Chapter 1

I look ahead; it's still hard to believe this happened. I always thought somehow that Inuyasha would always be here with me, but here I am traveling by myself.

Sango and Miroku left me in the hands of Inuyasha a week ago. Sango needed to repair her weapon so Miroku, Shippou, Kirara set off with her for her village.

After a few days alone with Inuyasha it was getting annoying. We were fighting constantly and on the morning of the fourth day, I woke up to find Inuyasha gone from our campsite.

He hasn't come back since and I know where he went; right into that bitch Kikyou's dead arms. I am mad as hell and all I want to do is get him back for all the pain he has caused me.

I am heading for the western lands. My plan is to ask Sesshoumaru if I could travel with him, without getting killed in the process. That would hurt Inuyasha so much and it makes a smirk appear on my face.

I am now entering the western lands. I can feel Sesshoumaru's demonic aura but the only problem is I cannot place where it is.

By sundown I am in a dark forest, not the place I really want to be. I stop walking for I feel eyes on me.

"What are you doing in This Sesshoumaru's lands, Miko?"

I jump 6 feet in the air. I turn around and find none other than the Lord of the West himself standing there. I swallow my fear and look at him as he looks at me with cold eyes.

I take a deep breath and say. "Just the Demon Lord I was looking for."

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