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2.1 Arieah

"Last box Arieah!" Mum called up the stairs to me.

"Sure Mum! I'll be right there to get it, maybe it's got my proper clothes in it!"

I bounced down the stairs, long dark blonde hair flapping behind me. 'This is so great!' I thought eagerlly to myself 'For two whole days I've had to wear these gross old clothes while my new stuff was in storage, now I can finally wear some decent clothes!'

I picked up the box, feeling that it was a bit heavy on the bottom, and realised that it probably had my shoes in it too. "It's a loverly day today!" I sung loudly to myself. In my room, which had been recently redecorated, I dumped the box on my four poster bed.

Glancing happilly around the room, I was greeted by the mid-purple paint on the walls, and my curtains, sky blue with stars stenciled in a row on the bottom edge. On the back wall that my bed backs onto, I had painted wild swirls in retro purple and blue. I absolutely love my new room.

I sighed and tore open the box's lid. "Clothes, clothes, clothes, I love you so." I murmmured to myself. I grabbed my favourite new outfit and instantly went to get changed.

I emmerged wearing dark purple bell bottom jeans with silver studs down the outside leg seam, glittery silver singlet top and wore my waist length hair loose as I normally do.

I rustled through my box and found my favourite shoes, black platforms with purple glitter swirls over the sides.

"Mum!" I called loudly "Do you know where my huge hoop earings are?!"

"Check in that small shoe box Teeny!" she yelled back.

I located the box and got my earings. Walking down the stairs carefully to not trip in the three inch heels, I called out

"Mum, when are those other interior designers comin' over?"

Mum was in the kitchen, "In about, oh my god is that the time?! In twenty minutes Teeny, I totally lost track of the time!"

I moved, trying not to trip over the boxes in the hallway to the kitchen. When I saw mum, I realised how different we are.

Me with the bright glittery daring clothes, and Mum with conservative 'Mum' clothes.

"Isn't it just a tiny bit too cluttered in our house to entertain?" I asked, puzzled.

"The back patio dear, is clean!"mum said jokingly.


"Get that would you Arieah? I think it's them."

On my way to the front door, I noticed a box sitting in the hall way. 'Can't have guests tripping over this' I thought as I lifted it up to carry it into the living room. The lid was open so I peeked a look inside to see if it was more of her stuff. 'All our photos from Australia,' I thought fondly 'i hope i don't miss the sunshine too much.'

I pulled a photo out and gasped suddenly as I saw it. "Dad," I choaked out. It was a photo of me and mum and dad, before he died. There I was, long dark blonde hair shining, my dad standing beside me grinning hugely. I wiped away a tear, careful not to smudge my mascara. "why'd you have to get cancer?" I whispered to myself and to the photo.

'Oh, the door.' I thought suddenly, kicking myself out of the saddness photo's always causes me.

"I'll be there in a minute!" I called to the people outside of the door.

I was almost at the door when my mum yelled out

"ARIEAH! Can you help me with this!"mum's voice came from the patio.

"I thought you wanted me to answer the door," I muttered to myself "COMING MUM!" I yelled back.

To the people outside the door, "Just be a sec, don't go anywhere!"

Flicking my long hair irritably over my shoulder, I walked quickly out to the patio.

"What do you want me to do Mum?"

"Just get those platters from the kitchen and put them on the table please." mum replied, flustered.

"ok..." I said and went back into the house.

The platters were filled with vegetarian foods. Neither of us eat red meat, altough we still eat chicken and fish.

"There." I said as I placed them in the center of the circular table."Now i'm going to get that door!"

"Touch up your make up! Your eye shadows' not even."

"Everyone's a critic,"I mumbled, but fixed it anyway.

"Coming people at the door!" I waltzed down the hallway to the door singing. Smiling furiously, I flung open the door.

"Hello! I'm Arieah," I chirped "You must be Mum's friends." I said to the blonde woman about mums' age and to her daughters, twins by the looks of it, I thought, they had identical blonde hair and the same blue green eyes, but I could tell they were different instantly.

