They're good," Bella smiled.

Jasper sighed. "Everybody?"

Bella smiled. "Yes, everybody."

Bella received not-quite-as-warm greetings from the rest of Jasper's family, and she responded in kind.

After all introductions were made, the group stood around for a few moments, making small talk. Emmett didn't fail to notice that no matter who Edward was speaking to, his eyes inevitably tended to stray to Bella, and it was obvious that he was in love. Whether Bella felt the same remained to be seen, but Emmett was determined to find out.

And being such a keen observer, he also hadn't failed to realize how extremely beautiful Edward's sister, Rosalie, was. But she was obviously still pretty young, and Emmett didn't play around that way. Who knew? Maybe if things between his cousin and Edward worked out, in a few years…

As for Bella, when seeing Jasper, her thoughts had naturally turned to Alice. She'd texted with her earlier today and was happy to know that Alice seemed to be enjoying her time with her friend in Long Island. But she longed to know what Jasper's feelings for Alice now were. A couple of times she caught him looking at her, as if he wanted to ask something, but then he'd look around at the rest of the group and simply grin at what everyone was saying. Bella also took notice of his behavior towards Rosalie – which was actually practically non-existent. He didn't seem to regard her with any more attention than anyone else, which served to convince Bella that what Tanya had hinted at in her text to Alice those few months back had definitely been a lie – there were no feelings between Rosalie and Jasper.

"So since you seem to have received a reprieve last night, are you ready to go try again?" Edward asked Bella in a smooth, soothing tone.

Bella drew in a deep breath – and nodded.

As the group walked out of the lobby, Jasper fell behind and in step with Bella, who'd been lost in thought.

"It's been a long time since we've seen each other," he said, his tone holding more than just a hint of regret.

"Yes, it has," Bella smiled, using the same tone.

"Almost four months, since the party at Netherfield. Are…you and your cousin Emmett the only ones up here in Ithaca at the moment?"

Bella nodded with a sad smile.

He smiled back just as sadly, and then with his hands in his pockets, he walked on to catch up with his cousins.

And then Edward appeared at Bella's side, quietly, not really saying much of anything. And though it was strange, any melancholy she may have started to feel quickly disappeared.


The comradery that seemed to have developed between Emmett and Edward continued throughout their walk to the slopes, except that now they were joined by Jasper. The three men appeared to have fallen into an instant friendship.

As for Bella, she walked with Rosalie, who had started to open up a bit more and now conversed happily and comfortably with Bella.

Still, no matter what group they were in or who they were speaking to, Edward and Bella's eyes continually met, and then one or the other would smile, followed by the other. It was such a great change from what their volatile relationship had been in Forks, especially that last scene in Madrona, and Bella's mind still reeled in astonishment. Never, not in the company of his friends at Netherfield, nor with his aunt in Madrona, had she seen Edward so carefree, so friendly and so unencumbered by obligation and reserve.

When they at last reached their destination, Bella looked up at the lift with no little trepidation. Edward stood next to her quietly.

Tanya slinked up to them, decked out in her expensive, flashy ski gear. "Bella, dear, what seems to be the matter?"

"I'm a bit nervous," Bella admitted, biting her lip.

"You mean you've never been on a lift before?"

Bella shook her head.

"You mean you don't ski?" Tanya cried out in disbelief.

Again, Bella shook her head.

Tanya snorted. "Goodness! You really are in a class all by yourself! Well, look over there," She used her ski pole to point over to the small beginner's mound where Emmett had taken her yesterday. "That's for people like you," she said with no little disdain. "Edward and I, and the rest," she added quickly, "will be on the hills designed for those of us who know what we're doing. We'll meet you later!"

And with that, she skied away confidently towards the lift, followed by James and Irina.

Jasper shook his head and skied over to Bella - followed by Emmett and Rose.

"Hey, don't listen to Tanya. Do you want us to stay down here with you?" Jasper asked.

Edward answered for her. "No, you guys go on ahead. I've got her."

Bella whipped her head over to Edward. "No, that's fine Edward. I don't want to ruin anyone's fun."

But Emmett was already pulling Jasper away, grinning, and Rosalie was hesitantly following the two men.

"She'll be fine," Emmett called out, eyes on Bella. "Edward's got her. Come on, guys! Let's go! Woohoo!"

