A short little missing scene for my story "Words". It tucks in between chapters 1 and 2 as T'Pol and Trip prepare for the second night in their new double-cabin, reminiscing the events of the night before - after their 'candle light dinner'.

"Yes, darlin'," Trip enthused. "That did you in – checkmate! Permission to be smug about it?"

"Granted." she answered with her trademark eye-roll. "Your decision to present your bishop for easy capturing appears to have been a deliberate move."

"It was and it threw you off."

"Indeed. Obviously, logic is not the only way to win this particular game."

"Well, the illogical things are usually the most fun," he quipped with a broad Tucker-grin.

"Like 'christening' our new cabin?"

"Exactly, in fact we didn't finish christening all the interior, by the way" he said in a suggestive tone.

"We already 'christened' the bed," T'Pol replied, knowing that a little loving banter would get them both into the right 'mood' soon.

"Yeah, and the floor after we fell off the bed in round two."

"Perhaps I should have accepted your proposal to tie me to it," T'Pol continued with a hit of teasing.

"You should listen to me more often, darlin'. I'm a formidable fountain of good advice."

"I would not go that far."

"Anyways, then we christened the shower," he recalled with a chuckle.

"After a short-lived attempt to clean us, because you failed to keep your hands to yourself," she continued.

"What can I do? I just can't restrain myself, when I see you wearing nothing but an elevated eyebrow."

"Perhaps we should blindfold you next time," T'Pol suggested with said elevated eyebrow on display.

"Well, we tried it with you, when we christened the table, did it help you to keep your hands to yourself?" he asked with a grin.


"See, although you did keep 'em to yourself, when we christened the wall."

"I needed them to steady myself," she replied, shooting him a greedy look. "As I see it, there is still the desk unaccounted for."

"Yeah, and your meditation cushions."

"And the other three walls," T'Pol continued as they both frantically started to strip off their clothing.

"Ceiling's gonna be tricky."

"We shall endeavour to find a solution," T'Pol sighed greedily, before their mouths devoured each other in a passionate kiss.