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As he paid for the cab outside the deceased attendant's house he couldn't help but feel that he was sent off so that Sherlock didn't have to pay the taxi fair. After all black cabs were rather expensive and all the travelling around in them really wasn't helping their finances.

Still at least the woman who let him in and showed him around the room was nice. A bit tearful but nice.

The break in and the fact a message had been left however did seem incredibly suspicious. He hoped Sherlock was having a good time because he had to finished off with the fiancé.

Keeping Mycroft happy, content and not tracing their every movement was all he asked for. It was creepy and he could almost feel the security cameras leering after his every move.


He was on the way back from the fiancé's house as he saw Sherlock on the street corner. He felt sorry for the woman and needed to get Sherlock interested in the case. She was so certain that he'd not stolen the plans and he hoped Sherlock could prove it. It wasn't meant to be.

Sherlock got into the cab and passed him the bit of paper he'd gotten from the homeless woman too him. The Vauxhall Arches. Not exactly a fun place to go, especially after dark but apparently the location of the golem. Mycroft's case would have to wait.

By the time they got there it was definitely dark.

"Beautiful isn't it."

He followed Sherlock's gaze up the slither of nights sky that they could see. It was beautiful and full of stars. It was surprising both in the fact Sherlock had noticed and the fact that you could actually see the stars. With the pollution levels, especially light, in London he'd thought they'd have been hidden from sight.

"I thought you didn-"

"I can appreciate them." Was the sharp reply. Perhaps he'd take Sherlock out to the country star gazing when this was all over.

But until then they were looking for a notorious assassin in a rather, in fact very, dodgy part of town. Sherlock always took him to all the best places. Murder scenes, crime scenes, dark alleys, Vauxhall arches. Could for once a killer not be hiding in the London aquarium or somewhere nice. Actually he thought, they'd probably end up in the shark tank. They'd probably be safer with one of the parks.

"Anytime you want to explain?"

"Homeless network, rather indispensable. My eyes and ears all over the city."

"That's rather clever." The smile he got from the man proved that his random compliments were still appreciated. "So they scratch your back and you-"

"Yes. And disinfect it." He might be clean but the man really had no social graces. Still at least the rent was going on a better cause than whatever black market he got his numerous severed limbs from.

They started searching, using torches to uncover everything the darkness and society was trying to hide. One of the shadows at the end of the arch he was stood in moved. It was big. He grabbed Sherlock and pushed the man round the nearest corner so they didn't get caught.

"What's he doing sleeping rough?" He whispered in his partner's ear.

The following reply sent shivers down his spine. Not for the content but the warm breath that was caressing his skin. "He's got a rather distinctive look. It isn't like he can just book into a hotel."

The golem must have heard them because the next thing he knew he was running and they were running after him. As they rounded the corner he could see tail lights as a car shot off. Bugger. They really needed to get a proper form of transport rather than their usual cabs.

"It could take us weeks to find him again."

He could feel a slightly malicious smile slipping across his face. "Or not. Someone left a message at Alex's house from a professor, he'll be going there."

Sherlock's eyes were narrowing at him. "Where?"

"The observatory." He was sure that if his partner was the type to swear that he would be doing so now. John really couldn't sympathise with him. It was the man's own fault for deleting it from his mind. Now he had to put up with all the teasing that came with it.

He was almost tempted to let a little bit of an evil laugh break out but did refrain.


The golem was strangling the woman as he advanced forward. Sherlock got the golem's attention but the woman was in the way and he couldn't get a good enough shot in the poor light. The woman was dropped and he took aim but per usual it all went to hell.

Something was pushed on the light board and suddenly there were strobes. John couldn't tell where he was let alone where the assassin was. The lights settles and he was strangling Sherlock.

There was a sudden rage flowing through him and yet the hand he held the gun in was completely steady. "Let go of him or I will kill you." He was surprised by how steady his voice sounded.

The lights went dark again and the gun was flying out of his hand. He couldn't see as something wrapped around his neck leaving him helpless. Airless. Dying. It was a feeling he was becoming increasingly familiar with. One he accepted because it meant Sherlock wasn't being harmed.

And then he was on his back. Everything hurt, especially his shoulder. The wind was knocked out of him and it took him a few seconds to work out that he was on the floor. He was on the floor and his wonderfully stupid partner was trying to wrestle an infamous assassin.

He was on his feet before his mind had really caught up. In fact he didn't really tally what he'd done until he was actually on the back of said infamous assassin. And he called Sherlock stupid.

As he was thrown across the stage he had to admit that that had been an awful idea. He hit something and the world went black.


Stood next to Sherlock back at the gallery while nursing what was a mild concussion he would happily throttle the man. The world wasn't quite as steady as it should have been and yet he was dragged along despite the fact he knew he probably should have checked himself in at a hospital.

The man really did lack social graces. Most people would have been concerned and not just pushed him into a cab. It seemed like his job as replacement skull was weighed higher than his immediate health.

Sherlock was shouting at the phone. The words weren't really going in. Sherlock did a lot of shouting a lot of the time. Then there was something else and Lestrade seemed to react badly.

"What did he say?"

He was forcing himself to focus. He needed to focus despite the throbbing in his head. "Ten. He's counting down."

The world seemed a little less blurred. It was a kids voice. The person strapped to the bomb was a kid. "Oh Jesus."

Sherlock was shouting again. He was shouting at them. Shouting at the woman. Shouting at himself. He had to work it out before the countdown was over of a child's blood would be on his hands. John could feel nausea gripping him. Although that may have just been the concussion.

He grabbed Sherlock's arm. "Think."

The man didn't even nod but he could see sudden realisation blossoming in his eyes. "Brilliant. Fantastic. Oh so clever."

Lestrade looked confused as his partner snatched the phone from his hand. "The van buren supernova."

There was a pause before a young desperate voice started pleading for help. He was relieved. They'd managed to save the boy.

"The van buren supernova. Supposed exploding star. Only appeared in the sky in 1858."

God he felt like he was going to fall over. Whether from relief or concussion he did not know. He couldn't even bring himself to care over the fact Mycroft had texted him again.

Perhaps he should get on with the investigation.


It was day light again and he still hadn't slept. Not exactly the state you wanted to be in when observing where a body had been found but it would have to do.

"You said that his head was smashed in?"

"It was but there wasn't much blood."

That was odd. The man wandered off but he wasn't really listening, he was trying to be Sherlock. Words, theories, flooded from his mouth. He had to admit that this was a good way to think. Thoughts seemed to order themselves as he voiced them.

He crouched down to get a better look at the lines.


What the-stood behind him was Sherlock. He should have known the man wouldn't have been able to stay away.

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