"Edward, you don't have to stay with-"

"Hey, do you trust me?" Edward suddenly asked.

Bella gasped quietly, but before she could answer either way, Edward took her gloved hand and carefully led her towards the lift. When she saw where he was taking her, she stopped.

"Edward, I really can't-"

He held her gaze. "Trust me, Bella."

It was no longer a question, but a plea.

She still couldn't answer, but Edward accepted her silence and carefully guided her the rest of the way.

Tanya, who was stuck in a lift with James and Irina several feet above Edward and Bella, was shocked when she saw the two get on together.

"Edward! Edward what are you doing?" she called down desperately.

Edward looked over at Bella to make sure she was okay before adjusting himself in his seat.

"Edward! Bella!"

He grinned at Bella.

"Don't answer her."

Bella chuckled. "I wasn't going to."

"Edward! Bella! Edward, where are you getting off?"

Edward and Bella looked at each other and broke out into fits of laughter.

As they approached the very first stop, Edward held Bella's gaze carefully.

"Are you ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be."

"Okay, then...jump!"

Edward and Bella jumped off of the lift.

"Edward! Edward, wait for me! I'll be down there as soon as possible! Edward!"

Edward and Bella laughed and laughed until Bella could barely breathe anymore.

"Are you going to be okay?" Edward asked Bella, leaning down to look at her while Bella held her stomach.

"I feel like I should be asking you that!"

He chuckled and abruptly reached out and wrapped his gloved hands around her arms, standing her upright once more.

Bella's laughter ceased.

"Now," he smiled gently, his eyes sparkling in the cool sun, "this is a bit higher than the small hill you were practicing on yesterday, but I'll be with you every step of the way, okay?"

Swallowing thickly, Bella nodded.

Edward patiently taught Bella how to stand in the snow, and then how to start gliding her skis carefully over it. Filled with fear of falling and breaking a leg, Bella wasn't the quickest learner; she'd fumble often, and Edward would put out a steadying hand to keep her upright. He tried to teach her how to use the poles to balance and steady herself, but Bella kept slipping.

Edward sighed, his green eyes dancing with amusement.

Bella pursed her lips. "I told you I sucked at this."

He chuckled and then watching her carefully said, "Let's try something different. Do you trust me?"

With slight irritation at her predicament, Bella responded. "Well, being as you're my only hope at getting off of this hill in one piece, I guess I have to, don't I?"

Edward's mouth twitched around a smirk. "And I guess I'll have to accept that as your answer – for now."

Bella watched curiously as Edward removed his thick ski gloves and stuck one in each pocket.

"What are you doing?" she questioned.

"Give me your poles," he instructed. She handed them over obediently, and Edward gingerly gathered them together with his own and shoved them under one arm. Then, with his eyes once again on hers, he reached out and wrapped his hands around her waist.

Bella inhaled sharply.

"Now put your hands on my shoulders and I'll guide you, just until you get the hang of it."

Wide-eyed, hyper-aware of the heat that flowed from his bare hands all the way through her thick snow jacket, Bella nodded.

With his hands on her waist and her hands on his shoulders, Edward guided her slowly through the snow, smoothly instructing her on how to place her skis - first together and then apart, gliding her easily forward. After a few minutes, she felt herself relax in his hold. Feeling safe in the knowledge that he wouldn't let her fall - and feeling warm from his touch - she began doing much better.

"There you go," he grinned, an impish glow in his eyes. "You're skiing."

"I am!" she laughed. "I really am!"

Bella wasn't sure how much time they spent with him holding her like that, teaching her to ski that way, but it felt wonderful; it felt…right.

"Edward! Edward, I'm here!"

All the warmth Bella had been feeling leached out of her body at the nasal sound of that voice, and as she instinctively turned to it, she lost her footing. Edward gripped her waist tightly to try to keep her from going down, but all he managed to do was lose his own footing at her panicky movements. Luckily, when he fell, she landed sprawled on top of him.

They gazed at each other, wide-eyed and shocked, his hands still on her waist, her hands still on his shoulders. Bella felt his warm breath on her cheek, and it sent pleasant shivers down her spine.

"Here, Bella, I'll help you up," someone hissed between obviously tightly clenched teeth, and then Bella felt herself being yanked by the arm forcefully, her entire body protesting at the loss of Edward's body heat.

