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Summary: His altruistic tendencies have a way of getting me into trouble

His altruistic tendencies have a way of getting me into trouble.

This is partially my own fault, for allowing myself to be drawn into the many and varied goodwill missions that he took on responsibility for recurrently. I was just along for the ride, and to ensure that he would not give his eyes to a blind man if asked for them or some such similar scenario. I doubt that he would, but one never knew with Taiki.

He donates his time and energy to whatever cause strikes his fancy, and I marvel at the ease at which he does so. He never seems to get frustrated when his free time is monopolised, when it is assumed that he will stand in for whatever nobody is regrettably detained and a replacement is required in that corresponding activity, when 'charity case' becomes his unofficial nickname.

He takes it all in his stride, with a smile and a wave and an ever increasing desire to extend the helping hand wherever it is needed.

I briefly feel inferior, when I realise that my impatience and unwillingness to commit to anything or anyone other than Taiki himself make him my perfect opposite. I am selfish, as most people are, but when faced with the overwhelming philanthropy that seems to govern his every thought, I at once feel that I have fallen short suddenly, and I do not mean that in a physical sense.

True to form this lasts but a handful of minutes before he thanks me for coming to cheer him on at another unimportant event, for being there with the change of clothes his mother gave me when he left them at home, the schoolwork he has missed when yet another favour has landed him with a fractured bone and a wary attitude to unicycles. He really cannot help buthelp, in any way he can.

And when there is just him and me, and he gives me his cheesy homemade birthday card, with more glue than glitter but beautiful for the thoughtfulness its creation proves, when my fellow female peers deride and mock my unexceptional appearance and he declares that my eyes are the prettiest of them all, the most alive, that they smoulder and blaze as I rage at him for whatever infraction he has committed at that moment while at the same time wide and teary with concern for his safety and wellbeing, where theirs are dulled with malice and nothing more.

And when Shoutmon begs him to stay, when he flees in despair, and Taiki does not go after him, his earlier sentiment that he has dragged myself and the other kid into this and must bring us home, and thus cannot stay echoes in my ears. At last I see that he is not as carefree as he would have me believe, that sometimes he has to choose whom he helps, for you cannot helpeveryone. And it is then that I know, he will choose me every time.

I will not abuse the privilege, even if I still cannot decide whether his self sacrificial inclinations are a virtue or a vice, I'll try to keep them from taking advantage of his good nature.

And in doing so, I may learn something about myself.