A bit rushed in the writing but the idea was too good not to write and I really wanted to be the first person to post in this section. Enjoy.

Warnings: Will be Sherlock/Watson

John Watson collapsed on his bed. The last few days had been so thrilling. Meeting Sherlock Holmes, moving in with him, even solving the case of a serial killer. If this was the kind of life he leads then John couldn't wait to see what happened next. For the first time since he'd been shot he didn't miss being in the army and at war. He might have been in London but Sherlock brought a battle field he lived and offered it up to the Doctor.

Sure the man was crazy, insane, pompous and in his own words a high level sociopath but he could see them having a marvellous time together. It'd be filled with chaos, if the state of their shared flat was anything to go by at least, but he was sure he'd not be bored.

Yawning and changing hanging into his usual sleeping clothes, he headed off for a piss before bed his mind filled with grand adventures. Only to be brought crashing back down to reality when he returned to his room.

There sat in the middle of his double bed-a luxury after what he'd had in Afghanistan-was the main character of his thoughts, one Sherlock Holmes.

"They broke my bed in the drugs raid. Must have been malicious although after my experiment with the saw it was only a matter of time."

Apprehension crawled up his spine as he looked nervously at his new flatmate.

"Don't look at me like that. The bed is big enough for two, so we can share."

He felt himself spluttering. People were already making assumptions that they were dating. It was just going to get worse if anyone found out about this. Even his sister, alcoholic as she was, was hinting at things.

During the next half an hour one John Watson discovered that you can't argue with Sherlock Holmes and win.


For once John wasn't woken by the sudden on coming off sunlight, which was probably a good thing considering the time of night he had finally gotten to sleep. Instead it was the rather oppressive weight that seemed to have latched onto him.

It had been a while since he'd shared a bed with anyone; having been away in the army wasn't exactly good for a relationship not that he'd been in one anyway before he'd signed up. Neither were the long hours required of a medical student. So it took him a while to work out what the weight actually was. The fact that it was snoring rather nosily in his ear helped a little.

Sherlock Holmes, his brand new only known for two days flatmate had won their argument the night before and was currently laying on his chest with arms and legs thrown over him in a way that made the doctor suspect he was actually sleeping more on him than the actual bed.

It appeared that his unique house mate was rather possessive and touchy feely in bed. He'd even say rather limpet like if the current embrace was anything to go by. He also didn't appear to be waking up.

After a couple of attempts to free himself from the death embrace a rather sadistic vicious part of himself that was developed from being a younger brother surfaced. As the youngest you ight have been the most believed by parents but as soon as they were out of the room you were on your own and it was survival of the fittest.

Using a move taught to him rather painfully by Harry when he was on the receiving end of it, John swung his body round and sent them both tumbling towards the ground. He couldn't help but smirk as he got up from the detective, having used him as cushioning and leaving the man groaning in a pile on the floor.

This was the start of a wonderful morning routine.

By the time he got out of the shower he found Sherlock dressed in an immaculate suit but looking rather dazed in the kitchen area with a rather smug Mrs Hudson glancing between the two of them. Damn. This had been exactly why he'd refused and she was just going to be more intolerable now about them being a couple.

He had to admit that the detective wasn't bad looking. In fact hidden under that coat he seemed to wear a lot and the jackets he was actually quite muscular, although nothing near body builder level. Just one of the facts he'd discovered the night before, like the fact that his flatmate slept topless.

Sighing and noting that they were out of milk, he grabbed his coat and shouted to them that he'd be back in a minute. He heard Sherlock mumble about getting something else but was out the door before he could make himself heard.


While he was sure that a normal civilian wouldn't have noticed it John was an army doctor and one that had only recently retired from active service so as he walked back to the flat from one of the local corner shops he couldn't help but feel like he was being watched.

The sense of danger that he'd only gotten back the night before after months of absence from the battle fields was flaking up again just as strong as ever. There was someone or some ones watching him. He'd just have to bide his time to catch them in the act.


Later while they were heading out for dinner he felt it again. While he'd rather that they stay in the flat one of Sherlock's experiments had gone rather wrong and they were going to need a new microwave-and clean up the remains of eyes currently plastering the working surfaces. They'd both taken one look and both agreed that they should eat out.

As they headed towards a small Indian that the detective knew he spotted their tail. He really couldn't have been more out of place with a black suit and sunglasses when it was January and already nearly dark. Very obvious. At least he'd be easy to spot.

He spent most of the meal keeping an eye on their watcher. A meal in which the waiter, someone Sherlock had again gotten off of charges, thought that they were a couple. He was beginning to suspect that this would be the same for every restaurant he was introduced to. At least their tail, stuck in an alley opposite while they ate wasn't having a good time, he felt a little happier at that.

Again as they left to head back to Baker Street the man was following. Perhaps he should ask his partner. He had a feeling that it had something to do with Sherlock. Everything seemed to have something to do with Sherlock.


"Someone has been following us."

Sherlock just raised his eyebrow looking mildly surprised but not at all concerned. "You noticed him too. He was rather obvious, didn't blend in unless it was the financial sector."

John felt annoyance that that was all the detective was worried about. "He was following us. Aren't you in the littlest bit concerned?"

"It's just one of Mycroft's men. They've upped my watch status again, possibly yours as well. Nothing to worry about, they're just a little annoying."

"Let me get this straight...your brother has people following us." The happy grin that spread across Sherlock's face was almost enough to make him hit the man.

"Yep. Now I'll have a cup of tea."

John despaired as he headed off into the kitchen. Life was never boring with the detective. Now they even had MI whatever following them around and spying on the pair of them.

"Doesn't it get annoying though." Sherlock nodded as he accepted the tea. "But he'll get bored after a while. It's not like there's anything embarrassing for him to find."

The sudden light that filled the man's eyes made John want to shiver. Why did he feel like he was going to hate whatever was currently going on in the detective's head. He watched as the man sprinted to the door, stopping just in the door way bellowing down the stairs. "Mrs Hudson."

"My brother is going to kidnap you sometime soon to get you to spy on me. Agree and we'll cut the fee." There was another sound which he presumed was an affirmative if the skipping man that landed on the chair was anything to go by.

"We are going to mentally disturb Mycroft."

John narrowed his eyes. "And how do you plan on doing that?"

"Isn't it obvious. We're going to pretend to be a couple and traumatise him with our apparent sexual acts."


For the first time Sherlock's thought process wasn't brilliant. In fact one John Watson was wondering if it really was too late to find another flat mate.

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