So I've set a "One Fill a Day" challenge for myself on the Persona 4 kink meme, so I'll be updating a in daily. TODAY'S DAY FIVE, SO LET'S ALL ENJOY OURSELVES.

Souji considered himself to be a sensible and understanding guy. But no matter how hard he tried, no matter how many angles he examined this situation from, he had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on.

"For the love of GOD, Rise, can you just show us the Shadow stats?" Yosuke exclaimed, getting into an attack stance before plunged forward to slash at the beast. He could have really used that information, it seemed; the attack reflected and knocked him over.

"Well maybe you should try to pay attention, idiot. Maybe if you had you would have noticed that physical attacks reflect just like they did your last turn. Really, can't you do anything for yourself?" The tone she used was sickeningly sweet and incredibly haughty, almost exactly like her Shadow had sounded. It was extremely disconcerting to the group.

"Rise, we don't have time for this," Chie growled, having difficulty deciding what move to do without the help of Rise. "Go, Suzuka Gongen!" Chie summoned her Persona, casting Bufula at one of their opponents. Luckily, that spell was one of its weak points, the Shadow collapsing on the ground from the impact. "Yes, I got it!"

A slow clap resounded throughout the battlefield, the unenthusiastic sound immediately putting a damper on their small victory. "Oh, good job, you knocked one over. Now have fun with the other four, guys. Also, it's just gonna get back up at the end of Yukiko's turn, so don't be too proud of yourselves."

Yukiko was obviously quite shaken by the drastic change in Rise's attitude, but did well in putting it out of her mind as she cast Mediarama over her companions. "That should keep us going for a while, but please try to stay healthy guys. And Yosuke, concentrate!"

"I guess someone is using their head after all," Rise drawled, disinterest clear in her voice as the Shadow picked itself up. "See? I told you. You guys aren't very good at the whole Shadow killing thing, are you?"

Souji switched in Genbu, delivering an icy Mabufula before everyone moved in for a finishing blow. With that the enemies disintegrated, leaving the investigation team victorious. As they basked in their thrill of winning they had almost forgotten Rise, until...

"Wow, congratulations, guys. You've now defeated a small posse of Shadows on the 4th floor. Also, way to go on not leveling up at all!"

Thus, for the first time ever, the investigation team wanted to go home and put off their rescue for another day.