She looked up into Tanya's face, and the hatred in her eyes couldn't even be disguised.

"Enjoying your ski lesson?" Tanya questioned through a practically closed jaw.

Bella blinked a few times, trying to regain her bearings after the beautiful ski lesson from Edward and the…fortunate way he broke her fall, keeping her from breaking any bones.

Edward stood up, wiping the snow off of his jacket and ski pants. "Yes, Tanya, as a matter of fact, we were greatly enjoying the lesson."

Tanya's nostrils flared. Chest heaving, she stomped over to where Bella's ski poles lay in the snow with Edward's and picked them up, shoving them into Bella's hands.

"Don't you think you should learn how to do it properly now?" Tanya seethed.

Bella held her ski poles and looked over at Edward. "I guess I should learn how to use these."

Edward sighed, running a hand through his hair. He moved closer to Bella, and then reached out and gently wiped some snow off her cheek. "Yes, I suppose it would be a good idea."


Edward and Bella spent the next couple of hours improving Bella's skill on the slopes, though not as pleasantly as the first couple of hours had been spent - since they had company now. The rest of the group had caught up with them, and though they were helpful and pleasant enough, neither could deny to themselves how much better it had been before. Rosalie helped Bella almost as much as her brother had, and by the end of the afternoon, they had Bella skiing slowly but confidently on her own.

And Tanya made sure to never leave their sight – ever helpful to Bella in her quest to stay upright.

Once ski time was over, Edward invited everyone back to the vineyard's restaurant, an invitation they all happily accepted. Mr. Reynolds appeared again, looking extremely pleased to see Bella once more. The way he doted on her over almost everyone else in the party, save Rosalie, was not missed by anyone, least of all by Tanya. And neither did Tanya fail to understand what this meant, because it was obvious how much Edward trusted and respected Mr. Reynolds as more than an employee, but as a friend.

And no one failed to notice that Edward had seated himself to the left of Bella, and it was to her that he turned when trying to decide what to order for the group, it was she whose opinion he gauged when perusing the menu. To most in the group, this ardent attention was cause for joy.

Tanya seethed quietly in her seat.

Jasper continued his earlier conversation with Bella, asking about all their old friends in Forks, asking about how she'd left things in New York City. All of his prodding, Bella realized, was a round-about way of asking about Alice, and she wished he would just simply come out and ask because her loyalty to her sister forbade her from saying anything - unless Jasper asked outright.

When Jasper began a different topic of conversation with Emmett, Bella sighed.

But she had her own questions occupying her mind: Why had that afternoon been one of the most enjoyable afternoons of her life? Why had she felt so warm with Edward's hands around her waist? Why had she never wanted to get up after falling on top of him?

She didn't hate him anymore - that was for damn sure. No, hatred had faded a long time ago, and she could now only feel ashamed that she'd ever had such dark feelings towards him. She respected him greatly; she knew of his high morals in dealing with his family and friends. But there was more.

Beyond her lack of hatred and new found respect for him, there was more. There was gratitude, not just for having loved her once, but for still being man enough to be so good to her despite the way she'd treated him, despite all the false accusations she'd laid at his feet. If anyone had asked her forty-eight hours ago what she thought Edward felt for her, she would've responded surely that he hated her and wished to never lay eyes on her again after the things she'd said and done to him. But not only had he seemed thrilled to see her, he'd brought his sister to meet her, the same sister he obviously adored. Then he'd spent the entire day with her and Emmett, being more than pleasant, more than kind to both.

Could he still possibly love her? Could that be it? And if so, how did she feel about that? Did she want him to still love her?

Rosalie, seated to Bella's right, broke into her thoughts.

"Bella, Edward tells me that Forks is a beautiful town. I wish I could see it someday."

"Then you'll have to come and visit," Bella confirmed with a happy smile. "But it'll have to be soon, because I'll be finishing school up in Washington, and will be moving to New York City myself."

A huge grin lit up Rosalie's face at this news. "Oh my God, you're going to be living in New York? We can see each other all the time and hang out and be great friends!"

She seemed to have realized how great her enthusiasm had been, and unsure and still a slight bit shy with Bella, Rosalie tried to calm herself down.

"I mean," she shrugged, feigning nonchalance, "if you want to be friends."

