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This day was looking bad. And it'd just got worse. The 'wonderful' student council had conspired against me…we were have a dance. Next Friday. Have I ever mentioned I hate dances?

"Anna!" I turned around quickly, hoping I wasn't going to run into anyone in the crowed hall.

"What?" I said impatiently as Toby jogged to catch up. I was late for English, and not in the mood to talk to anyone.

"You going to go to the dance?" he said, juggling his books that were on the verge of falling all over the floor. Was everyone worried about the stupid dance? Argh.

"Hell no," I replied, being to make for the direction of my English classroom "why would I do that?"

"Umm," he began, looking at his feet, making me feel nervous "well, you see…I've got this cousin in town for that week, and he's kinda going to want to come…would you go with him?" he blurted out finally.

"Oh," that was it… "I suppose so…you are Larissa are going together I suppose."

"Yeah," he grinned at me "who ever would've thought she'd go out with me?" Toby walked off to his class.

"Yeah…whoever would have…" I mumbled, staring after him.


I slammed my locker shut with a fair bit of force. My day had been garbage. And that was putting it lightly. I needed to get out. Anywhere. I'd told Jessica that I couldn't go to track training, so at least I wouldn't have to talk to anyone on the bus. After all Lizzy was still very annoyed…

When I got off the bus I dropped in home and shoved my bag inside the door and just started walking. The peace and quiet was great. I tried to think of nothing. But, as usual, it wouldn't work. There was always something to think about. Whether it was how stupid Elizabeth was acting, or how confused I felt about what I was going to do about the 'Blue situation', or even something more saddening, like Dad being dead. There was always something there.

I tried to scuff my shoes as I walked, but found I couldn't. Walking properly had just been drilled into me one too many times. After walking blindly for about ten minutes I came to a park and sat down on a bench under a tree. The place was almost deserted, school had been over for awhile now, and all the school kids had gone home to their parents. Tears came to my eyes. I could remember the last time I'd gone home to Mum and Dad. It felt like such a long time ago.

And it was, really. I was eight. I'd thought the world was perfect and that nothing bad could ever happen. I'd just got my first commercial job and Dad had been so proud. Every time I'd come on TV he'd cheer out loud and give me a hug and tell me what a fantastic little girl I was. The tears streamed now, and the memories wouldn't stop coming.

Then there was the day of the funeral. I hadn't been able to cry that day. Every day other than that one I'd been able to cry for a horribly long time, but that was the one I didn't. Mum had yelled at me, partially still in shock of Dad's death, and partially because I was being such a pain. I wore my flowered dress, despite Mum's efforts to make me wear black. Dad had bought me that dress and I was going to wear it, no matter what she said.

I could see the coffin being laid into the ground before my eyes again. I shuddered, and for the first time, realized it was raining. Sighing, I stood up and started walking in the direction that I hoped was home.

Every thing was so messed up. I'd just got to Sweet Valley and everything was supposed to be perfect. It would be, that is if Lizzy wasn't so angry at me.


(from Blue's English book)

Homework: Write a reflective poem based on experience.

Like a rainbow, you appeared to me,

Perfect, sunny, it was clear to see,

It looked so good and yet I still rue,

I wish I could see what I mean to you.

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