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Cloud Strife stared up at the ceiling as he was trying to drift off to sleep. Delivering multiple packages all over Edge City had taken its toll and it was good to be back upstairs in the 7th Heaven Bar with his woman. Tifa smiled at him as he rolled over to face her. He was so thankful for having a family finally. Denzel was old enough to start 7th grade and had gotten all the school supplies ready. Cloud and Tifa had enough money to fully support him after the success of the bar and Cloud's delivery service.

"You ok?" he asked as he leaned into her. She nodded and looked back into him with eyes full of happiness.

"Marlene comes back in two weeks, she's been with Barrett for over a year now. It'll be fun to see how much she's grown."

"Denzel should be happy too," the blonde whispered as he brushed Tifa's hair. Tifa looked at him, their eyes meeting each other in love.

"Whats on your mind Cloud?"

"Nothing really, just going over in my head how I'm possibly the luckiest guy in the world. I'm with you, we take care of Denzel, we are financially secure, and there has been peace for a year now. Finally, we are a true family."

Tifa continued to stare into his eyes. She was happy for all of their friends that everything ended well, but she was most happy for Cloud. With everything that had happened, from Avalanche, false memories, Aerith's death, Sephiroth and Geostigma, Cloud had been through a lot more than any normal person could have possibly been through. And yet, here she was, with him in bed, after everything, both of them truly happy. They kissed and shared a passionate moment in time before nodding off to sleep.


Cloud's eyes snapped open, taking in the sight that had come to him. He was in a dark area with floating islands of land around him and green streams of energy pulsing around the area. What could only be described as an area inside the planet, he recognized the lifestream flowing around him and the pillars of land. In front of him was a box, the same box that Kadaj had with him over a year ago that he described as "his reunion."

"Go on, open it," a familiar voice said.

Despite all the warnings going off in his head, the blonde moved toward the box. No matter how hard he willed himself to not pick it up and open it, his body moved forward, as if on its own power. Opening it, fear gripped him as he saw a menacing head look back at him. He knew it was her head...Jenova.

Then it suddenly disappeared and he felt a hand on the back of his shoulder. He shuddered at the thought of who it might be.

"Good to see you...Cloud."

Cloud refused to look behind him. "You're not real, this is a dream, you're dead, I killed you, for good," he yelled in a firm voice.

"Didn't I tell you Cloud, that I would never be a memory? Surely you remember," Sephiroth said as he turned the blonde to face him. "Your darkness keeps calling me back, my empty puppet."

Cloud swatted at Sephiroth's hand and jumped back. He stared into those green catlike eyes, looked at the long silver flowing hair, the almost surreal face that looked beautiful and menacing at the same time. "I'm not your puppet Sephiroth, I'm not afraid of you, you have no power over me or my family and friends anymore," he shouted, the mako green starting to creep into his blue eyes. "This is nothing more than a..."

"A what? Dream? Hmmph, that's what you think. And Family? You? Don't make me laugh. Is that what you call that pathetic excuse for a mind broken puppet, a wench with a big rack and self pity, and an orphan who will amount to nothing, leeching off of everything around him to barely scrape by," Sephiroth mocked in that smooth voice.

In an instant, Cloud brandished the First Tsurugi and aimed at the General's head, only to find it blocked by that sick looking body length sword. "Shut up! I'll kill you, you son of a bitch!"

"Please, don't refer to Mother that way, she is much more pure," Sephiroth mocked as he quickly tossed Cloud's blade aside and lunged forward. He grabbed the blonde's sword with his bare hand. "You won't be needing this Cloud." In that instant, the First Tsurugi dissolved into dust, and Cloud was weaponless.

"This is no dream Cloud, you will do as I say. I will show you what happens if you don't." Sephiroth snapped his fingers and the next instant Cloud was standing in the bar section of 7th Heaven. Tifa and Denzel were working there and there was no sign of the silver haired menace. "See this so called family you think you have. There not really your family, they can't love a puppet," Sephiroth claimed as he suddenly appeared behind Cloud.

"You're wrong Sephiroth," Cloud smiled. "I know without a doubt, that you're wrong. All I see here is love. Like I said, you have no power over me anymore."

Sephiroth looked irritated at this statement. But it was only for a split second as he gave Cloud that wicked smile he always had. "No Cloud, there isn't love here, only death."