Bella reached out and took the younger girl's hand, squeezing it tightly inside her own. "Of course I want to be your friend. You are one fun chick!"

Rosalie let out a slow breath and grinned from ear to ear.

"Now does that go for me too, Bella, when you come to live in New York?" Edward interrupted from her other side, grinning that carefree grin he'd developed in the past couple of days.

Bella grinned back, unable to resist teasing him a bit when he looked at her like that. "What exactly are you asking me, Edward? Do you want to know if I think you're a fun chick too?"

He threw his head back and laughed, and she watched him, mesmerized.

"Tell me, Bella, do you and your…sweet cousins still hang out with the boys from your uncle's McDonalds?"

Bella turned surprised eyes towards Tanya, who was sneering her way. The entire table – which had a second ago been teeming with loud and excited conversation – suddenly went silent.

"Not so much anymore, no," Bella responded.

"That must be such a loss to your family," Tanya snickered, taking a sip of her wine. Bella wondered fleetingly how many glasses she'd had so far.

"No, it's really not," Bella replied succinctly.

But Tanya wasn't done. Desperation had filled her with more hatred than usual, and the wine had made her careless.

"Who was that favorite one of yours, again?" She cocked her head sideways, pretending to think and ponder before snapping her fingers. "Oh yeah, Mike Newton - are you and he still those special sort of…buddies?" she spat.

Though Tanya had no idea what had happened between Mike and Rosalie, because it was something that Edward had never confided to anyone other than Bella, she knew enough to know that Edward and Mike were sworn enemies. Her intention hadn't been to hurt Rosalie, but rather to disconcert Bella, to force her to admit to feelings which would drive a wedge between her and Edward, and maybe even to remind Edward of the types of people with whom Bella and her family tended to associate.

She succeeded in none of those.

Rosalie gasped loudly at the mention of Mike's name, dropping her head and staring at her lap in shock. Bella, who'd still been holding her hand under the table, tightened her hold on her, giving her encouragement and support.

Bella then straightened her back and glared quietly at Tanya.

"He and I never were, and never will be buddies of any kind."

And with that short answer, Bella turned disgusted eyes away from Tanya and focused on the shaking girl next to her.

Conversation around the table resumed, and Bella leaned into her new friend, still gripping her hand.

"Hey," she whispered quietly. Rose looked up at her warily. Bella tried to give her an encouraging smile.

"It's okay," she assured her quietly yet firmly. "You'll never have to deal with any part of him again, not if your brother or I have anything to do with it. I promise you that."

Rosalie seemed to relax at Bella's words. She drew in a deep breath and sighed.

"You okay?" Bella asked.

Rosalie nodded, appearing much calmer.

Then Emmett, who'd been sitting to Rosalie's right, said something to her, and Rosalie's attention was soon fully diverted to that side of the table.

Bella sighed and closed her eyes for a moment to compose herself. Suddenly, she felt a burning warmth engulf her left hand. When she reopened her eyes and looked down, Edward's hand was wrapped around hers. She looked up and into his blazing gaze, full of so much love and gratitude she could no longer doubt what his feeling towards her were – what they'd been all along.

"Thank you for that," he mouthed fiercely, the look in his eyes telling her how much he meant it - and so much more.

She sighed unevenly, her chest rising and falling. "No need to thank me. It's simply the truth."

Dinner was followed by dessert, and after hours of pleasant conversation and distraction, Emmett and Bella admitted that they'd have to leave. They'd be returning to the city in the morning and needed a good night's rest for the drive.

Since Jasper and his family were staying with Rosalie and Edward, Edward asked Rose to please take everyone back to the house while he walked Emmett and Bella back to their rental car.

Emmett walked ahead quickly, locking himself in the car to warm it up – and to give Edward and Bella their privacy.

The two stood outside in front of the restaurant.

"I had a great time today," Edward murmured.

"I did too," Bella admitted.

"Are you sure that you and Emmett can't stay a couple of days longer and spend Christmas here with us?"

Bella smiled sadly. "Thank you, but no. Alice will be waiting for us."

Edward nodded his understanding. "Can I…would you mind if I stopped by tomorrow morning, before you return to the city? I'd like to...talk to you, about a few things."

Bella shook her head slowly.

