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Chapter Two-The Gentleman Who Fell

Edward POV

Damn, I look good today the narcissistic thought weaves it's way through my head as I appraise my reflection in the floor length mirror Now all I have to do is get her to notice me.

Remnants of Alice's most recent visions float to the forefront of my mind. A flash of a bright smile...ivory skin turned golden in the light as I caress her pale cheek...cherry blossom scented mahogany tresses that shimmer with the raindrops captured in them...

"Stop preening already Edward, it's time for school!" my younger twin lilts in a sing song tone as she and her mate race passed my cottage. I rush to close my brain off from the memories of how they spent their night.

You're just jealous that they have something you don't. A mate.

Yet. I don't have my mate yet.

And? That doesn't change anything at the present, now does it?

Shut up!

I sigh and use the remote to shut off the stereo before retrieving my keys and back pack, then head out into the early morning gloom.

As I climb into my car, I can't shake the annoyance and anxiety cocktail that has been my constant companion since suddenly being uprooted by the family and forced to migrate to the dreary northern peninsula of West Virginia. I was nearly finished with my degree, only a semester to go, when a family vote disrupted my schedule.

It wasn't until we completed the pilgrimage that Alice started showing me visions of me with this young woman, holding her, kissing her, as we danced on the candle lit patio behind my home. I'd never felt the stabbing ache of loneliness so keenly as when my sister informed me that the whole reason that we'd moved here to attend school is because it was in this sleepy little that I would finally find my mate.

Gravel roads evolve into uneven blacktop as I follow the vehicles belonging to my family. A few miles tick by and two of them veer off onto another road, their destination being West Liberty University, while I continue behind Jasper's truck towards Bethany.

My mood has brightened considerably by the time I pull into an empty parking space. It helps that a number of my favorite songs came up on my iPod on the way. I wave to Alice and Jasper as I start towards my first class, suddenly jubilant, because the first thing I noticed when I exited my car was that the foliage around me is nearly exact to what I saw in Alice's vision on the day I meet Her.

I spend the morning distracted, probing into the minds of the humans around me, hoping to catch a glimpse of my mate. I'm only a little concerned that the only vampiric scents I come upon belong to various family members, but that could be attributed to a number of things.

By the afternoon thought, my spirits begin to dwindle. On my way across the grounds, Alice texts me with a warning that one of the students is going to notice that my eyes are now a different color than this morning and to put my sunglasses on. They're in the front pocket of my bag. I comply with her decree and, as I continue on my way, wonder if wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day such as this would garner the same amount of attention.

Out of nowhere, the scent of cherry blossoms assaults my senses. My lips curl into a delighted grin as I take another whiff of the ambrosial aroma and turn to find its long awaited owner. My gaze slides over a dozen girls, discarding them a nanosecond after spotting their all too human condition.

Then I notice a pair of twin emeralds pointed in my direction through black rimmed glasses. Her auburn hair, haphazardly pinned into a bun with a pen, is shot with blue, green, and violet. Her clothes, reminiscent of what society would deem alternative, adorns a full figured physique that, I admit, is a welcome change from the half starved appearance of today's female icons.

Oh shit.

That scent.

The scent I've spent months looking for.

It's coming from this human girl.

And she is still watching me.

I can't let her start thinking that I'm gawking at her, whether it's true or not, so I employ a tactic that I've observed many human males use on objects of their desire. I reach a hand up, slide my aviators down my nose a little, and wink at her. I swallow back a victorious growl when her cheeks flush a dusky rose hue and she stands. Anticipation courses through me when she takes a single step in my-

I suddenly collide with a sign and throw myself back as to not damage it. Unfortunately the knee jerk reaction causes me to tumble to the ground like an idiot. Laughter that is reminiscent of bells rings through the quad. When I search for the source of the sound, a pang of hurt jabs my psyche. It's her. The child who smells like my future mate is laughing.

At me.

So although I know that this human cannot possibly be my mate, her aroma is too similar to the one meant for me, and therefore the dissatisfied mate in me reacts in the only way a mocked lover would.