In the next moment the blonde blinked his eyes, he stared at one of the most horrid scenes he had ever looked at. Tifa was hanging from a noose, blood running down her body, with clear cut marks on her wrists, face, and body.

"Cloud, help me!" shouted another voice, causing his stomach to turn as he looked in the other corner of the bar. "Please Cloud, I...I don't want to die."

"Denzel!" Cloud shouted while Sephiroth had Denzel by the head, his fingernails pressed firmly into the boy's head, blood trickling down his face. Cloud tried to sprint towards Denzel, not caring that he still didn't have First Tsurugi.

"Stop," Sephiroth simply said as he lifted Denzel off the ground. Cloud suddenly couldn't move his legs and looked with fear at Denzel.

"Don't worry Denzel, I'll get you out of this, I'll save you," he tried to reassure the boy, but who was he kidding, it was hopeless. "Sephiroth, let him go. You want me right? Denzel doesn't need to be involved."

"Yes Cloud, I want you to do what I want, and he is a distraction," smirked the General as he peered into Denzel's frightened eyes. "Why do you like this orphan so much? He is nothing but a waste of space, taking up resources that could be used for those worthy of living."

"Sephiroth, you once told me you'd give me despair, you've already done that. You told me you wanted me on my knees, begging for forgiveness. Well, here I am," Cloud begged as he kneeled to the ground. "Just don't kill him, let him go. Do with me what you want," as tears streamed from the blonde's eyes.

"This won't have to happen Cloud, if you do what I tell you to. Seek my body out, and you will know what to do next. You will despair, and you will beg for forgiveness."

A silver blade suddenly shot through Denzel's chest, twisting 90 degrees. Denzel screamed out in pain, and fell lifeless, his eyes going blank.

Denzel!" cried Cloud, and his face slumped to the floor. "Why Sephiroth, why do you continue to torment me?"

"You are my puppet Cloud, you are mine and your life belongs to no one else. Now go and seek out my body." Sephiroth told the blonde as he left.


"Noooo!" Cloud screamed as he shot up from bed, tears streaming down his eyes. "Tifa, Denzel!"

"Cloud its alright, I'm here." Tifa grabbed Cloud and enveloped him in her arms.

Cloud wiped his eyes and jumped out of bed after Tifa held him for a minute, breaking into a dead run right to Denzel's room. "Cloud Denzel's alright, don't wake him," Tifa yelled, getting out of bed herself.

"I have to be sure," he yelled back.

Cloud burst into Denzel's room, finding him fast asleep. Man, that boy was a heavy sleeper. The blonde though he woke him for a second, coming in loudly to the room. But Denzel had a peaceful look on his face. He stirred slightly then was as still as a rock. Cloud examined Denzel's body, looking for something, although he wasn't sure what exactly. Satisfied, he let his hand rest on Denzel's forehead for a second, before leaving the room. "Denzel, I will protect you...I promise." As he said that, thoughts flooded Cloud's mind of Aerith being killed by Sephiroth, then thoughts of Zack dying on the cliff. But Cloud knew better. He was forgiven, no longer bound by his sins.

"Cloud, tell me what happened," Tifa looked at him while he came out of Denzel's room.

"Tifa, it was so real. I was in the planet somewhere, and then Sephiroth came. He threatened me by killing you and Denzel. I was powerless to stop him. He said for me to seek out his body." Cloud looked over at Tifa, who had a concerned look on her face. "But it was all a dream, Sephiroth is dead, he can't do anything anymore."

Tifa smiled at Cloud. "Cloud, I'm glad we talk now. A year ago, you wouldn't talk at all, now its wonderful. I love being able to share your emotions with you, even if its painful. And your right Cloud, you killed him, he is gone for good," Tifa reassured him.

"That old Cloud is dead, he has no place in this family. And thats what we are Tifa, a family. And this family won't be broken." Cloud leaned in close to Tifa and kissed her. Tifa returned the kiss passionately, with Cloud letting out a small whimper. Both of them returned to bed, assured that the silver haired menace was gone for good.


So what will happen to Cloud? And is Sephiroth really back? Mwhahahaha. I will introduce the next main characters in he next couple chapters. I will post every couple days initially to give everyone a chance to read it. Thanks for reading.