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Risa POV:

I smiled as I looked at my calendar, March 4Th, White Day. Squealing in excitement, I wondered what Otani got me... Jewelry? Chocolate? Maybe, flowers!

I giggled at the memory of last month, February 14Th to be exact, Valentines day.

I spend hours trying to make the perfect chocolate. I put the completed chocolate in a box, then in my purse, and went to the train station to meet up with Otani. He came to visit from university like he always did, every single week.

We went to sing karaoke, and of course we covered Umbazou (Sp.?) songs. We had a lot of fun, but sadly the fun day had to end. I almost forgot about Otani's chocolates. But I remembered at the last second and just as he boarded the train, I chucked the chocolates to him before the train doors close. He caught it, and gave me a confused look.

Luckily, I put a note in the box, which should clear up any confusion. Knowing how Otani was such an air-head, he probably wouldn't have known it was Valentine's day if his life depended on it.

He called me the next day, thanking me for the chocolates. I giggled, stupidly, and asked if he read the note.

"Of course I did, idiot...Thank you.", he replied. I don't know how, but somehow I could sense that he was smiling, which made me happy enough to forget his rude remark before thanking me.

I, again, smiled remembering every single word of the note.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY OTANI! You better like the chocolates I made you, or I'll come to your university, and smack you upside the head. Anyways, I just wrote this note to tell you what the chocolates were for Valentines Day. Knowing you, if I hadn't wrote this, you would be pondering on this until I practically screamed it in your ear. OH! GOOD LUCK IN UNIVERSITY! Don't work yourself to hard. You still need to save energy for you girlfriend. :)



Looking at the clock, I quickly discovered that it was 11:30. I would be meeting Otani at the train station at 1:00. That gave me an hour and thirty minutes to get ready. After taking a quick shower, and getting dressed, I decided to spray some of the perfume Nobu got me. Holding the brand new perfume bottle in my hands, I shuddered, remembering the reason why she got me the perfume.

"He he he he,". I looked over at Nobu, who had a knowing expression on her face. "What are you laughing about?". Smirk, "RISA! MY DAUGHTER! YOUR GONNA BE JOINING THE SIN EXPRESS!". I made a face, "Whaaaaat?". Another smirk, "He he he he. Who knows? Maybe Otani will thank you in a physical way for the chocolates...if that's the"

Nobu handed me a perfume bottle. I had a questionable look, "Ph-Physical? Like a hug? O-or a k-kiss?" My face reddened at the thought of Otani hugging me or even kissing me. Even though we've been together for 2 years, we've never gone further just gently kisses on the lips.

Nobu shook her head, in a disappointed way. "Risa, Risa you are SO innocent. By physical I meant,..". She leaned towards my ear and whispered R rated things that you shouldn't know about unless you were older then 37.

My face turned at least 3 shades of pink, each shade getting darker, before settling on a deep rosy red color. "W-W-WHAAAAAT!".

Nobu snickered. "Well, I leave you and your, now, wild imagination to roam around,". She left on that embarrassing note.

My face still reddened at the words she whispered in my ear and I shuddered. Who knew that Nobu had such knowledge of words, but then again, I'm no better since I kno我 those words too. I stared at the perfume bottle. Hmm. Maybe 1 or 2 spritz. I, hesitantly, sprayed some on my neck. I waited a few seconds, then sniffed the air. A faint aroma of vanilla and strawberries fill my nostrils.

I let out a content and pleased sigh of relief. The fragrance was wonderful, not too sweet or sour, and not too strong.

I looked at the clock again. 12:45! OH NO! I was going to be late!

Before sprinting out the door, I checked my outfit one more time, and a cocky grin spread across my face. I had on a gray silk tunic on, with sequins and lace on the edges. I thought the tunic was a bit too plain, so I wore the bunny necklace Otani got me ages ago and a small black cardigan. I matched the top with black skinny jeans and silver gladiator sandals. I wore my hair up in a nice side ponytail, but I left small strands of hair to frame my face. I completed the look with 3 silver bangles on each wrist.

I gave one last look at the clock. No! It was already, 12:50. I quickly ran out the door, nearly tripping on my two feet trying to go down the front steps.

Otani is going to kill me!