Edward grinned impishly. "Does that mean no, you wouldn't mind, or no, you don't want me to stop by?"

Bella laughed at his playfulness. "It means no, I wouldn't mind you stopping by."

"Oh, okay," he chuckled. "I just want to be clear. You know, to avoid any misunderstandings."

She laughed at him.

Edward sighed, his green eyes sparkling in the setting sun. "In that case, I'll see you tomorrow, Ms. Swan."

Bella grinned. "I'll see you tomorrow, Mr. Cullen."

They stood around uncertainly for a few seconds, Edward with his hands deep in his pockets, and then he slowly inclined his head, watching her the entire time, and Bella stood stock still, transfixed.

When his lips touched her forehead, Bella closed her eyes and gathering all her courage, lifted her head so that her mouth met his.

He groaned quietly, and gently sucked on her lips for a few moments before straightening up.

His eyes shone with happiness, and Bella couldn't help but beam at the expression on his face.

"Good night, sweet Bella."

"Good night, Edward."


Edward walked back into his house in a daze, happier than he'd been his entire life.

Unfortunately, that happiness was temporarily doused when he heard the nasal voice emanating from his sitting room.

"I don't think that's very nice - or accurate," Rosalie was saying in response to whatever Tanya had just said.

Edward walked into the room where only Rose and Tanya presided.

"What's going on?"

His sister looked absolutely miserable. "Tanya's just…I don't know," she trailed off.

It had become quite obvious to Rosalie that her brother was deeply in love with Bella, and that right there had been enough to make Rose like the girl. Because she knew her brother, and she knew he had never given his heart easily, if at all. If Bella had managed to win it, she had to deserve it. What's more, it was also obvious that Edward had confided in Bella regarding what had happened between Mike and herself. She wasn't upset at all at her brother for confiding in Bella about this, because if he trusted her, then so did she.

Lastly, it had also always been sorely obvious to Rose that Tanya had always wanted her brother, but not out of love, simply out of lust and a desire for money.

Rose hated Tanya, but she'd been brought up to avoid outbursts and scenes at all costs.

So she kept her thoughts about Tanya to herself.

"I was just telling Rose," Tanya said, "how horrible Bella looks! I've never in my life seen someone's looks go downhill so quickly! She's so pale and dull! Ugh! Irina and I were saying before that we would've never recognized her if we'd run into her on the street!"

Edward had also been brought up to follow certain social rules and norms – among them never to strike a lady.

He kept reminding himself of that rule over and over.

"Bella looks just fine," he responded coolly. "And if she is at all pale - which I personally didn't find to be the case - it's because it's the middle of winter, Tanya."

But Tanya wasn't ready to give up.

"Well, I for one could never see any beauty in her in the first place. Her face is too thin. Her complexion is dull. Her features are common, and her eyes –which some have called captivating – are brown and completely boring. They have a half-wit quality to them. And the way she acts is so arrogant and conceited when she has absolutely nothing to be arrogant or conceited about! I remember when we first met her in Forks, how everyone in the area spoke about her as if she were a neighborhood beauty. And I specifically remember you saying, Edward, one night after dinner in Netherfield, "She's a beauty? I'd just as soon call her mother a wit."

Tanya started cackling manically, but her cackles were soon stopped when she saw the way that Edward was glowering her way, and for one second she was actually afraid that he might strike her. For the first time, Tanya wondered if perhaps she'd gone a tad bit too far.

"Let me make something clear. While you're under my roof, you will never speak about Bella that way again!"

"But, Edward-"

"I was the stupid, arrogant fool to have ever said those things about her! And it was only because I wanted her so badly I couldn't even see straight!"

"Don't you see? She's purposely driving you crazy-"

"But it's been months," Edward continued, seething, "since that want has turned to love, and I see her for what she really is: the most beautiful, kind, caring and perfect woman I have ever met! And if you have something to the contrary to say, you need to leave!"

With that, he turned and walked out of the room - followed by a smiling Rosalie.

And Tanya was left with all the satisfaction of knowing that she'd forced Edward to say things that would only hurt her.

As for Emmett and Bella, their car ride back to the hotel was quiet, but every time Emmett snuck a peak at her, she was grinning like mad, gazing out through the windshield yet obviously not seeing what was there.

Which in turn, made Emmett grin quietly to himself.

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