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The sun glistened off the glasses littering the table as laughter and the chattering of voices floated around Cal's yard. Cal and Reynolds stood by the barbeque whilst the women, and Loker, sat and chatted, occasionally taking sips from their drinks.

They were celebrating another successful case and Gillian had decided the staff needed a break from the work, a chance to relax. As he looked around him he realised how right she was, as usual. It felt good to just cook some food and enjoy the company of his friends, without the underlying hassle of a case or digging to get to the truth. He had been so distracted that he didn't notice Reynolds leave to join the others or Gillian slide up next to him.

"You're burning the food, Cal."

"I've eaten your cooking before, Foster, I think I know what I'm doing here." She scoffed at his remark and moved to poke him but he jumped back, banging into the table behind him and collapsing to the floor in a heap of table cloth and cutlery.

A split second lapsed before everyone burst into laughter, including Gillian who offered him a hand to help him up. He accepted the hand but as soon as he was pulled up he doubled over with the pain in his stomach.

"Ugh, think I've done myself an injury." Gillian quickly moved from giggling to concerned, ushering for Reynolds to take over at the barbeque while she helped Cal into the house to check out his so called injury.

"I can't see though your apron, Cal." He grumbled as he threw the apron to over the counter. Gillian gasped as she saw the dot of blood that had formed on his shirt. "Oh Cal, I thought you were just being a baby!"

He didn't have time for a retort as he was shoved into the living room and made to recline on the couch and remove his shirt so she could have a better look at the cut.

"I'm going to have to clean that before we cover it up, ok?" In spite of asking the question, she didn't wait for an answer before darting into the kitchen where he heard water running and cupboards opening and closing. She returned with a basin of warm water, a cloth, and band-aids. Laying them on the table beside the couch she sat herself into a small chair, dragging it closer to Cal.

"This is gonna sting a little." She spoke as she lowered the cloth into the water and brought it to the cut on Cal's abdomen.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow!"

"Oh come on, Cal. You've been held up at gunpoint, water boarded, and almost beaten to death countless times; why are you behaving like a baby now?"

Cal's head turned sharply to frown at her while his body attempted to twist away from her intrusive touch. Sighing she sat back and glared at him, clearly unimpressed with his childish behaviour.

"Just let me clean the wound and put the band aid on, ok?" She spoke in a soft motherly voice, the kind she reserved for talking to her nieces and nephews.

"Fine, but be gentle." After an over-exaggerated eye roll she dipped a cloth into the warm water again and laid it back against the cut on Cal's abdomen. A low hiss escaped his lips and Gillian laid her free hand against his cheek in an attempt to offer comfort from the sting. Although his eyes remained closed and the pained expression stayed on his face, he leaned into her touch ever so slightly, letting her know her efforts were appreciated.

Once she had carefully cleaned the wound she placed the cloth back in the basin and reached behind her for the band-aid. She slowly lowered it onto the cut and smoothed her palm over it to make sure it stayed in place.

Gillian Foster would classify herself as a touchy person. It was how she showed people she cared or how she offered comfort. She had offered a comforting hand to Cal many times before, a gentle pat on the back or friendly hand on his shoulder, but this was different. Once her palm made contact with his bare abdomen a shock flew through her. She valiantly to ignore the butterflies in her stomach as she caressed the injury and she felt his breathing hitch and stomach tighten, a sign that maybe he was having similar inner turmoil.

"Thank you." His voice was gentle as he voiced his gratitude and his gaze was soft, such a contrast to his usual cocky demeanour. The circles she had been drawing ceased as she felt herself drown in that soft gaze.


His hand covered hers and he laced their fingers, tenderly rubbing his thumb over the back of her hand. He slowly pulled their joined hands upwards, maintaining eye contact and allowing her to pull away if she wanted to. The moment his lips made contact with her skin she felt her eyes drift close. They remained closed as his tug on her hand became more insistent.

She lowered her head and found his lips by instinct and they melted together perfectly despite this being their first kiss, both learning quickly what the other liked. Gillian moaned in delight as their tongues clashed and Cal's free hand found a place on her waist just as Gillian's stroked the cheek it was resting against.

The sound of laughter drifted in from out outside and broke them apart. Gillian lips left Cal's but remained only inches from him. She could feel his small puffs of breath against her lips as they stared into each other's eyes, trying to read what the other was thinking. As soon as the laughter died down and they were sure no-one was going to be coming into the house Cal's hand flew from her waist to rest against the nape of her neck and pull her back down to him.

This kiss was a lot more passionate and hurried as both tried to express what they were feeling, something they had never been able to do with words. Gillian could feel Cal's heart beating rapidly underneath their joined hands and she let her lips drift along his jaw, placing small kisses along the way, until her lips were pressed against his ear.

"You ok?" The whispered words caused a shiver to run through his body before he murmured his reply.

"I'm afraid to wake up." She raised her head to once more look into his eyes and she was sure that if she wasn't sitting she would have been floored by the emotion displayed there. She placed her lips on his forehead, hoping to distract him, as her hand left his cheek to pinch the skin on his arm.

"Ow! What the bloody hell was that for?"

"You're not dreaming, Cal." She felt the muscles in his face tighten in what, she was hoping, was a smile, before the noises from outside once again broke through their reverie.

"We better get back outside."

They busied themselves with clearing up, Gillian putting the band-aids and water basin away while Cal pulled his shirt back over his head. Once they had no mundane tasks to hide behind they stood facing each other, neither knowing what exactly to do until Cal finally succumbed to the silence.

"Stay, after everyone leaves? We know...this." His motioned his hands between them as he spoke hoping she would understand. Her smirk as she replied let him know she did.

"The great Cal Lightman and all you want to do" He laughed in reply as he closed the distance between them once more kissing her softly and chastely.

"You're incorrigible, Dr. Foster." The smiles remained on their faces as they left the house to re-join the others in the back yard, both excited about talking after the others left.

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