A Sin-You is a Japanese personification of Justice, is the best I can explain this, probably. I was reading Japanese myth stuff on wiki the past few days (on my cellphone, as I have no home net, thus explaining lack of updates these past few months), and came across its page, and yeah. This just sparked in and wrote itself. Not entirely satisfied with it, but it's the best I can do, I guess. Feel free to look it up on wiki and see what I mean.


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Beware he who utters falsehoods to a Sin-You, for it is an unforgiving Judge and Executioner.

"Look into the eyes of Justice Light-kun and tell It you are not wrong."

At first he thinks he is dreaming again.

Then he knows he isn't.

Visions of eyes, black and blank and holes of nothing that were piercing and revealed nothing. A deadpan voice, mocking and amused and I know you're a murderer Kira, you are not right and I will prove- "Look into the eyes of Justice Light-kun and tell It you are not wrong. Watch as Justice judges you and see the Truth as it deems you a murderer." And then more eyes, burning yet cold and calculating and red like blood, set in the eyes of a beast. There is no other way to describe this creature except as a beast, with its feline-like sheep's body, soft tiger's paws and long shaggy mane. The horn is what frightens him most. Bloodstained and silver and so sharp (like a Western unicorn but he knows better, this is no unicorn), he has no doubt that it can run him clean through if it chooses so.

This... This cannot be true justice, it can't. His justice was pure, golden and shining like a brightbright sun and this creature, this beast was all wrong.

"Tell It, Light-kun. Tell It that you were right, that what Kira does is justice, is right and true and perfect. Justice does not harm the innocent Light-kun, but runs through only the liars, the murderers. TELL IT, LIGHT-KUN. PROVE THAT KIRA IS NOT WRONG."

He staggers back a step as the thing L calls justice steps toward him and just stares. He doesn't know what to say. How do you tell justice (this isn't justice, it cannot be justice, it can'tcan'tcan't) that what you're doing is not wrong? The eyes frighten him.

And then it smiles. It is not a pleasant or nice smile. It is a Ryuk smile, full of malice and knowledge and I know what you truly are, Light Yagami and it is not a god. You are nothing, a tiny dust mote in the scheme of things and you are wrong. I call you Murderer and Liar and your justice is only an insult to Myself.

It's going to chew him up and spit him out, but he can do nothing about it. Kira is wrong, and he feels despair closing in as he realizes that everything was in vain.

There is no Perfect World, there is only liars and thieves and murderers and barely innocent bystanders. There is only Justice, and he was a fool to think otherwise.

He cries.

But Justice does not care that the sinner repents, only that It is served and how many have cried tears that It has ignored?


Satisfied that It has been served, the creature fades away, leaving only a hunch-back young man wth his thumb between his teeth as he surveys the bloodless body sprawled across the floor.

"I supopse you were wrong then, after all. Pity."