The start of a new story starring Naruto the Sekirei. I don't think I've ever seen a crossover quite like this; they usually have Naruto as the Ashikabi instead.

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Naruto stood at the top of the building, watching as the S&M twins chased another of the un-winged. This one was a woman with large breasts, like most Sekirei, short brown hair except for her ponytail which dangled down her back. She was wearing a white top and a short red skirt.

She looked vaguely familiar, though Naruto ended up ignoring her as she jumped from building top to building top, dodging the occasional electrical discharge they sent her way.

It wasn't his concern; they were playing the game and weren't really defying the rules, at least according to him. Let that flaming bastard take care of it.

Naruto himself was a seemingly 18 year old blond with spiky hair and blue eyes, and stood at around 5'10. He was wearing a red jacket over a white shirt, dark orange pants and had an orange scarf wrapped around his neck.

He stayed on the roof for an hour and watched the sun set before finally jumping off the roof and walking into the building.

It was a small ramen restaurant, his favourite food as he had soon discovered. He worked there, waiting tables and making ramen.

He didn't really need to, thanks to MBI, but it served his purposes.

A waitress gave him a smile as he quickly changed into his work outfit, a small blush on her face as he took off his top.

The girls who worked with him were very quick to discover his lack of modesty, and secretly delighted in watching him change whenever they could.

With his exotic features and upbeat attitude, he was very popular with female customers, waitresses, and especially the owner. It helped that he was ripped and naturally brought in more people with his upbeat attitude.

Naruto was near oblivious to this attention, and only ever noticed when one of the women made the first move. At least three times one of the girls had surprised him with a hug, pressing their soft chest to his own and asking him out.

He occasionally obliged.

His first date was a simple affair. He had taken the black haired woman to a nearby restaurant, paid for the meal and had simply chatted with her about anything and everything.

That same night she had invited him into her home for 'tea'. That turned out to be a lie, to Naruto's shock. She'd ended up stripping off and trying to kiss him, something that Naruto avoided at all cost.

That night had ended up with a very annoyed and unsatisfied woman, and a slightly freaked Naruto.

She'd never returned to the restaurant since then.

Something similar had happened on subsequent dates with other women, but not once had Naruto ever felt that that person was the one he was looking for.

And so he continued on, waiting for her. Or him, but Naruto didn't really want to think about that possibility. He wasn't that desperate, at least not yet.

Naruto gave a polite smile to the customers as he delivered two bowls of ramen to their table.

It was a young couple, both too lost in each other to even notice him.

Naruto's night continued as such, waiting tables and helping out in the kitchen until they finally closed at midnight. He changed back into his normal battle attire and set off across the roof tops.

He was going to go see her before circling the district twice and going to bed.

She was easy to spot, as usual, standing tall and proud on the edge of a nearby skyscraper. Her long blonde hair fluttered in the wind, and her sharp blue eyes stared at the people below them with contempt.

He jumped next to her from the top of a nearby building.

The blonde woman didn't react to his presence, continuing to over look the city view.

Naruto began to fidget as the silence stretched on. Finally he had had enough.

"So," he began nervously "you found your Ashikabi yet?"

"Like I have need for such a thing," she snapped back.

Naruto relaxed slightly. Angry Tsukiumi he could handle, silent Tsukiumi he couldn't.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Because you're going to kill your Ashikabi and prove we Sekirei don't need one."

"That's right! I'm going to be the strongest, and I don't need some filthy monkey clinging to me to achieve that goal!"

"Geez Aneki, calm down."

Number 09, the water Sekirei Tsukiumi stared coldly at him as a wind blew past.

"White as usual, huh?" Naruto idly commented.

"Shut up!" the blonde woman angrily yelled back, pushing down her skirt which had blown up with the breeze, displaying her pure white panties,

"Sure thing, Aneki," Naruto laughed back.

Tsukiumi glared at him for a moment, before finally huffing. She didn't really care anyway. She turned back to watching the city.

Naruto took a seat by her feet and watched the same view as her.

Naruto was unusual as Sekirei went. He constantly sought the company of others, and not just his destined Ashikabi. He spoke to everyone and anyone, Sekirei or human. As one of the un-winged, the other Sekirei wouldn't attack him, and humans thought of him as just another normal person.

One of his favourite people to talk to was Tsukiumi; he could tell that if she continued to walk this path she would be lonely, and Naruto couldn't take the idea of anyone being on their own. Apparently she didn't even speak to her Adjuster. Naruto could relate; his Adjuster wanted to be kept secret and refused to talk to him without good reason. Besides, they did not get along at all well.

As far as Naruto was aware, 09 only ever spoke with one other person; Homura, that flaming bastard as Naruto liked to call him. He spoke to her every so often, trying to convince her to find an Ashikabi of her own, even if it would almost always end with her challenging him, and he running away.

It was a sentiment Naruto silently agreed with, but wasn't stupid enough to say out loud, at least not directly.

Tonight he sat with her for half an hour, talking to her, telling her about his day, and she grudgingly told him about her own.

Earlier she had felt an ominous chill in the air, something that she couldn't explain.

Naruto shrugged. He didn't know what could have caused that either.

"Alright, see you," he told Tsukiumi. He wanted to go patrolling soon. It was a nightly ritual where he could get a good look around.

"One day we will do battle," she suddenly said.

"Yeah, we will. But until then, I'll always be your friend Aneki."

Tsukiumi nodded her head. "Good bye No.96."

"I've told you before. Call me Naruto."

A/N: I already have the next two chapters written, and so they'll be up in a few days.

This'll be a NarutoxYukari story, but first I want to show a few of the things an un-winged Sekirei would have to deal with.

Yes, there will be a other Naruto characters, some Ashikabi, some Sekirei, and some simple civilians.