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Afternoon drinking and the vast amount of food they had consumed led to the Lightman employees succumbing to exhaustion in the early evening. Loker guided Torres out through the hallway, his hand resting lightly on her back, while Reynolds followed them still chatting to the new intern.

The other members of the staff were being shooed from their seats in the garden by the boss himself, who was in a much better mood, despite falling and injuring himself. Cal was waving a dish cloth at the staff in attempts to convince them to leave which they eventually did, grumbling the entire time. Gillian giggled at the sight as she stood in the kitchen, submerged in piles of dirty dishes.

The voices of the employees became more distant and soon she saw the last taxi pull away, meaning it was now just her and Cal; alone. The plate she had been washing began to shake a little as her body trembled with excitement and a healthy mixture of fear.

"I thought they'd never leave." Cal slumped against the counter beside Gillian watching her clear away the remainder of the dishes.

"You gonna help me here?"

"Nope. I cooked, you clean." She sighed loudly but the smirk she tried to fight betrayed her. The last plate was finally placed face down on the counter to drip dry and she turned to face him, drying her hands on a cloth. His face was inches from hers, lips inches from each other.

"Fancy some dessert?" She nodded, lips brushing lightly against his as her head bobbed up and down.

"Brilliant." He jumped back to pull the fridge door open. "We've got some cake in here. Ah, your favourite; chocolate." He wore an evil grin as he turned back to face her, placing the cake on the counter in front of her. His teasing was nothing new to her, having worked with him every day for almost eight years.

She grabbed two plates and forks, sliding one over to Cal and smiling sweetly before cutting two slices for them. She hummed contently as the first bite of the sweet cake melted against her tongue, causing Cal to raise an eyebrow in her direction.

"Enjoying that a bit too much, luv."

"You don't like it, Cal?" He shook his head, pushing the plate towards her.

"Maybe you're not eating it right."

She held up her fork to him, fresh piece of cake on the end, and indicated for him to take the bite. His mouth closed over the cutlery, eyes staying focused on hers as he swallowed the offering. Picking up the rest of the slice, she closed the distance between them and lifted the slice until it was inches from his face. He moved forward to take a bite just as she smeared the cake along his lips and chin, giggling as the crumbs fell to the floor.

He hesitated briefly, eyes widening in shock, before jumping off the stool to even the score. Gillian read his intentions and tried to make a break for it, unsuccessfully as Cal grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back to him. His chest was pressed against her back and he lowered his cake smeared face to her cheek, rubbing against her face to pass off some of the mess. She squealed at the friction he was causing and at the flutter in her stomach being this close to him.

"Cal...Stop...I'm...I'm sorry!" She was breathless trying to convince him to release her. "I'll help you clean up, please stop!"

The chafing against her cheek ceased and he turned her in his arms, gazing at her with vengeance in his eyes. In an attempt to calm him down and stop whatever punishment he had planned she pressed her lips against his, her tongue briefly dashing out to lick the cake away from the corner of his mouth.

Her lips continued their journey along his jaw line and cheeks, her tongue clearing up the mess she had created. Cal stood still with his arms locked around her, only tensing every now and then when he felt a particularly strong reaction to what Gillian was doing.

Once the cake had been cleaned she returned to his lips, kissing him fully, the taste of chocolate strong on both their tongues. His hands settled on the small of her back, rubbing gentle circles there, as her hands curled around his neck to tangle in his hair.

Cal's hands clasped her gently at her hips to pull her back and break their kiss, something Gillian wasn't expecting, leaving her with a confused expression and a head full of questions. One of his hands remained at her waist while the other tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

"We're not doing much talking, are we?" Her gaze grew even more confused, if possible, and her hands dropped from his neck to rest on his arms.

"You actually wanted to talk?"

"Of course, this is a pretty big deal for us, Foster." She nodded along, understanding the need for this conversation but hating it nonetheless. Cal clasped her hand in his, lacing their fingers like earlier in the day, before leading them to the couch to sit and face each other. No-one spoke for a few moments, each gathering their thoughts.

"How's your stomach?" Gillian's voice broke through the silence causing Cal to touch the cut out of reflex.

"Its fine, Gillian, don't deflect."

"You can't deflect if you aren't talking about something." Her wit matched his blow for blow and he chuckled at her tenacity.

"Fine. We crossed our line earlier and just now in the kitchen. Want to shed some light on that?" Her confident demeanour disappeared immediately and he almost regretted his brash treatment of such a sensitive subject.

"I don't know what you want me to say, Cal."

"What you're thinking would be nice."

She gazed at him incredulously before pressing herself flush against him, crushing her mouth to his. The passionate kiss was only a few seconds long and she pulled away again, looking at him like he was the craziest man she had ever met; which he probably was.

"That's what I'm thinking. Since we...kissed...", she whispered the word, as if afraid to say it too loudly in case someone overheard, "I can only think about wanting to do it again. And again and again. It felt right, Cal, despite our rules and the line we've built over the years, it felt right. And I don't know what that means for you or...us...but I want it to happen again."

She finished her monologue by staring at him defiantly, challenging him to respond to her declaration.

"So your idea is to just keep kissing? Eight years of friendship be damned, just keep kissing?" To his great surprise she laughed at him, a truly throaty and loud laugh.

"Cal our friendship has withstood a lot, you're not the easiest guy to be around sometimes, so it will survive if this...kissing idea doesn't work out. Okay?" He nodded mutely hardly believing what was happening as, once again, she lowered her lips to his.

The few times he had imagined a romantic involvement with Gillian it required a lot of begging on his part, he was so sure Gillian would be against it, but here she was, shocking him again. Her strength, not only mentally but emotionally meant she could comprehend the kind of situation they were getting themselves into and make such a shrewd decision: just keep kissing.

Their kiss was becoming more passionate and she kicked her legs up onto the couch, dragging herself closer to him in the process. As she attempted to crawl into his lap her knee made contact with the cut on his stomach and he broke the kiss with a gasp of pain.

Her hands flew to his t-shirt, yanking it over his head so she could see where she had accidentally hurt him. The band-aid remained in place and there was no sign of more blood. She breathed a sigh of relief and allowed her head to fall forward resting against his chest.

"Sorry, Cal."

"S'okay. I love getting injured by women who can't keep their hands off me." He received a slap on the arm for his remark but before he could continue he felt the fluttering of her lips as they pressed a soft kiss against the cut. She raised her head and caught his stunned gaze, secretly loving how she could surprise the great Cal Lightman.

"I should go." She pulled away from him and he let her. They both may be willing to cross this line of theirs but they needed to do it at a slow pace. He watched her as she gathered her coat and bag, marvelling at how she could make even that look elegant.

He kissed her at the door, glad that she wasn't the only one initiating the romance this evening. Her sweet smile as she crossed the threshold would keep him awake for days, he was sure of it.

"Foster..." He waited for her to turn around once more, "Dinner tomorrow night? Neither of us will have to cook so neither will have to clean meaning no arguments."

"Who's going to pay?" He knew there was a reason he loved being around her so much.

"Just say yes, Gillian." She nodded at him, her smiling widening past what he thought possible before she finally got into her car and drove away. He waited until he couldn't see her car anymore, only imagine where she was based on the route he knew, before he stepped back into his house and closed the door behind him.

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