It runs away.

Pausing only long enough to leave my bag and keys in the car, I run at a human pace until I enter the relative safety of the forest. I quicken to my natural pace then and begin seeking out the woodland inhabitants in an effort to wash away the bitter taste of rejection from my soul.

Hours later, after gluttonously feeding to the point of discomfort, I'm running home when a frightening thought rears its ugly head. The human girl who smells so much like my mate, I hadn't heard a single thought from her while we were leering at one another. Nothing. Zip. Nada. It was like she didn't exist.

The revelation is more than a little disconcerting, so I correct my path and make my way to Alice and Jasper's villa that sits less than a half mile away from my own abode. Maybe my twin or her husband could shed a little light on the matter.

A song littered with explicatives booms out of the structure as I approach, drowning out the thoughts of the inhabitants. Knowing that Alice saw me make the decision to visit, I forgo knocking when I enter the house.

Worst idea of my existence.

In front of me is a very not clothed Alice, who is cackling madly while rolling on the floor with a similarly dressed plump human female. Sitting on the sofa like a smug puppet master is Jasper, his eyes blackened with lust. My confusion must register on his radar, because he tears his gaze away from the decadent scene playing out at his feet and stares at me.

Gorgeous, aren't they? His thoughts are dripping with carnal intonation If my Alice wasn't having so much fun with her, I'd try her out myself. My girl swears that Bella is where sin got its taste from.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I growl too low for the human to hear while registering that the women are at least wearing underwear, "Your mind is so convoluted that it's hard to hear you."

The blonde vampire raises a glass that has a brownish liquid in it Mushroom tea. Discovered it during the sixties. It's one of the only substances that fuck our kind up like that. You should try some, it's fun.

"Hah! Victory is mine!" the human cheers, staggering to her feet and doing a funny little dance while waving a bottle of nail polish in my sister's face, "I told you that there was no fucking way you are painting my nails pink, you evil little sprite. I. Don't. Do. Pink."

Her disjointed undulations stir the air and something cuts it's way through the sandalwood and vanilla smoke permeating the room.

Cherry blossoms.

Please no.

I conjure my gift and try to seek out her thoughts. All I get is a blank spot.

Silent mind.


I examine the girl again in vain hope that I'm wrong in my assumptions.

Porcelain skin and waist length waves streaked with unusual colors.

A pit of humiliation opens up at my feet and begins pulling me down.

It's Her again.

"Edward, meet my new friend Bella Brandon," Your mate if you ever get your head out of your ass Alice announces as the girl swivels around to face me, "Bella, meet my annoying and socially inept twin brother, Edward Masen. He's the one I said could fix your electrical problem."

Bella's eyes seem to clear away some of the tea induced fog and I see recognition filter into her jade orbs, "Hey! You're the fuckhot sign crasher from earlier! How was your trip? You know, it's not polite to crash and run when someone is drooling over your fine ass."

Before I can formulate an adequate response, she jerks back and covers her mouth, "Oops, I shouldn't have said that. I can't help it though, you look good enough to lick. Repeatedly. Shit! I shouldn't have said that either!"

"Why don't you tell us how you really feel mi niña hermosa," Jasper chortles and takes a long drink from his glass.

"I—erm-" I stammer, inciting another fit of guffaws from the trio.

Thoroughly embarrassed now, I show my hands into my trouser pockets and try to wait out the bout of mirth, but give up after a few minutes when it shows no sign of coming to an end any time soon.

I don't think they even notice when I slip out the door.

Bella hammered and mostly naked? Eddie embarrassed, scared, and oddly aroused? Alice and Jasper getting freaky with the human? Why yes :-)

We must give credit to the amazing dementedevilpixie for her fuckaweome idea of getting vampires hammered on mushroom tea. Read her story I Know and see her take on it.

The song Bella and Alice were listening to was 'Fuck more' by Junkie XL

mi niña hermosa-spanish for my beautiful girl