5 Years Later

Kagome's POV

I watch as Maru and Naomi runs after Jaken with Shippo and Rin behind them. Maru is a mama's boy of course. He has my attitude while Naomi acts just like her father at times and I wouldn't want it any other way.

The last 5 years have passed by very fast and Maru and Naomi have grown up before our eyes. I am now expecting another pup which is due any day now. Sesshoumaru is very protective of Naomi when boys come around her.

Sango and Miroku have married and already have three children, two boys and a girl, bad enough the two boys act just like Miroku even at such a young age.

I look up beside me at Sesshoumaru. He places his hand over mine as we stare at our children playing. It's hard to believe that we ended up together like this.

Naraku is dead and the Shikon Jewel has been completed, the wish was made on it that all the lives hurt by Naraku would be healed. Kagura was set free from his hold along with Kanna and they have not been seen for a while.

I'm the Lady of the West and even though I am the only human the other Lord's and Lady's respect me very highly.

"My life is so perfect." I whisper.

"I know my beautiful mate." Sesshoumaru says.

He leans down and captures my lips in a soft kiss. 'My life can't get any more perfect.

Hi everyone, okay this was the sequel, the story's officially over. I know it went by rather quickly but my deadline had to be meant. I want to thank all of my readers for giving me such amazing reviews and so many for such a short story. Thank you all for your support, I could not of done it without you.