"Yes dear, your mother's told me all about you, I'm Alice Wakefeild. These are my daughters, Elizabeth," she said gesturing to the girl in the cheaked shirt and denim skirt "and Jessica." To the girl wearing her long hair loose and a slightly fitted top and purple skirt. "I'm sure you'll all get along quite well," she said with an easy smile "so where's your mother, we need to talk about these designs."

"Oh, just go through to the patio Mrs Wakefield, she's out there." I said.

"Where did you get your jeans?" Jessica blurted out "I mean, the purple and the studs are like so totally cool!"

I grinned "In Britian. We lived there for about four months last year before we went back to Australia and now we're here. Would you like to sit down, just make yourselves at home." I said gesturing to the lounge, which was, amazingly, not covered in boxes.

"Mom said you came from Australia," Elizabeth said "it must be so great to travel so much!"

"Oh, no, not really, I mean the shopping's always great, (Jessica grinned at me) but you need to have a home. That's what we're here for. To have a home. And NOT MOVE." I called the last words louder so Mum could hear. To the twins I said "It must be so great to have a sister, I don't have any brothers or sisters at all."

"Ha!" Jess said " You can have Steven, he's our older brother, and 'oh my god' is he so annoying!"

"Are you going to Sweet Valley Middle School, Arieah, or Sweet Valley Junior High." Elizabeth asked, curious.

"Umm," I said trying to remember "Which is the new one, cause that's the one I'm enrolled at. Pretty sure anyway."

"That'd be Sweet Valley Junior High, that's where we go!" Jess exclaimed "You can catch the bus with us to school! I've been waiting for so long for someone to talk to on the bus for the whole way"- "Well, excuse me!" Elizabeth said, mock insulted –"well, other than you Lizzy, you're my sister, you don't count." Elizabeth stuck out her tongue at her mirror image and I giggled, thinking this is why Mum was happy with one child.

"Besides," Jess conceded "you obviously know about clothes and fashion, so we'll have something to talk about."

"Speaking of clothes," I said brightening up "What sort of clothes do we have to wear to school? I mean, I know it's not a uniform…that's what we had at my old school, what a drag, so I have like no idea what to wear."

"What ever you want really," Lizzy said "Just don't turn up in a rabbit costume or something like that, you'll be fine."

"Well," I said with a slightly worried expression "I would like to go shopping, to make sure I'm up to date with the fashion over here, I mean Aussie clothes are like so yesterday over here! Besides, I'd use any excuse to go for a shopping spree!"

"Well, it is Saturday, why don't we go now?" Jess said, having a moment of genius "I'm free, and I really want to go and cheak out the new shoes."

"Brilliant!" I exclaimed "How about you Liz?"

"Well, I was going to go to Anna's place this afternoon, so you'll have to count me out on that one…maybe next time?" Liz replied.

"Alright. I'd better go tell Mum where we're going, you'd better come with me Jess, I have no idea where I should tell her I'm going!" I said making my way into the kitchen.

"Okay." Jess said and followed me, Lizzy trailing along after.

Mum and Mrs Wakefield were sitting on the patio sipping tea, discussing the new interior designs, and our trip over.

"I can't believe they didn't put it in luggage!" Mrs Wakefield was exclaiming

"I know!" Mum replied, "it could have gotten broken for all they cared!"

"Umm, Mum?" I said interrupting

"What dear?" Mum said offhandedly, sipping her tea.

"I'm going to go the mall with Jess, okay?" I glanced at my watch "it's 2 o'clock now…we'll be back by, about 5?" I glanced questioningly at Jess who nodded quickly.

"That's fine, have you got your credit card?"

"Yes Mum." I said, impatient to get moving

"Well, off you go then."

While I was talking to Mum, Jess was also debating with her own mother.

"But pul-ease? Mum, I need to show her around, she doesn't know where the good shops are…"

"Alright then, DON'T SPEND TOO MUCH." Mrs Wakefield caved.

"Well, if no one minds, I'm going to head over to Anna's," Elizabeth said "great to meet you Arieah, hope Jess doesn't kill you with the shopping spree!" And excused herself.

"I'll just grab my bag." I said, dashing upstairs. Flipping my long hair over my shoulder, I dug through my boxes and emerged from my room carrying a small silver bag on thin straps.